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  1. Konfoo, for whatever reason, running your program as an administrator in Vista gets it to function correctly. Thanks for the help.
  2. Konfoo, I can't wait to use this program again. Thanks. However, I am currently being plagued by a problem with Internet connection. Whenever I boot up the ripper, "10013: [10013] Access denied" appears. Apparently, this is a internet socket/port problem. Even with a firewall disabled, I still get the same message. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the installation help, but the songs are not backing up. This error appears in the log: ---------- ID ---------- 116 ---------- Category ---------- ShadyStuff - BackupSong() ---------- Content ---------- Could not backup song, Error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {E579AB5F-1CC4-44B4-BED9-DE0991FF0623} failed due to the following error: 80070005. ---------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Any ideas?
  4. How do you install this? I've downloaded it, but I'm not sure where to go from there with all of the files.
  5. Phew, I thought it was only me. It hasn't been working for me since the update, which happened mid-week I believe. The files still end up in my plugtmp folder, but only they're titled as long strings of numbers (they're still playable in WMP, however). Anyone else?
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