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    Hey there - welcome to the community! I understand that the modules and payloads are a big factor of Hak5 gear, and it's our goal to create powerful pentest platforms that make it convenient to execute complex attacks. Over the years the community developed contributions to these projects have increased, as has our arsenal as a whole. With WiFi Pineapple firmware version 2.6, we're introducing a major update to the platform by jumping openwrt base from 15.05 to 19.07. At this time OpenWRT has not officially released 19.07 - it seems to be "late" if one goes by the version numbering scheme. Still, we wanted to build on top of the latest possible base so that we could take advantage of the most up to date Linux kernel. As with most major OS updates, package support may lag behind the initial release. This had not been the case with previous WiFi Pineapple firmware versions for the NANO or TETRA, however with the move to 19.07 some bumps in the road were to be expected. As a general rule developers are notified of upcoming releases and community members are encouraged to join the beta program to provide feedback via discord. See https://shop.hak5.org/pages/community We strive to ensure that all core functionality is thoroughly tested and works as expected before release. This covers the first-party modules, such as PineAP, which ship with the firmware. Additionally any underlying changes to packages or the API are documented so that third party module developers can make the most of the new firmware. Usually if a module breaks it's fixed in short order. I can say from experience this is the first instance where module updates were required to this extent - and that's likely due to the new linux base. It's something we're aware of, and we're currently working on a fix. Learning from this experience going forward I am reviewing our processes to see if there is a better release channel or means to incorporate module developers with releases. Thanks, Darren
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    You unzipped the update before copying to your Bash Bunny? I think @kdodge is meaning that it being that hot is not a normal condition...
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    More information is required to diagnose these kinds of problems. What OS are you running? How are you connecting to the device? How is it being powered? Etc.
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    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to chime in and thank everyone posting in the thread for their feedback on the release. As you can imagine by looking at the changelog, 2.6.0 was a huge update and unfortunately some issues have started to show outside of our beta testing group. That being said, now that we're settled back in from DEFCON, these issues are being addressed currently. I have started work on updating third-party modules and expect those to be done in the next 1-2 days. A 2.6.1 update will also follow, containing some fixes that affect SD card usage on some NANOs. Thanks again for the continued feedback - we appreciate you. Kind Regards, Foxtrot
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    The whole point of the Pineapple is for legitimate security testing and research. I've not heard of any countries where it would be illegal to use for either personal research or where you have a legitimate business reason.
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    And 6 months ago...
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    My power went out during the initial firmware upgrade and now the owl just has a veeeeeeery slow red blink and no wifi is being presented. Is there a recovery method?
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    This has been seen by a few users. I would recommend downloading the upgrade bin for 2.5.4 then doing a OTA upgrade to 2.6.0 You can't SSH into a tetra that has not completed initial setup as you have not set a password yet.
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    There is absolutely no smoke. It just got very hot while it was plugged in the power source while i was trying to recover
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    Hi! We're very excited to announce the release of the 2.6.0 Firmware for the WiFi Pineapple TETRA! We've been working hard behind the scenes, listening to the great community feedback and building upon it to iron out reported bugs, add new features and bring updates to everyone's favourite fruity wireless device. Whether it's the updated kernel, fresh packages or improvements to PineAP and Recon - there's something in this firmware for you. Change Logs for 2.6.0: General Update firmware base from OpenWRT 15.05 to OpenWRT 19.07. Update kernel from 3.18.84 to 4.14.133. Ensure all opkg feeds are HTTPS. Update PHP5 to PHP7. Update HostAPd from 2.6 to 2.7. Improve SD Card stability on the WiFi Pineapple NANO. Include support for the MediaTek MT76x2 wireless chipsets. Dashboard Fix an issue where the "SSIDs collected this session" counter wouldn't reset after a reboot. Use more reliable method of obtaining CPU usage. PineAP Fix a rare crash due to memory corruption. Fix an issue where PineAP options would unselect if PineAP was disabled. Fix an issue where PineAP Enterprise would not work if Management AP was disabled. Improve beacon effectiveness by rotating through SSID Pool. Greatly improve memory and CPU consumption. Fix an issue where Raw Frame Injection might hang indefinitely. Add an option to reset the 'SSIDs collected this session' counter on the Dashboard. Recon Ensure that previous scan dates are displayed correctly. Networking Improve Client Mode reliability. Configuration Fix an issue where the user configured timezone would not set correctly. Advanced Fix an issue where the SD Card format may hang indefinitely. Misc Update Cloud C2 Client. Packages Add Kismet Package. Add Kismet Remote Capture Package. Updates to a huge variety of commonly used packages. A special thank you to the community members who provided excellent beta feedback: - adde88 - dragorn - Just_A_User ♥ - The Hak5 Development Team
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    PineAP can only spoof open networks. If there was a service outage on the WPA2 network (due to a deauth) some users may just join the open network and ignore the change in network encryption. In theory you could use the Pineapples management network with the same SSID and password, then it should just be a matter of signal strength. But that isnt really the intended use of the management AP.
