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  2. The stuff controlling the mangment ap is hostapd and dnsmasq. hostapd is taking care of the AP stuff, and dnsmasq is responsible for dhcp. You should look towards editing the following config files, and change anything related to wlan0 to the interface you want to use: /var/run/hostapd-phy0.conf /etc/config/dhcp /etc/config/wireless But again, this should not be necessary. Both me and other people are able to use hcxdumptool over USB and over the management AP. There has to be some reason for it not loading properly. Please try testing the shorter command, and make sure NOTHING ELSE is using the interface for anything. Are you running the "C2 Client" on the Pineapple by any chance? You could also paste the output you get from running ps and logread on the Pineapple after you experience the issue.
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  4. kj the noob

    kj noob

    i just wanted to know where to start to get a basic understanding of simple white hat hacking and when i am learning this i want to be able to put it in practice so i can see how it all works and build off it and eventually 10 years down the line be able to write my own scripts, thank you for all of your time
  5. Thanks for the tips! Do you have a link to how to change the radio for the management ap? I'm not sure i'm going to try it but it would be nice to know. I actually ended up having wlan2 connect in client mode to my phone's hotspot and then connecting to the pineapple through that network instead of direct.
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  7. I have ordered two Bash Bunnies so far, and the only thing inside the red packet is 1x Bash Bunny along with a card and Hak5 logo stickers. Did they stop including the cable and the BB logo stickers in the package?
  8. Both WPA and WPA2 are both equally "crackable". First you get the handshake, then you crack it. I suggest watching the tutorials/guides made by Hak5 on youtube. Don't use a Pineapple for the cracking job, as that would MOST DEFINITELY not get cracked within our lifetime.
  9. You could use hostapd instead of airbase-ng.
  10. I suggest incorporating Kismet into whatever module you are developing, as it manages to detect attacks. Suck as deauth, and krack attacks. Could probably even get Kismet to communicate with the Pineapple through a custom plugin.
  11. You can find useful IPK's for the Pineapples in my repo. Aircrack-ng is also in there, among lot of other useful tools. 🙂 github.com/adde88/openwrt-useful-tools
  12. You should still be able to run this while connected to the managment AP (wlan0). One problem you might encounter while doing so is that hcxdumptool will attack the managment AP if you don't filter its MAC address , but that is not what's happening here. wlan1 should work either way. It is possible to get the managment AP to run on another interface, but it requires some tweaking. And shouldn't be necessary. Please also try to test running with fewer arguments. And one last tip, Don't run airmon-ng before. It's highly recommended to let hcxdumptool handle the interface itself. 🙂
  13. Hello, I presently own the mark v and was thinking about buying the nano. The only thing that makes me hesitate is that the device is 3 years old and I’m afraid a new version would be released anytime soon. Do someone know if a new pineapple WiFi is about to be sold? Best,
  14. I want to know if I can modify the serial number as well as the vid or pid of usb.
  15. yuan


