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    I'd burn it all down and move house, sounds like they've got you well and truly in their grasp and are unlikely to let go. With pin hole cameras there could be one in every nail and screw head in your apartment and you'd never know unless the doors fell off the cupboards because they used cameras instead of nails, that might give it away. I'd also stay off the Raspberry Pi, did you know that if you sum up the ASCII values of all the letters in the name you get 745 which is the year Kulun Beg died and I think we all know what that means.
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    Starting to think we need a creative writing section on the forums...
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    I don't know man. That stuff will make you wake up naked in the middle of the desert spooning a cactus. Just not worth it.
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    I have also updated my simple button script so that it stores captured data to /pineapple/modules/PMKID/capture, you can then use g0blin's module to view the data. #!/bin/bash #PixL file="/tmp/handshake" capture="`head -30 /dev/urandom | tr -dc "0123456789" | head -c3`" if [ -f "$file" ] then killall hcxdumptool led YELLOW off rm -rf /tmp/handshake hcxpcaptool -z test.16800 test.pcapng > test.conlog mv test.pcapng /pineapple/modules/PMKID/capture/$capture mv test.16800 /pineapple/modules/PMKID/capture/$capture.16800 mv test.conlog /pineapple/modules/PMKID/capture/$capture.conlog mv test.log /pineapple/modules/PMKID/capture/$capture.log else touch /tmp/handshake led YELLOW on hcxdumptool -o test.pcapng -t 2 -i wlan1mon --enable_status=3 --disable_deauthentications --disable_disassociations > test.log & fi
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    Sorry, real life has gotten in the way so a bit behind with the updates. Will try and get some time to work on this tonight 🙂
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    just a short video i made showing how to connect the nano to kali using wp6 in order to do your mitm attacks on your laptop hopefully this can be of some help to some people :)
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    look for git clone https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl18812au/ edit to git clone https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au.git
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    There are new features on the roadmap but right now the focus of the development team is on Hak5 Cloud C2. There is obviously room for improvement in terms of payload repository moderation - which is hindered due to labour - and it's a problem I expect to tackle next with a solution more complete than our current system.
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    I have a win 95 machine laying around gonna use the shell for mounting hardware (like a youtube project or soething) the ram is like 250Mb.
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    This is correct. @skinny, we recently changed the default filters and their logging behavior to avoid unwanted collateral 🙂
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    If you are attempting to add SSIDs to the pool, the filter needs to be set to 'Deny'. If set to 'Allow', only SSIDs with matching MAC Addresses will be allowed to connect, this would include adding the SSID pool. At least that's my understanding of how it should work. I have mine set to 'Deny' when gathering SSIDs for the pool which has been working fine. WiFi Pineapple Wiki
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    my guess would be to compartmentalize personal information for diversified cash flows.
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    Sure thing, I can see about adding that in the next version - nice suggestion!
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    Ettercap does work ln -s /usr/lib/libpcap.so /usr/lib/libpcap.so.1.3 #if this exists already ignore opkg update opkg install ettercap
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    A good idea? No. Never. Because if the "good guys" know about it and use it, the "bad guys" will too. And as the Snowden files clearly showed, the "good guys" are not good.
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    Not directly as a 'module' on the Nano / Tetra, unless you or someone created one. I believe you can ssh via terminal and use aircrack-ng or just use your computer. Personally, I'd use the computer > faster speeds (GPUs).