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  1. Tri di di dum, oh a post <reads title, walks in> <flame> are you retarded? you do know pretty much everything in your house was probably made or at some point was in china/taiwan? don't have more time g2g, i will add more flames and edit when im back, if i forget remind me </flame>
  2. you need to understand that 99% of computer related issues you'll encounter will either be some hardware that will need replacing and you can't fix (you simply can't fix a modern broken GPU for example, its impossible in most cases unless something like a fan brakes), and on the large part software issues, reinstalling, etc, a set of plyers will only help you tear up a case if you can't be arsed to use the door, unless you deal with networking. a 16GB USB stick is the best investment you can make for a freelancing PC tech.
  3. it doesn't matter if its saved or not... the problem is the feed was unencrypted.
  4. Ehm, I'm 15, any tips to not end up like that?
  5. Stop playing runescape, if your older than 12 your too old for it. Kerbaos, this was possible on runescape in 2001, approx, in 2009 its impossible, since 2002/3 there were no hacks, just bots, except the ocassional glitch somewhere, all calcs etc are done by the server, Cheat engine can change the amount of gold it looks like you have, but its only client side.
  6. have a feeling something is missing....
  7. one word spellcheck trust me, all the hackers are doing it, you should too if you want to be a hacker.
  8. are you fucking serious? i really liked this password :S
  9. pretty sure you just posted matt's private email/username everywhere xD
  10. your reffering to the technical nonsense, i just wrote some numbers, just to demonstrate what im talking about, can anyone concentrate on the answer?
  11. sorry i meant IP address. rest of answer i didn't get, how do i create a subnet.
  12. Hi, i was wondering, what kind of device do i need to create a subnet, say my domain is 284.289,288 i want to add 284,289.288.* as my subnet, to route my computers.say my lappy how do i do this?
  13. the reader can be found in site, i didn't find it too i contacted them, its not the book, theres another book required, which isn't there, and you have to buy. when you link your blog, link to the specific topic, or thats just spamming, and can get you banned. P.S get a normal domain, seriously.
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