    Hello fellas I searched the official website and wanted to contact you by phone, but only email. You may not be able to handle the mail in time, and will delay handling certain things.
  16. 加上运费总计450美元?
  17. @Just_a_User no, I understood what you meant, allow me to elaborate on what "I" meant. LOL I mean perhaps I need to install specific drivers for the pineapple hardware that my other machine has, perhaps even installed by some other package. Although I have thought of the hardware issue of my laptops also. I do agree, of course if it has to do with my laptop hardware then it certainly is my issue and not theirs. However, if it is a driver issue for the pineapple then the responsibility lies with them. Either way I'm cool because I have it working on my main hack box that goes everywhere with me. However, for those who have one computer and one computer only they intended to use it with and this crap happens...I truly feel for them. Plus, I should be able to use this, theoretically, with any of my LINUX systems here. So bottom line is I honestly am not trying to place any blame, I just want it figured out. I will be doing a hardware comparison between the two laptops soon and will offer results here if I figure anything out. Works great on my Nokia Android, works great with my Lenova...stalls on my Dell. I noticed the wp6.sh script has changed since I got this pineapple too. I preferred the older script of wp6.sh, i like the fact it showed if it connected at the end and offered the link. I may add that part back myself to my script. hahahaha Anyway, thanks very much for the input and interest, I am very stubborn and am determined to figure this issue out for me and everyone else with this issue if I possibly can. 😃
  18. I think maybe you misunderstood me. I was referring to the fact that if its working on one machine and not another (and the machines have different hardware) while using the same OS its drivers that's the biggest difference. For example a USB3 HUB driver. Either way it's not really up to Hak5 to provide drivers for hardware that isn't theirs.
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  20. @Just_a_User - I too have wondered if it is a driver that needs installing, but if it is the Hak5 team should have this figured out and these drivers available for download. About to rip into the wp6 bash script file and see what is what. May end up writing my own script for Parrot, but the lenova works fine with the same Parrot Security OS. I will offer my results if I find anything good for everyone.
  21. @Spectre32787 - Oh ok, then yes that is correct. I have the exact same OS, setup, same tools, etc on two laptops...a Dell and a Lenova. The lenova it worked right out of the box, the Dell it just refuses to connect to the pineapple. I sit here staring at a stalled browser page, never connects. So far I haven't really received any support. Love the Hak5 tools and videos but their support is lacking sadly for their equipment. I have even wondered if there are perhaps some drivers I need to install that are missing... Can someone, anyone from Hak5 help us with this issue? We have all spent good hard earned money to buy these things and we just want some help to get it working.
  22. Clients are able to select the Tetra's SSID and connect. I can see them listed in the 'Client' tab section. The Tetra can go out to the internet which I checked by updating the Bulletins. But when the client is connected to the Tetra's wireless, they cannot go out to the internet. I hope I am just missing one step by checking a configuration box or something that simple. Any ideas??
  23. This is how I got mine to work... The Tetra is getting power from the AC adapter and is connected to my laptop via USB cables. When I run the script, I select [M]anual Setup. It's very much like the Guided in where it will ask you which interface is your Pineapple, which interface is your computer, and enter in your default gateway, which would be your computer's gateway, not the Tetra. In your case... Then I select [C]onnect using saved settings. I get the dots as if the Tetra is trying to connect. After a few dots, I'll unplug the USB cable from the Tetra and then plug it back in. This method works for me.
  24. I pulled out my Tetra to do some wireless testing of my network however the newest firmware is 2.5.4 and the update function on the web UI doesn't work. I SSH'd into the device and can ping IP's fine, inside and out. Any DNS resolution fails but i have an IP from DHCP and the DNS is already setup for Google DNS via the config. Is there anything i can check or try to get the WAN connections via DNS working again? I want to update my Tetra but the DNS resolution is an issue for the firmware update and the mac lookup functions.
  25. Thank you for this post!! I was having issues too but did not know that BOTH MAC and SSID filters needed to be filled out. But now that I have a phone connected to the Pineapple... I can't seem to get the phone to access the internet. Even though the Pineapple can get out to the internet.
  26. Also, do you use Siri? Dictation? location services? snapchap/instigram/facebook? Questionable apps by developers named 天安门广场? what about your background app refreshing allowances? VPN? microphone or camera rules? They all come into play with things like this. If you’ve got anything less than an 8+; you can hold your power button until the ‘turn off’ slider shows up. Then hold your home button to flush the ram. I’ve also heard if you hold Volume up and home button during boot, it forces the phone to cycle through important bits. That last one could be total hoohah picked up from jailbreaking info but..
  27. The WLAN2 is your usb dongle in the female usb port. Is it new or used/possibly broken? If it’s a good dongle, rescan a few times. If your scanning is in between an access point beacon timing you’ll miss it. If nothing comes up (even when right next to the AP), your dongle might be shite. Or the port might be shite. Or the whole thing might be shi.. Doubt it though. Work your way down the chain ‘o failure to see what could be gumming up your process.
  28. So I tested again when I got home and found that it does work as intended when I connect to the Pineapple over USB, but I get the error above when I'm connected to the management AP., which I supposed makes some sense. Ideally I would like to be able to run this attack while connected to the pineapple over the management AP instead of over USB. By any chance do you know it is possible to move the management AP to the usb wireless adapter (wlan2)? Oh and since you asked for version: root@Pineapple:~# opkg info hcxdumptool Package: hcxdumptool Version: 5.1.5-5 Depends: libc, libpcap Status: install user installed Architecture: ar71xx Installed-Time: 1561127172
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