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  1. Have you considered topics on virtualisation? I'm sure theres something relevant towards forensics within that field.
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    Have you watched Lethal Weapon 1 and 2? They were in the 80s.
  3. I use Foobar2000 and Amarok for music, both of which I highly recommend. I use VLC for video.
  4. Thats pretty nifty, wish I had the room in my clio to do that.
  5. Hi there. I recently decided to replace my XP laptops Explorer with the Xfce desktop environment, bbClean (a modification of BlackBox for Windows). I did it because I need my laptop to start up quick, and save on memory usage. I've been a fan of Xfce for a while now, my other laptop has Xubuntu installed. I also like minimalistic designs. So far I've been very impressed with it - its really doing the job very well! I even installed Rocketdock and Rainmeter with it to enhance the desktop controls, which work really nice with it. Heres a picture: What I would like to know is - Wh
  6. Hi, I'm twotwenty. I've been reading these forums for about a year and a half now and I've finally decided to join! I am an engineering student currently learning programming in my spare time. I'm not a big fan of writing about myself so here is a condensed version of the Generic Questionnaire Form: Favourite game: Deus Ex Favourite OS: Ubuntu Sex: Male Nationality: British Favourite music: Electronica Favourite author: Walter John Williams Favourite movie: Independance Day Other hobbies: Swimming, running
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