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    I'm keeping an eye on things. Already had one warning, any more and gone.
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    Your question is similar to asking what tool you should buy for your first mechanics job. Despite that, my answer would be not to buy anything, almost anything you'll need is open source. Grab Kali and look at all that is included with it. And if by job, you mean you are looking for a paying gig, please don't, you need a lot of skill to do a good job in testing. Build your experience up first, look for a junior job with a testing firm and learn with them. If you go out without enough skill to do a job properly, you can end up giving a client a false sense of security and could cause a lot of problems. Back to the first analogy, you wouldn't act as a mechanic and change someones brakes if you'd never held a screwdriver before.
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    He means Nexus Roottoolkit. Then you can down grade your version.
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    2.6.2 has just been released. Grab the download OTA or via the Hak5 Download Center as usual. Thanks!
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    you can get wugs toolkit and get any version released. Or a custum one one xda. Ive found only an otg cable will work on my nexus 5's a y cable wont. No idea why should be opisit. Like my 7's only a y will work
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    It won’t... put the box it shows up as a HID device an nothing else. I would advise that you watch hak5 intro videos.
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    Hi Folks, problem is solved, thx. I took the solution from scriptmonkey "unofficial recovery for shark jack" and resetted my shark to the newest firmware.
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    Mobile phone 🤔
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    Your SSN has probably been leaked by some company along with various other bits of data about you including password. If you reuse passwords then the password would allow access to any of your services. Your phone light coming on is probably just you hitting a button by accident.
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    1 ) If you are able to get a VPN tunnel to an external source you might be unhindered 2 ) Even in a tunnel, its still traffic and it will be possible to note it and be traced
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    Hi everyone. I had a bunny that i used until exhaustion and NEVER gave me a problem. But like all things it died and i got a new one. The problem is that on this new one, every time im working with it for about 30 mn (windows or linux), between plug ins and out, it just stops working for some hours (usually about 8) in both arming or attack mode and then return to normal. When i plug it in and its going to stop it just gives me a solid green light, at these stage when i unplug it and plug back in i can see the its detected at kernel level but it doesn't show up anywhere else and i can't do anything with it. I find this behavior vert strange, anyone has any ideas on what might be happening?
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    Hi Bud, I agree with some of your points as the answers are subjective, but to be fair they are all valid answers. So, great answers to the question posed. Keep up the good work! 🤓
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    No. Just no.
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    Guys - as Mr Protocol said, this is legit. We're very happy to be working with Lab401. Welcome to the forums Steve! 🙂
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    Not unless you can find an android device with a proprietary lightning connector.
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    I've been off the forums for a bit. Getting caught up on some reading and this made me lol.
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    They are often people trying to lure hackers in with sob stories who then try to get them to do criminal stuff for them. Or people who have read a few too many blog posts and become over paranoid.
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    Hey everyone, Recently I have seen a lot of questions in regards to installing tools on the Bash Bunny. This post will contain a list of .deb files published by Hak5. Please see our wiki for installation instructions. If you would like to suggest a tool to be published, please reply to this thread. All other posts will be removed. Impacket Responder Gohttp Metasploit-Framework (Requires firmware 1.6 or above). Disclaimer: Hak5 is not responsible for these tools. They are 3rd party packages and have not been checked for stability or security. Hak5 simply packages these tools for easy installation.
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    I use Proxmox VE, works great - supports SPICE and USB passthrough. https://www.proxmox.com/en/proxmox-ve
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    And 6 months ago...
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    The phrase we are looking at here is "He's lying".
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    If you aren't in a team and the rest of the company don't know anything about jail breaking phones then I think there is something wrong with the company's business model.
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    They’re probably smarter than you for using an old flip phone. This is one of those ‘If you have to ask, the answer is no.’ type questions. edit: Shit, they’re probably smarter rhan all of us for using a flip phone.
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    Perhaps ask in the Cheat Engines forums?
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    I think you misunderstand the purpose of the devices... One is marketed and designed as an "... ultimate WiFi pen test companion, in your pocket." and the other an "amplified, dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) powerhouse.". The TETRA isn't designed to be portable, that's what the NANO is good at. It's a feature trade between size and capability. However I have used the TETRA as a portable device with two Pineapple Juice batteries. Works well in a backpack.
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