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    I haven't had time to test all modules yet, but the modules and software bundled with the firmware seems to work on both my Tetra and Nano. If you're having issues with a module/dependency i recommend contacting the developer, and also using the Help module to give him/her debug information to help solve the issue.
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    Hello! We're happy to introduce the 1.0.1 update for the Signal Owl. It introduces some bug fixes and changes on entering Arming Mode to improve the user experience. 1.0.1 Change Log: General Simplified device mode selection. The device now starts in ATTACK mode by default. Enter ARMING mode by pressing the device button at any time while in ATTACK mode. Fixed a bug in USB Storage Mounting, which sometimes would cause payloads and firmeware upgrades to fail. Fixed a bug in the LED helper, which would sometimes prevent payloads from updating the LED. Fixed a network device driver bug and interface misconfiguration caused by some external wireless adapters. Fixed a bug in the device reset button, which made it difficult to perform factory resets. You can grab the update via the Hak5 Download Center and follow the Hak5 Docs Signal Owl Update article to get on the latest version. Cheers, Marc
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    A authentic proxmark goes for like $400 pretty exensive. A proxmark easy is considerably cheapper. But Ive heard it is not as good. But for the price you bought it its a steal. Considering the proxmark is built in China, a Chinese knockoff isnt that bad of a option. Less addons will fit with it though.
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    Hey :) Yeah, got one from work, and it's a pretty cool piece of toy. But its really not for beginners, so i've got a steep learning curve ahead of me :), as i'm only starting to have a look into the world of RFID, and don't get much time to play with it at work ;), but it's on my to do list ;) I would say, if you're serious about looking into RFID research, a Proxmark is the way to go, and if you know you're going to use it in the field, I would go for a revision 4.01, with the battery option. (from lab401.com) /Kent
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    Doesn't really make sense for this purpose. You would only see the icon if you open the management interface.
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    Excellent, I thought I was missing something obvious because nobody else was mentioning it! Seems to work better now 🙂
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    👍 Best way to help the community is be proactive help in my opinion 👍
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    There's been a bug in mdk4 related to some of the arguments you're providing to mdk4. I updated the tool yesterday, which should fix any issues with it. https://github.com/adde88/openwrt-useful-tools
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    The issues are coming from the gigantic leap from OpenWRT 15.05 to 19.07 in firmware v2.6.0. The developers of the third-party modules and dependencies needs to update their software to keep up with the times.
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    1) If you are tracking what she is doing, you do not trust her. Your marriage will fail. 2) Watching porn is not something bad. People like to watch people have sex. It's a fairly normal thing.
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    Under powering devices is a very common issue. Glad to here all is work now 👍
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    This forum is for the ethical side of hacking. Can it be done, yes. Is it legal to do on an unauthorized device/network, no. What you are asking is on the illegal side of that line.
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    Have a look around there's so much stuff on it these days, Check youtube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hackRF
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    Hi GJS, Could you generate a Debug file and attach to a reply in this thread? Be sure to remove anything like WPA2 passwords from the file before posting it. You can generate the file by going to Help module, and clicking "Generate Debug File". Thanks
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely see about adding a usb destination for the next release.
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    Just thought I would share latest raspberry pi build. https://cap-sig.com/portable-kali-pi-v1/ Mainly a 3D printed enclosure to hold all the essentials for a Re4son Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi build. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions!
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    1) No. 2) https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/
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    You need to follow the Hak5 YouTube videos.
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    is the dual band wifi RTL8812au suppported?
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