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    After I install a module like nmap on my sd card it then says that the Dependencies are not installed, after I try to install them on the sd card it would say installing however after 20 or 30 seconds it would go back to Not installed. I have factory reset and reboot the nano but still having the same issues. If there is anyone who could help me in the right direction that would be really helpful. Thank you
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    Make sure to post updates/pictures of the build. Always interesting to see mods for different uses 😎
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    Hey, Sorry to hear you have been scammed. Not promoting any action.........But.....You could run an OSINT investigation on the phone number which could prove useful in gathering information. A couple tools you could use to extract information from a phone number. There is aTerminal command-line tool called Phoneinfoga, and there's a web app tool on the IntelTechniques website. Be ethical and above all legal (your laws in your country) and respect the information gleaned. Hope this helps😎
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    So to verify you are using the tetra port labeled ETH ? To make sure you are getting proper power, might want to stick with using the supplied 12v adapter and using the USB cable for connection via the ETH port. What is your output of "ifconfig" after connecting the usb cable before changing any address settings? Posting the output will help figure out if the system is actually seeing the tetra. As the setup instructions show https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010555313-Setup-Basics most systems for basic setup don't need a static IP assigned as the tetra will assign one (there are times it is required but would try without doing so first).
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    yes, mount the card on another machine running linux (if you want to use dd). You could also try gparted or equiv to remove all partitions from the card then drop into the nano and run the SD format tool from advanced/USB tab.
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    how are you physically connecting things up? pic? are you only using the USB to power it or are you using the 12V adapter? After manually setting up your interface to on your pc did you power cycle the tetra? So many more variables/questions but just trying to get a better picture.
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    The Signal Owl supports standard serial-based GPS dongles, like the U-blox7, so it's just a matter of time before there's a wardriving payload – if that's what you're looking to do. The kismet-remote on the system is intended for stationary deployments with a backhaul via WiFi. Last I spoke to Drag0rn (kismet author) he was working on just such a payload.
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    Very good info to remember using the forums. The more info supplied, the better the answer/support received.
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    So maybe not the exact answer your looking for, but you could always create the VM in virtual box and then convert it to proxmox. https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/migrating-virtualbox-vdi-to-proxmox-ve.9672/ But I'm with you, it'd be great to have a vanilla box and run a script on top of it to install everything. Maybe we can pick apart what they did?
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    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to chime in and thank everyone posting in the thread for their feedback on the release. As you can imagine by looking at the changelog, 2.6.0 was a huge update and unfortunately some issues have started to show outside of our beta testing group. That being said, now that we're settled back in from DEFCON, these issues are being addressed currently. I have started work on updating third-party modules and expect those to be done in the next 1-2 days. A 2.6.1 update will also follow, containing some fixes that affect SD card usage on some NANOs. Thanks again for the continued feedback - we appreciate you. Kind Regards, Foxtrot
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    I don't know about every countries law but if you have contractual permission from the network/company owner i don't see how it can be illegal as to me it seems you would effectively be temporarily employed to test "your own" network. I would be surprised if any country finds that illegal. EDIT - or maybe there are counties where having one in itself breaks local laws. let alone using it. if so let us know.
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    Press and hold the button before you plug in the power, then let go between 3 to 7 seconds later.
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    I bought a new 32GB micro-cd card. So I put it into my nano with the newest firmware, and tried to format it using the Web-UI. It just did not work. So I dd-ed the first 1M with zeros, rebooted the Nano, and it worked, as I could see on the UI: /dev/sdcard/sd1 28.1G 44.4M 26.7G 0% /sd Actually I cannot go back to that state to check the difference, and I did not make any notes. All I could see was 2 partitions, and it was on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 Maybe this will help the developers.
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    But if you NEED to, you might be able to attach a USB keylogger to the port closest to the pigtail and then connect a keyboard to that so it passes through to the system you're connecting it too...
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    Yes, you read correctly. It is a USB passthrough port. If you wish to add another radio you will need to use the USB host port (furthest from the pigtail). The Signal Owl is not a keylogger.
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    I assure you, I am not. I do often break things, logically speaking. Flushing the ram helps get some of the conwebs out. You can also wipe the phone through DFU. It’s akin to sliding an uncompromised operating system under your current OS and uprooting everything with a fresh install. Issues with this though can come from restoring an infected backup (both from the iCloud and physical). If you go this route. I suggest backing up (via copy and paste) photos, contacts and notes/important docs as needed. Disable/delete all icloud backups and reinstall a fresh OS through your computer or the apple store. Then manually reinstall all the apps you’d like. Think of it as a house fire. Purge well and purge often.
