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    We were all there actually. You'll see us for a split second. We got to set up our entire defcon booth for the movie.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I've updated both kismet and kismet-remote. I've built them with the latest versions of libmicrohttpd on my SDK, when the Pineapples are using a much earlier version. I guess this is the reason for your error. I've now built them with the same versions in use on Chaos Calmer. So, should work like a charm 🙂 EDIT: Both kismet and kismet-remote works on my Tetra. But, it isn't factory set, so please report back any issues. :)
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    OK, please do not take the wrong way. But why would you take a tool on site that you had not vetted yet? While I agree the the PS is a good option for what your trying to do. While you are in the PS can you see the USB drive mounted? Have you tried a small capture without the drive inserted to verify the drive isn't causing some issue? When trying the firmware upgrade, is it connected locally to the laptop/desktop you are using? Have you tried a factory reset to clear everything?
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    The symptom does sound like a low power one. have you tried running from a 12V2A supply? to rule it out? EDIT - wait i see you mention you have tried on 12V2A supply and the same is happening... sorry i missed that. I would be inclined to to a firmware recovery making sure i use the special factory firmware file. If the issue is still persisting after that i would contact hak5 official support.
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    Hi Lazy 8, Running the WiFi Pineapple software on non-hak5 hardware goes against the EULA and Software License. Unfortunately we are unable to help you.
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    Netman, the super hero that defends your router against all kinds of malicious packets?
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    Cadence meaning the "rhythm" of the string being inputted? As in adding a random delay between each character being inputted? Just like someone typing? # Pseudocode for each char in string random delay (50, 300) # min, max in ms ducky(char) end
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    Infinite loops are a bad idea..even an infinite loop based on a variable is better. bRunning="1" while [ $bRunning -eq "1" ]; do # Do your jazz here if [ -f "file" ]; then bRunning="0" fi done # File exists; jazz complete
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    I'm pretty much the same as above, but would add OpenWRT to that. Embedded Linux isnt 100% the same as your usual OS and shows up on a surprising amount of modern routers and devices. For someone like me who has lots of small windows of time of 30 mins here an hour there i love em, most cases I can leave them up and running while busy and come back to em later. I usually still learn something new each day from something in the range even if its how NOT to do something 🙂 Its not just the devices tho, its the community and support that comes with it, there a lot of people here that do this stuff for a living and have so much knowledge and experience. Don't pester them and expect instant responses and you can worm out gems of info - ❤️ the community!
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    Im not in the computer security field (although I work in back-end server development), nor do I use it unethically. Like you though, I find comp sec. and networking very interesting so I bought the Packet Squirrel, LAN Turtle and Wifi Pineapple. I definitely recommend buying a pineapple for fun, its become a hobby of mine to deploy attacks, as well as demonstrate these attacks to friends of mine for fun.
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    while true; do echo "your code indented block here" echo "more code continued" done there is your infinite loop in bash.
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    Shannon was in the background.
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    Great, thank you! Looking forward to it 🙂 Also, thank you MB60803 for your approach, I'll take it into consideration!
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    Why not keep it simple and use a lte mifi spot or GSM modem and have the pineapple setup a reverse ssh pipe to a server online. That way you can connect to it from anywhere...
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    We'll be adding "typing speed" and even cadence to the firmware soon 🙂
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    Hello Everyone, Were creating an updated fork of the Rubber Ducky repo on github https://github.com/KCSEC/USB-Rubber-Ducky Toolkit changes so far * Updated Ducky-Flasher * Firmware version list & Infomation * KCSEC fodhelper UAC bypass to Meterpreter payloads (TwinDuck+TwinDuck Special 2) * KCSEC fodhelper UAC Bypass to Empire Launchers (TwinDuck+TwinDuck Special 2) In Development *Twin Ducky Specific Payloads for local exfiltration * 2018 working payload list for windows 10 - MimiKatz - KeyLogger * 2018 working payload list for windows 7 Want to request a payload idea ? Feel free to comment or post for any payload ideas
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    This was kinda funny lol, Goodluck @ImJustBadAtThings. 😄😀😂