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    Yes these devices can be a nightmare to get going sometimes, BUT they do work, nine times out of ten it's the user that's the issue. How much did you pay for it?
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    Hello, I got my hands on my own Tetra after many months. After watching hours & hours of instructional video's, reading over & over again forums, Discord & manuals I have difficulties setting up the Tetra. So everything is brand new, new laptop, new Tetra etc. and all from scratch. I'm using a Windows 10 (HP Probook). Unboxed the Tetra and connected it as followed. AC/DC plugged in, Ethernet cable plugged in Tetra and the Y cable from ETH1 to computer. The blue light is solid static. Now from my Windows 10 machine I'm unable to access the in any browser. From the adapter settings I have checked all the instructions to do as followed https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471434-WiFi-Pineapple-NANO-Windows-Setup But for some reason I can't access the in any browser to see the welcome message and to complete setup. Is anyone able to help me out please?
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    i personally feel a lot of these complaints are like a person who drives an automatic transmission car and then gets behind a manual transmission and has to learn to shift and change gears but instead gets really mad at the car and complains about how the car was made wrong and all the issues are because of the manufacturers and designers. "The manual transmission didn't automatically shift gears for me, this car is broken, what a piece of junk, I'm throwing this car away!"... I only say that because, personally, i've had nothing but good experiences with the tetra (and the nano) and I'm not a computer or networking whiz-kid. i am not associated or affiliated with HAK5 in anyway, i'm just some guy that enjoys the products they put out and has personally found the products very useful. and benefit of the doubt, maybe some people really do have defective pineapples and it's not just user-error causing the problems.
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    Final Update: I have fixed it. Not sure if it was just my unit or all units, but the Tetra won't start correctly off of just USB power. The device came up after some complaints after I also plugged in the power supply. The setup video indicates that the USB Y cable plugged into two USB 3.0 supplies the required 10W, but that does not appear to be the case, at least for me. I'm not sure if the specs have changed, but if so Hak5 may want to update their video or make some sort of overlay note. Otherwise, hopefully if someone else comes across this, this will help diagnose the issue!
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    Hello, I have been messing around with the Wifi Pineapple Nano for about a year. I ran into some issues along the way 😑. First was a game of cat and mouse with customer service until I finally got ahold of who I believe was Daren. I explained my problem which was, If tried to connect the wifi pinapple to the internet it would work for about a minute or so, sometimes an hour but that was only twice out of a 6 month span of owning the Nano. Then connection would stop, Kali would give me a message saying blah, blah, blah, device was disconnected. I explained that I have wp6.sh all settings are correct. I have even downloaded every single module and, dependencies for all software that needed them. Bullitens would work as they should, then boom out of nowhere no connection. I was told that wp6.sh was just a program to connect it and then Hak5 sent a bunch of line of code on how it worked. That wasn't helpful as I knew how wp6.sh worked already from research before buying the Nano. I was then told to try it on windows, I was really upset with Hak5 and, the Nano at this time because I do not use Windows in my studies or my lab !!! Windows is Doo Doo lmao. So with little to no help from Hak5 customer service I did more and, more research I mean hours of it. Tried everything in the book I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong at all, I even made sure no devices would kick the pineapple off as well so grabbed the Nano it's own router. Still nothing! I was having some weird issues with Kali 2020.1 got extremely fed up with it and got rid of that distro all together. I'm now using parrot OS, boy I tell you what a stress relief download wp6.sh and, boom worked right away!!!!! It stays connected with no issues and I can shut down the Nano and connect without the worry of it not working the next day or even 10 minutes from now. I know of so many people who have been going through this connection issue and have gave up on the pinapple. Just grab Parrot OS its another Debian anyway in my opinion it has way better tools preloaded like car hacking tools, and even an electrum BTC wallet which blew my mind lol. My biggest issue was if I brought this to a job and it acted up how it was with Kali I would look really stupid. I would only use a wifi extender with monitor mode and packet injection to be safe. But now I have the Wifi Pineapple working this tool is really awesome great gadget to add to my bag 😁. I hope this helps someone with the same frustration and, I hope I can save you hours of cat and mouse along with hours of research. Hope you all have a great day !
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    Can you send a screenshot of the password screen? BIOS info isn't battery backed any more and some of the settings, like requiring a password, can't be cleared with a reset as they are designed to lock the machine down regardless of what happens to it.
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    I had an issue whereby the payload.txt would not run - the device would power on, go through set up then the LED would go out. I could boot into arming mode and couldn't see wtf I was doing wrong. chmod a+x payload.txt It was obvious really but this fixed it. I only got the thing today and only loaded files using scp / ssh I haven't tried via USB yet so I presume that method adds the execute permission to the payload file. either way it works now - hope this helps :)
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    Just a short guide 🙂 I did this in windows 10. INSTALLATION: step 1 ) first update firmware! Format an usb to be either FAT32(win) or EXT4(linux) and download the latest firmware. Put it onto the usb, as the only file there. step 2 ) put the usb in the second usb port and wait 5-10 minutes step 3 ) if the LED has begun to slowly blink, you are done. Press the button on the back to go into "Arming mode" PAYLOADS: step 4 ) in "Arming Mode" we can connect to the Signal owl, check your wifi and owl_xxxx(last 4 mac address, should be in the network) step 5 ) download PuTTY and PuTTy psftp.exe step 6 ) after installation of PuTTY psftp, open the exe file. In command line write: open, login in as root, password is hak5owl step 7 ) go to /payload/. TO add files there you need to write in command line: put and the drag and drop the textfile you want to upload to the signal owl syntax example = COMMANDLINE >>put "C:\users\user\desktop\payload.txt" hit enter and you have uploadet the file! step 8 ) as far as i know, there can only be one text file named "payload.txt". So if you want more payload, you have to rename the inactive ones. fx. like:"payload_bitcoinhacking.txt" then rename it to payload.txt when you want to use it. But signal owl can only have one active file. step 9 ) good luck! and have fun. You can use normal putty to SSH access the signal owl and run program like aircrack-ng or nmap from there 🙂 I hope this can give some answers.:)
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    Hi Foxtrot, Thank you for your response. I have done what you have suggested (and tried that prior to asking this question) but as soon as I share my internet connection it places the device into an unknown network status. Have you guys tested the internet sharing function with windows 10? I am able to get the device working wonderfully whilst connected via Lan. However, functions such as Pine AP will not work properly when using wifi. I guess I will have to buy a separate wifi dongle which may help once plugged in, but it seems odd that it will not simply allow me to share my computers internet connection. I am sure I am not the only one who is having issues connecting via windows 10?
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