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    Hey WPA2, I agree that it can stretch the budget, but it depends on why you want it? If it is to be added to your arsenal as part of your business, then I am sure you can recoup the expenditures. If, on the other hand, it is because you want one rather than need one, well, that is a decision that relies on available finances. For me, it is the former, but having tried edutech on several occasions and no joy (not even for a ducky), it is hard to see where else other than HAK5 shop, you can get one from. Sometimes, just sometimes, they do sneak onto ebay or even Amazon, if that helps you at all😎
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    It is well worth the money........although the shipping as you say is 'not so good', but there are no other options at this stage. Would love to be a HAK5 distributor.........great products and excellent staff. 😎
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    Hi buddy, Great set of questions........who watches the watchmen springs to mind.......Personally, and without going into too much detail, I think you should use an RFID secure wallet for your cards and possibly the card sleeves option as well (known colloquially as the belt and braces system). Yes your phone app is reading your card data and no doubt used by the provider to then target you with tempting offers. It is all part of the cyber marketing exploitation targeting potential customers process. Totally legal as you do not own the cards (the provider does) and the terms and conditions that you read (yeah right, we all do that) will have buried in there somewhere that they can do this. It is obviously something that you need (the card), so I would choose to either keep the card in a safe place (at home) or ditch the app, as you can always check your balances etc., at home on your own computer via SSL etc., but these are just my views. I hope this helps in some small way😎
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    get the nano online, then run opkg update && opkg install nmap or if you need to install to sd opkg update && opkg install nmap --dest sd should get you sorted
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    This a topic for the Pineapple thread. It has been answered multiple times already.
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    its from the upgrade of opnwrt 15.05 to 19.07 Modules need fixed, its a known issue and somebody is working on it
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    This is a known problem and is being worked on. Modules are created by community and need to be fixed by the devs, if they choose to do so. Foxtrot said he would work on the issue, give him some time.
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    DV.............thanks for the update......That is good to know.........thanks 😎
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    If you check Hak5 site, they list where they will sell to. If they don't list it, there's a reason, and with certain places, it is technically illegal to sell certain equipment into those countries. The why's etc vary, but when they cannot, assume there is a reason.
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    They are really listening, although some say they are not. They work hard on topics that need fixing and if anyone thinks they could work harder or after then they may be telling an untruth. Hak5 is a great forum and the team really know their products😎
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    @Just_a_User, Hi. I downloaded "upgrade-2.6.0.bin" file from https://www.wifipineapple.com/downloads and performed the upgrade. I too am using the "RALINK USB WIFI RT5370" (purchased from the Hak5 store) . OK I would assume that there is a compatibility issue there then. I hope the devs could iron it out. 🙂
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    I can't install Module Dependencys (SSLSplitt) I will start and say they are not installed. Rebooted and the same thing. Formated SDCard, does not help.
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    Hi everyone, After the upgrade to the firmware 2.6.0 my Dwall isn't working anymore. Anyone is having the same problem?
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    Hi, Just wanted to clear up any chance of misinterpretation on what is connected to Hak5 servers, etc. The WiFi Pineapple Web Interface that you refer to is stored on the WiFi Pineapple itself, and is served from it's own web server locally. The WiFi Pineapple UI will reach out to Hak5 owned services, but only if you explicitly want it to do so. Things such as updating the firmware, downloading modules and loading bulletins will initiate a connection to our servers. The buttons in the UI that do this are marked with such 'warnings' (basically just so you're aware it will be reaching out, if you're on an engagement). This goes for all of our hardware products. The Cloud C2 is different from that however, and will for licensing purposes and updates reach out to our infrastructure periodically. The news/bulletins on the Cloud C2 homepage is also hosted on our servers. I hope this answers any questions. We don't acquire any data (for example, client reports from engagements as you mention).
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    Please give some context to this or I'll lock it as being too vague and looking a lot like spam.
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    I sounds like they’ve got a direct view of your screen. To see pauses and whatnot. Could there be a remote screen viewing program on your computer that they’ve installed on your computer?
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    Move out and get a different flat with better room mates.
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    I'm not going to get rid of having antennas connected...but since these are providing diversity, I should be able to put a 2.4ghz yagi on one port to sniff around with and one for 5ghz on the other port. If I just look for 2.4 APs, the yagi for that band should be selected and if I look for 5 ghz, the other should be selected. I may have to play a bit. I'm also looking at a HackRF ONE so I can snoop on more. I currently have two different MAC addresses that show as "Hidden" on 5 ghz. I'm trying to find out what they are. One is very strong and could possibly be the AP for my cameras...the other, I'm not sure. And now I find that my electric meter is using RF in the 2.4 area....kinda interested in that. With the SDR, I can use it as a poor man's spectrum analyzer and look at some of these wayward items. Really, I'm not nuts, there is a method to my madness....thanks for the comments and info...I'll put that in the Pineapple book to remind me.
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