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  1. All new versions of the fiddler2 plugin will now be mirrored at the following url on my site when I get them. The old links in previous posts will be maintained for the time being. http://www.haldrie.com/files/pandorasaver I'm trying the new version now and so far it's working well. I have made a batch script that I am using to copy out the original mp4s so that I can still convert to mp3 while keeping the mp4s and I may upload it in the near future once I feel it has been perfected.
  2. I've uploaded the new version to my web site as a permanent mirror and I left the old version on there for historical purposes. I will try it out as soon as I can and I promise these links I post will never expire. http://www.haldrie.com/files/PandoraSaver1001.zip
  3. This is an awesome tool and works great although it would be nice to be able to keep the original mp4 file for future processing or debugging but at least the encoding process gives you some time to copy it to another location. Also I have uploaded a copy of the plugin to my site as a permenant mirror so there won't be any more issues with expired links. http://www.haldrie.com/files/PandoraSaver.zip [EDIT] Ok after using it for some time and playing with the options there is only one issue I have with it. You can't actually change the home page reload time. Not matter what it is set to it always reverts back to 30min when you apply it.
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