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  1. yeah, i'm having no problem changing the key. i'm having a problem finding a key that i can change that locks the keyboard, and when the registry is notified and updated, the changes take effect. currently, i can change the value, and i see the new value in regedit (so obviously, the change has been recorded in the registry), but the change isn't taking effect. i think it's not updating simply because a restart is absolutely required for this change to take effect. some registry keys don't need a restart, so i'm trying to find a registry key that doesnt need a restart to take effect (a
  2. Is there a registry key that disables the keyboard (XP/Vista) without reboot? I can reload the registry hive through a couple different methods (kill and restart explorer.exe is the most popular but there are cleaner ways), but i need a key that doesn't require a reboot to take effect. for example, the following key will disable the keyboard, but it won't update when i reload the registry hive: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility\Keyboard Response\Flags There are keys that take effect when the registry hive is reloaded, but the key that i listed will not. So, like I said
  3. yeah, it seems shatter attack is pretty much the only option, but i cant find a working example. it's pretty deep stuff, so i don't know where to go. can someone please help me find a shatter attack that gives access elevation? thanks!
  4. well, i'll tell you: 1) some of these people are using BIOS passwords. 2) some of them are logged on to other software that require a password, so if i restart, i'd have to know their PW for each individual software suite to log back in so it looked like nothing ever happened also, it's not school related... i'm a bit older than that, heh.
  5. are you referring to the shatter attack listed in that thread? the other solutions required computer restart
  6. yeah, i checked this out, but you have to have admin access to use /interact anyway. im trying to elevate from restricted user to admin, not admin to system access =/
  7. Is there any form of PWDump that does NOT require admin access to successfully run? I'm not very familiar with the hacking tools... but I'm trying to learn. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the link, but I won't always know the Admin's password. Let's assume that I am on a random computer, but i need Admin access... I don't know the password. How could I circumvent this? Thanks!
  9. Is there a way to upgrade access to admin on a computer without restarting or messing with the registry? Thanks!
  10. just for reference: it's possible to inject an EXE into a suspended process, but there is a program called RAMDisk that will create a virtual HDD (it will even show up under my computer) of variable size which you can set in the .inf file. RAMDisk allocates areas of blank memory for storage of anything you want: games, pics, vids, etc... and since the files exist on RAM instead of a physical HDD, access times are boosted by up to 50x normal speeds. ** However, this is important: THE FILES ON THE RAMDISK WILL BE DELETED UPON COMPUTER SHUTDOWN. The RAMDisk drive will still exist, but
  11. Does anyone here know how to inject an executable into a suspended process? Basically, by doing so, you can run the executable from the current process's domain instead of running it from disk. i know the basics, but i'm having a bit of difficulty with the implementation
  12. Yeah, there are quite a few applications available that create virtual serial ports with functionality to reroute, clone, etc... but as breakmyn mentioned, unfortunately, they all require exclusive access to the port (i.e. before another program has it locked). breakmyn, you mentioned a vampire tap... i'm not familiar with this. could you expound for me? I'm intrigued =)
  13. gumsho3, i've further investigated the issue... it's not pretty: the application running creates a file handle to the COM port (as i suspected), but it uses the "DO NOT SHARE" flag in the handle creation, which is standard. this basically means that as long as the program has the handle, i can't rip the port. so, to get around this, i have to create an upper level driver filter that monitors the port... this way i can send and receive the data i want to the external device. it's a pretty difficult process, and it will take a while because driver development is a sticky, nasty process.
  14. There is an application that is running on my machine, and it's using the COM1 serial port. Is there a way that I can steal the COM1 port from that application without shutting it down? Thanks!
  15. nice app, steve... but it makes the assumption that your workstation will have DX9. what if you will be working on older stations that may not even have DX... some may be using OpenGL (ugh) oh, and the .bat file didnt work for me. i think the # of processes allowed at one time are limited?
  16. hey everyone... thanks for the input. i did some searching around, and i found a DLL somebody wrote called "winlock.dll". The source code is available through codeproject, and it's pretty nifty. not only does it block CTL+ALT+DEL, but it also can disable task manager, special function buttons (alt+tab, windows button, ctl+esc, etc...), and create processes on virtual desktops via simple function calls. it's a great wrapper and seems solid, but the ctl+alt+del block doesn't work on vista. just wanted to give everyone an update, and leave a semi-resolution in case someone stumbles upon th
  17. Is there a way to freeze windows without it restarting? I'd like to lock up the OS, so it is frozen until reboot. Anybody have any ideas?
  18. I need a way to disable CTRL+ALT+DELETE functionality without restarting the computer. I can block the keyboard input, but i'm having a hard time blocking the CTRL+ALT+DELETE functionality... i think it's protected. anyone here know of a way to do this? i need to disable it while the computer is up and running and have it re-enabled upon reboot.
  19. wow, sometimes the solution is so obvious that you don't even think about it. here's what i did. made a C# windows form w/ no borders. set the form to maximize, put a picturebox on the form, and put my picture in the picturebox. i feel stupid now lol
  20. thanks, sparda, but i didnt mention that i want to make a portable app that does this, so GIMP is a too large for my application. i tried this, but something wasn't right... it was maximized, but it didn't fill the whole screen. Opera left a blank bar at the top of my screen so the .bmp didn't fill my entire screen.
  21. I want to write a little piece of code (C# or C++, or scripts, no matter) that will display a .jpg or .bmp image on the screen full-size with no borders. Does anyone know how i would go about doing this? It's more than simply opening the picture, because if i do that, a program will be used to display it, and i will see the application's toolbars and such. i want JUST the picture. i was looking at the MSDN, and i found a method called SystemParametersInfoFunction (using SPI_SETDESKTOPBACKGROUND as a param), so this is an option... making the BMP the desktop.... but i'm still wondering if
  22. Geeksquad's website: http://www.geeksquad.com/downloads/U3Updat...BBY_2.1.0.1.exe
  23. i'm having a few problems with the switchblade: 1) I try to put SBConfig v2 on my USB flash drive, but my USB drive won't allow it. I don't get any notification or anything.... I just simply can't put the executable on the flash drive... nothing happens. Anybody know what's going on? 2) So, in the meantime, I DL'ed the SBConfig v1.0.11, and i configured the payload... however, when i insert the USB drive, i get the folder: \System\Logs, but nothing is in it. It's not creating a folder or anything with the computer name. Can anybody help me with these problems? I'm new at this, an
  24. bump. anyone know how this works?
  25. break, you said you re-wrote this in VB.... can you release the source please?
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