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    Hello there, I was thinking about putting my wifi pineapple in my backpack and using it in the go. However two antennas always look out of the bag and that's kinda stupid and gets me unwanted attention. My question now is if it it possible to remove 2 of the antennas and using the wifi pineapple with the other two remaining ones so they don't stick out. I know that for some router you have to leave the antennas connected because otherwise it damages the device but maybe it's different for the wifi pineapple? If not I'll probably end up buying a WiFi pineapple nano.
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    I am also having the same issue. I updated my Bash Bunny the latest firmware and placed impacket from the stick link on the forum. After that I unplugged and plugged the BB back in on arming mode to install impacket and the unplugged and switched it to switch 1 and I can see it load the drivers for Ethernet and also open up RUN along with a powershell window that closes very fast. It that just flashes blue and I have even left it for 5 minutes just in case something needed to load. I have used the USB exfiltration and so I know the test files should copy and are the right file format. When I check the loot I see the smb folder but it is empty. Also during the blue blinking light of the attack I did a netstat and I could not see a connection to
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    Windows 10 is full of spying soft, first thing you need to do is turn off all these shit and updates.
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    Does not apply in the slightest. 1) Youtube is a private company. They can block whomever they want, for whatever reason they want. 2) Not all of Youtube is based in the US, and US law does not apply to the majority of the planet.
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    Ok thanks! It's working now
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    Set your filters to "Deny" and ensure that there are no entries listed.
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    About Antenna A bit more Watch these videos and that should give you a better understanding of dbi, dbm, etc The Tetra has 5 or 6Dbi antenna with the Tetra running at 29Dbm. Im going to say the highest would be a 9Dbi antenna for the tetra. this is for 2.4ghz, I havent ventured in the 5ghz range myself.
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