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    Yup, that happens a lot, especially with WiFi drivers. Always research what chipset a wireless card uses and look up the driver compatibility before you buy ?
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    I can personally confirm that the tactical antennas are supposed to do that by design. They do tend to "stay up" on their own if you balance them but they're not *supposed* to lean in a specific direction.
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    Hi everyone, We just released firmware version 2.4.0 for the WiFi Pineapple, adding Hak5 Cloud C2 support! Changelog: Hak5 Cloud C2 This update adds support for the Hak5 Cloud C2 PineAP Various stability fixes and improvements Download:Over the air via your WiFi Pineapple's webinterface, or at https://wifipineapple.com/downloads
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    Hi CuChulaind, Please reach out to support at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/requests/new Best regards, Sebkinne
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    I've no balls, that is why I stay away from random onion sites.
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    you were stuck on level 4, then 2, now 5. Keep persevering, you seem to be working your way through it on your own.
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    deactivate it then reactivate. also helps if your on the nano to put the portal your using on the device and not the sd card.
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    Hi everyone, We just launched the Hak5 Cloud C2! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and give some basic instructions on how to get everything set up: Setting up the Hak5 Cloud C2 Server To set up the Hak5 Cloud C2 server, simply head over to https://c2.hak5.org, download either the community or professional edition, and wait for an email to arrive with the download link and licence key. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file containing the server, choose the correct version for your OS and architecture (such as linux 64bit), and execute the binary. You will be prompted to add some parameters such as '-hostname'. We recommend setting up the Hak5 Cloud C2 with DNS. Once running, you will have a setup token printed to your terminal. Make a note of that and head over to the configured IP / DNS and port using your favorite web browser (Firefox or Chrome(ium) are recommended). You will be be guided through the setup there, and asked to enter your setup token and licence key. After performing the initial setup, if you need further help, click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on "Help". Update your device firmwares: WiFi Pineapple Update your WiFi Pineapple NANO or TETRA to version 2.4.0 or above, via the webinterface as you do normally Packet Squirrel Visit https://packetsquirrel.com/setup and follow the "Firmware Upgrades" instructions to install firmware version 2.0 or above LAN Turtle Update your LT, LT-SD, or LT-3G by using the "Check for updates" button inside of the turtle shell. Alternatively, follow the manual upgrade instructions from https://lanturtle.com/setup. You'll want to be on version 5 or above to have Cloud C2 support. Provisioning your devices: Once you have updated all of your Hak5 devices, you can go ahead and create new devices in the Hak5 Cloud C2 interface. After doing so, you'll be able to download the device.config files for each device by clicking the device from the list and then clicking the setup button from the device's menu. Once you have the config file, SCP it into the /etc/ folder on your device of choice and reboot the device. You should see it come online in the Hak5 Cloud C2 interface within a few minutes. Please remember that your devices will need to be networked to be able to reach the Hak5 Cloud C2 server (a mistake we made a lot during development). Introducing the Hak5 Cloud C2 video:
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    The encoder (online & offline) has an option to compile the payload for a specific keyboard layout.
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    Ensure your filters are set correctly. "Deny" mode on both filters while they are empty will allow anyone to join.
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    Yes. Growing. I honestly have no idea as I don't watch them.
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    You can navigate around as you please, recon scans will continue in the background and show you results when you get back to the recon module.
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    A module that let’s you back up your pineapple and/or upload saved backups. As well a module that allows you issue custom commands would be nice. It’d make issueing CLI commands when mobile easier. Someone started working one but it never came to fruition. Look back a page or two here and you’ll see it.
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    Hi, did you purchase the tactical edition? If so, those antennas are designed to be that way when you put it into the pouch.
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    Hi, Here is the solution; The problem is there is a file missing because of that procps service cannoty be started, here is how to fix it; cp /lib/systemd/system/bak/systemd-sysctl.service /lib/systemd/system ln -s /lib/systemd/system/procps.service /etc/systemd/system/procps.service Now you are good to go...
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    I ran into the same problem today. Here is how I fixed it: First ssh into pineapple using ssh root@ Then you have to install the full version of python on the pineapple by using the command: 'opkg install python' (By default python-light is installed) Now you can install pip: 'opkg install python-pip' finally you install tinycss with 'pip install tinycss' The whole process could take a while but it worked for me! This is a useful article for a beginner to the gui: https://blog.inspired-sec.com/archive/2017/01/10/cloning-captive-portals.html Hope this was helpful!