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  1. Yeah, Fon is $20 then there is $10 shipping, nothing you can do.
  2. From what I can tell is that MOST musicians don't really care if their music gets pirated, they make music because they love too and they want people to listen to it. But then you have the greedy ones that are just doing it for the money, and then you have the record company's that don't give a shit what their artist think and sue their fans.
  3. But but if you replace it what will all the poor corporations do with out their billions of dollars!??
  4. What do you mean some one was paying for him? Quoted for this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_and_..._compared#Drugs
  5. Taking them to court LOL. 1. They don't know who they are. 2. They don't know what country they are from. 3. If they where good hackers they would be clean as a whistle already. Shit like this happens all the time, hak5 isn't the first. You need to be a corporation will millions of dollars to try and take some one to court for that.
  6. Read the threads on it and you will know what happened.
  7. Just distilled water in a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. So is your matte screen glossy now? :S
  8. Some of them have 8187L chip sets. Alfa is not the only one.
  9. Look at dealextreme.com they have all kinds of wifi adapters, ones that will work, and ones that are like the alfa but with out the brand name. Free shipping world wide, cheap prices, might be good for you. Here http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/category.314
  10. From what I have read the N version does not get as good of a signal then the G version. The G is cheaper just go for that. I'm not even sure if the N capability would actually make much of a difference other then connection speed.
  11. Probably like $300, considering Microsoft charges $100 for a USB wifi dongle.
  12. Not zf0. It was the Russian's. Not seriously it was the Russians. http://gizmodo.com/5331983/ddos-attack-aga...uys-livejournal
  13. Show Case is a TV station in Canada. http://www.showcase.ca/
  14. Yeah I pretty much buy everything online, Unless I need it now. It's usually always cheaper, and I don't have to get my lazy ass to the store.
  15. That means the forums save old passwords. Some people have multiple passwords, or like mine my older password I use to use. Witch is kinda stupid.
  16. Newegg eBay DealExtreme <---- I freaking love that place.
  17. Seshan


    ZOMG They haxxord you, by finding your pass in a list and using it, they are 31337 haxors.
  18. You are going to need a big solar panel, Little ones will not give you enough power.
  19. That's what I don't get, One of my old passwords was in there. So how long where they sniffing? I also think there is two versions, or at least some edited ones, When I used google cache to find the leetupload one because it was no longer there, my username wasn't in that one. I think it's safe to say if you have logged in in the last month, you pass is out there.
  20. Never seen Hackers? Pretty much what I did, now I kinda realize how stupid it was and have spent some good hours changing all my passes to 1password's random ass pass generator.
  21. Now I need to get a nice big flash drive.
  22. Yeah but still, less people know about it the better, their are also emails in that and some people might not know to change their passwords, then we get something like this... (Look below)
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