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    The only problem with devices like the ones Hak5 sell is that you're expected to know what you're doing with them. They're aimed at professionals, yes some of the payloads and modules don't work but these aren't Hak5's remit, the Pineapple for example you bought the hardware and the firmware i.e. Pine AP & Recon Mode they work perfectly out of the box. Anything else is community developed and it's up to the developers to keep those up to date or it's up to you as a professional who knows what they're doing to get it working. What these products are NOT is plug and play hacking devices. There's no such thing. If there was a device that you could power up and pwn a network with it would be patched by the time it went into production / manufacturing. Hak5 tools are just that - TOOLS, you wouldn't buy a hammer and then get pissed because it didn't build you a house. The criteria is it's hard on the end and you can use it to hit things. 99.9% of Hak5's products do exactly that, yes Darren and the gang will show you some cool demos of payloads but these are only working at the time of the video tutorials etc. if things change in this industry (as they tend to do every minute of every hour of every day!) then they can't be expected to keep on top of that stuff with a one off product fee. They'd have to create a whole ecosystem and have some sort of reoccurring revenue to fund that kind of operation. Think about it logically from a business point of view and you'll see it's just not feasible. Yes some of the products don't always work quite so well with their basic features (See SD card woes and the Pineapple, IMO that should be worked on as a priority until its fixed because it's a product feature that should have been working when the product was released) but they're usually worked on and fixed shortly after release. Their base functionality is what you're buying. How you struggled with C2 cloud I've no idea. It's the easiest thing in the world to setup, execute it with -hostname -https and -db and it's just done, if you had problems I imagine they're due to things like nat loopback and you being local to your C2 server or your linux dist has apache installed by default and its snatched port 80 (so C2 wont start). But Hak5 can't teach you the fundamentals of networking and hosting your own web service etc. that's not their job. TL:DR Payloads and modules are not supported, warrantied or even guaranteed implied or otherwise by Hak5. They're third party bits of code and you can't get mad at Hak5 over them.
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