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In Topic: How To Run Anti-virus From Usb

30 May 2011 - 03:28 AM

Can you ask the question a little bit clearer?
What I got from all that, is that a friend installed an antivirus onto his pendrive, and it auto runs and removes virus when he inserts it.

However onn most newer machines now a days the autorun feature is enabled by default so that doesn't really work on newer operating systems.
But a majority of machines still use xp to this day, so I would suggest try it on a windows xp machine to see if your install works.

Here is a list of alternatives that you can try.

I myself use Avast and ClamWin when dealing with an infected computer.


1)Yaa u got it right
2)Some say its enable by default while some say its disabled by default.Well in my PC it was enabled by default & i hav disbaled it recently2avoid virus but it was enabled @the tym of trial.
3)Autorun feature isnt my prob here since my OS is XP & i can enable or disable it on my own accord.
4)u can see my reply post where i did provided further details2it. i.e. My link
5)yaa ur right many use xp till date & so do i as well as most of the ppl here.let me clear you wht i did last tym while installing it,okk.So here it is.1st i tried to download the same anti-virus file 4m the same source as the guy did but i think i left or missed something due2which it didnt worked,(actually i didnt knw in the 1st place tht this guy will b doing such stuff so i didnt saw properly which site he visited &wht he did).After tht i tried some anti-virus by installing in my flash drive but instead got installed in my C drive,thn i realised i hav done something wrong in doing it.tht's y i m asking u all ppl.
6)do these pendrive apps gets installed directly or is there anything2do before installing it?

In Topic: How To Run Anti-virus From Usb

29 May 2011 - 09:05 PM

What OS was he putting it into, because the Autorun feature does not work in newer Windows machines and the feature for it is disabled by default now. XP Machines, unless the setting is changed in the registry, should still run it. The reason is he probably has a custom U3 partition on there set to run the tool on insert. Similar to the switchblade/hacksaw payloads. (go to the USB hacks section of the forums)

A winPE install would be used for booting off it, not for autorun features.

1)He was using xp as OS for the PC(here in mumbai every home PC is mostly Windows esp xp.The rest r vista & win7 and in industries linux and mac is used).
2)Okk as far as auto run feature is concered,i can enable or disable it as per my needs in xp @least i dunno about vista or win7,if its possible thn i can do the same in those OS also.
3)I change the settings of autorun/autoplay by Win Services,i didnt knew it can be changed by registry.I would lyk2know 4m u,how 1 can change the same 4m registry.
4)Im just going through USB hack sections(which i earlier didnt saw)thnks for your suggestion.
5)Hmm...i dnt knw about U3 parition i hav2look into it.
6)There r some post related2USB,U3 partitioned,etc.If needed i will msg u.