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  1. Stingray declare a winner already! So we can get a new challenge going
  2. This will probably seem screaming fast but my first computer all my own was an inspiron 5000 w/ 500mhz processor, 192mb RAM, and 5GB HArd Drive. It ran win 2k (Best Windows ever IMO). Then it BSODed so I installed Xubuntu and it still running (rather slow but usuable). Apparently at the time it was bought it was almost 4k! How technology has grown..
  3. Here this hasn't been active so if now one is going to be declared a winner. How about for the next challenge a crack me.... Language: ANY Winner: Hardest to find password
  4. Titles says it all. Macs are more expensive... Oh right you guys have the Apple Software... so PC users have the Hacitosh, it may be a little more work but you save money! I'd be glad for some one to show that this is wrong, in hardware terms only not looks (though I guess design can count, i.e better cooling.) or software.
  5. a) I have given it a tried and I loved it but I also saw the terrible mess of Vista (well at least for a friend I was trying to help). B) price was more of a "is Microsoft going to screw the average consumer or have the learned" (and if they learned their they have hopefully learned else were for windows 7). Apple was successful with leopard and they didn't sell it for 499 so why does microsoft. Linux was that compared to free 500 $ is insane not that they should give it away, but that they should sell it for a reasonable price not an arm and a leg c) Apple was an example of what Microsoft IMO should have done one version. d) I've had a lot of BSOD's and even just black and white text of this file can't be found so I have seen the flaky side of Windows (It has just shutdown before, almost like the plug was yanked it wasn't, when powered on from standby and I've been met with 1 BSOD and 1 Missing SYSTEM file.)
  6. Um, ok.... ???? (I don't see how but I guess those that banned him had their reasons even if I don't see why (then again I don't know everything about it (it being snakey's ban))).
  7. um unnecessary I think you first have to be him to decide if that is truly unnecessary for his job.
  8. I'm wondering why snakey was band? I thought his post were good and the coding challenge was a great idea... Just Curious.
  9. Vako you say widnows 7 is good. Well I want to see the reqs. when it is released and sold. I also want to see if it is stable (As stable as Linux would be nice... Oh who am I kidding that's a pipe dream). Then I want to see how many editions and cost (I hear the version they are selling as "Ultimate" is 5000$ ;)). Lets hope its one and its the ultimate version and 129$ (the other two OS are that or less. Apple 129$ and Linux is FREE!). So I'll decide then
  10. The writer has some good points. Also the best windows ever was Windows 2000.
  11. I like it (Destruction of Technology thread!!!), and I also don't feel so bad about treating my laptop a little rougher then I should have (I broke the LCD (at least not the whole computer).)
  12. EDIT I see you have fixed the problem after I visited this page (so I did not see your post.) Don't Reformat! The link you found was also mentioned in the link from Sparda http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?act=post&...=43&t=11208 and sense you can not access it (http://miekiemoes.blogspot.com/2008/10/fake-sysaudiosys-causes-searchengine.html) I have copied and pasted it bellow Enjoy!
  13. A word of Caution this can seriously fuck up you computer so much that even a system restore will not fix it. The way it achieves the Mac look is by changing SYTEM Files. Just thought it should be know
  14. Been a week and the screen installation is fine! Sense the screen is glossy though, their is a little more glare but nothing too bad. The install was pretty easy and the only hitch was that we didn't have the correct screw driver so we had to go get it. Hope this helps anyone else. Broken Screen, Cracked Monitor, Laptop Broken, Laptop Screen Replacement, Dell Monitor LCD Broken, How to Replace Laptop LCD, Guide Replace Laptop LCD, Guide Replace Laptop Monitor. <--- Please don't delete this is so it is easier to find if this ever happens to anyone else. :)
  15. http://consumerist.com/5157192/hot-cartoon...-simple-and-fun LINK Credit Crisis Enjoy!
  16. OK BIOS recognizes it. There are no clicking sounds. Also when this happened I turn my computer on from standby and log in and it suddenly shutdown (as though the cord were yanked (it wasn't))). It is not overclocked etc. I was thinking of spinrite but if I could get this fixed with free software (not saying SpinRite is a bad product I've heard what it can do). I'm trying booting into DSL (Damn Small Linux) and then copying the files needed for a DOS floppy, which I copied from a working computer, to a floppy and try and run chkdsk and replace the needed file.
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions! I've tried getting freeDOS on USB but no go. Though I can boot DSL (Damn Small Linux) and I could write to the floppy drive hmmm. So thanks for the ideas and if that fails I'll try Windows PE 2.0.
  18. I've tried google it gave me answers but one problem my CD/DVD drive is broken. So I booted off of USB into DSL to mount the drive and just replace it with the backup SYSTEM.old but the hard drive won't mount (I pretty sure the hard drive isn't dead because the problem is a file can't be found, and wouldn't the BIOS raise an error if the hard drive was dead.). So I know have run out of ideas (BART PE doesn't fit on the flash drives that my BIOS will boot. Also no chain loading (for the USB drive to boot) the computer that is dead it the only one that can right to floppies :(. All I need is to rename to file on a NTFS partition got any suggestions, experience, or ideas I'm all ears. Thanks.
  19. Old Fashoin way? What copying one by one?... Anyways if this ever happens again I would suggest SpinRight from GRC.com
  20. Ok I finally ordered from ebay and its arrived... I have not had the time to install it yet but for anyone who wishes to know, I ordered it from expresslcdscreens08 http://myworld.ebay.com/expresslcdscreens08/ and it shipped fine in about 3 days. There were a couple bad reviews but most of them were good (about a 98% satisfaction rating). So I re-update this once install just in case anyone had this unfortunate thing happen to them
  21. Vivek Ramachandran I was thinking the same thing though with different architectures, different OS, different version it my cause problems
  22. Got Pork, well I guess the governess wants to through money at it... and guess who ends up paying the tax payers Joy! (that there was sarcasm encase anyone thought I was being literal)
  23. Having tried both C and C++ I would suggest that you start out with something like PHP or Python (Python being the one I chose). Python at first may seem as though it is very limited (one draw back at the beginning is I wanted to create EXE (you can use py2exe for that.)). But as I want along I began to find that just because it didn't make me dizzy trying to learn it from a guide (python I just played with it in the IDE and looked at other code and used google to find specific stuff) like C or C++ did.
  24. DIDIP OK maybe I shouldn't have phrased it as buy houses walk away but the end result was a lot houses in foreclosure and people walking away... Didn't mean to make it sound as though it happened in a day... Sorry for the mis-phrasing (<--- Is that a word?)
  25. No favorite band, just rap and rock. Mostly Nickelback, Lil Wayne, Good Charlotle, Simple Plan, Kanye West, The Fray, Some songs from 3 Doors Down. About it.... Oh and Beatoven Classical. Kinda Wierd (Listen on Shuffle hearing Rap and Rock and then suddenly Classical :))
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