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    http://www.just-fucking-google.it?s=make an exclusion powershell&e=finger
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    i'm not sure if that's what you mean i have problems understanding the question. But I think what you're looking for is airodump-ng. enter the following in the terminal: airmon-ng start wlan1 && airodump-ng wlan1mon. Now you should see all existing wlan access points and the clients that are looking for them
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    Thanks @nterSUAR, I will try it. For windows, You can try Virtual Box application to run garageband app on your windows pc. I found this complete guide where steps are well explained so you can refer to that. Cheers!
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    Hello all, I have been at this for a good 8 -10 hours now where I have read forum after forum, watched video after video and read troubleshooting to the point my eyes are about to bleed. The main issue is that since i have had the pineapple nano (little over a year now) my SSLsplit has yet to work properly even once. I have tried to use this module time and time again, and though it is set to autostart, well nothing happens. Then when I turn the autostart off and hit start, the button goes red and says running but down below in the output log it either says that it is not in fact running or even worse, sometimes says that it is not even installed! I mean, as far as i can begin to know, this is sort of the meat and potatoes of the pineapple, thus only being a small piece of what can be used, but a crucial one especially when learning about pen testing. I have tried installing through ssh, spent hours on that, but i end up with one single annoying message every time. "sslsplit: can't load library 'libevent_openssl-2.0.so.5'". There is absolutely no hope from running it from the command line, so I have reached the point where I just need to flat out ask for help. I have read on some other threads where some people are having a similar issue, however I just don't understand this at all! Am i wrong to assume that this is a downloadable module or infusion for the pineapple gui and that once downloaded to internal storage (from what i have read) and then installed the dependencies that it is supposed to work without further intervention? I assume that when i ssh into the pineapple is the way to fine tune things, but shouldn't this just flat out be working ? Or is there some kind of invisible step that I am missing here? I don't mind using the command line to work this out, however I am not a superstar and I am a windows user, however i use Bitvise ssh client to ssh in and go from there but again I am not command line guru. Is there anyone who can help me? I have factory reset this thing a bunch of times, though i would rather not but have done so as i am hoping that something will change. I guess that after a year of playing with this thing I should without doubt had the success of being able to get the sslsplit infusion to work so i could see what everyone is always talking about when they've successfully had several connected clients to work with. Please help, there is so much to read and I end up with 40 open tabs trying to figure out what's going on, but ultimately forget where i even began. In the below picture shows how sslsplit says that it is running but it is clearly not. I do believe that this is the least of the issues at hand. -Thanks
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