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  2. my new tetra will not see all wifi networks in the area,i run it once and it works like a charm and i run it again and it doesn’t work at all. the pineapple also will not capture handshakes and does not deauth the appropriate AP that i select. im running this off of AC power and am connected via USB.
  3. Please, I need a help with crunch This is the command I am using and I need a help to improve crunch 8 12 0123456789 | aircrack-ng virginiawpa2-01.cap -w - -e virginia I am trying to crack my own WiFi for training purpose . WFi with WPA2 need to be set with 8 char minimum and the command I am using start from 0 ( ex: 00000001, 00000002, 00000003...) I wish to set crunch to start from 10000000 (ex: 100000001, 10000002, 10000003...) How I can do this ? And how I set the crunch to stop when aircrack automatic when found the key ? In my tests aircrack continue to search key even if pass the exact wifi password and when I hit control C aircrack show " Found Key and show me pass) but only when I stop the search and not automatic when he found the key Thanks a lot in advance for any help PS: Sorry for my poor English :)
  4. By the way, you don't have to have an internet connection, sometimes people don't even care they just think the signal strength is poor so they go on about their day. In this scenario you are just trying to get access to the device itself, while it is in their back pocket 🙂 just be careful you could catch a sexual assault case 🙂 and a lot of times their device is going to connect to you if you are sending those beacons out, I have found that most connected clients are not doing anything at all, their phone is just charging or sitting on the counter. I think their should be more development in this area as phones are taking over desktops, I was recently at a hotel where there were well over 70 clients connected, some could be other devices but there was only 3 laptops on the network and those could be the hotel computers for all I knew. Even my friends look at me funny when I say I have a desktop 😮
  5. I agree. I use metropcs pay by the month with unlimited data, there is the catch, be careful not to do what I did and buy one of those stupid hot spot gadgets, you only have a certain amount of data and when it runs out it's game over, that is important because clients connected may be streaming video and that will eat you up in no time at all. You may even get a free phone, they are always running specials, not the best carrier but it works for me.Then again I am in the Atlanta metro area and signals are not an issue here, yours may vary. You could target a wifi hot spot, a lot of the big box stores have free wifi, once you throw up that beacon should be no issue having clients connect to you. This is the free approach.
  6. Yes it can. I use a regular ol' power bank. A cheap one. I did buy an imuto the other day as my current one only powers for 4 hrs. You could also try the adapter in your car, I have not tried this yet though I have also found some usb hubs don't work well. It also causes problems on my Kali laptop, seems the laptop can't power but so many devices so I switched to a phone config for true mobile use.
  7. Did you ever receive an answer?
  8. A little but there a lot of issues with cookies and privacy. Easy for big brother to track you back just by your browsing history. If you are using a phone make sure your accounts do not automatically connect otherwise your info will leak before the VPN even connects. Usa a VPN that does not log your sessions.
  9. Yes, it will, your traffic go to VPN server and back so public wifi can't track or read it
  10. I recommend you Private Internet Access VPN or Private tunnel VPN But don't think just because you have VPN you safe in internet
  11. Starcraft 2 is 10 years old game and people still play it I saw today WSG final, ZvZ, Serral and Reynor, game still looks great
  12. Heroes of might and magic 3 is my favorite of all time on pc and android Aslo Max Payne and sometimes i play chess with my friends
  13. gaming laptop? forget about it no such thing as a gamin laptop, only pc with normal graphics cards (not amd) and CP
  14. Windows 10 is full of spying soft, first thing you need to do is turn off all these shit and updates.
  15. whole day, maybe when i will be at my 30's my ass be in agonizing pain from all this sitting in front of the screen i know some people at age of 32 who talk about doctors and diseases all the times, don't wanna be like them
  16. i don't know about super saiyan powers, but vegan food is actually pretty good, no bulshitt i was recently in vegan cafe, order a vegan lasagna, they cook it for hour or so, lasagna was from vegetables and really tasty and coz they cook it so long they give me free vegan cake, thanks to them
  17. Your list look good, from the side you look like total paranoic, i recommend you to check out messenger Utopia at beta.u.is, new secured soft from paranoics like you and me
  18. if data is important for you here is the tutorial for resetting windows 10 password this is an updated method if you you’re on updated version of windows 10 then replacing utilman.exe or sethc.exe won’t work because windows defender see them as dangerous and block them so you have to disable windows defender watch the tutorial and you’ll definitely crack your windows 10 password thanks me later. language is hindi but if you follow the steps you'll definitelycrack your windows 10 password video link :https://youtu.be/r-V0H7h8Y6w
  19. I appear to have found one possible solution: WiFi Client Mode# The WiFi Pineapple may obtain an Internet connection from a nearby access point, such as a traditional wireless router as well as personal hotspots and WiFi tethering from smartphones. While achievable throughput may not be as high as with traditional wired, shared or tethered configurations - WiFi Client Mode provides significant convenience for many deployments. To begin, first note that while the WiFi Pineapple includes two radios (wlan0 and wlan1), they are both required for PineAP operation. If the second radio (wlan1) is used for Client Mode, PineAP functions may not be used. For this reason the auditor is advised to use an external USB WiFi adapter with a compatible chipset. Compatible chipsets include RaLink RT2800 devices, as well as some Atheros and RealTek devices. Wireless adapters from HakShop.com are certified to work with the WiFi Pineapple. To enable WiFi Client Mode, navigate to the Networking section of the web interface. From the WiFi Client Mode heading, select the desired interface. When using external USB WiFi adapters, these will be listed as wlan2 and greater. With the preferred adapter selected, click Scan to perform a site survey of nearby access points. When the scan completes, a list of Access Points will be available from a drop-down menu. Selecting an Access Point will display additional information about the base station, such as BSSID, SSID, channel, signal strength, quality and security. WPA protected Access Points will require a password. With the Access Point selected, and a WPA key entered if required, click Connect. This will instruct the WiFi Pineapple to attempt to associate with the selected network and obtain an IP address from DHCP. Clicking Refresh will identify the WiFi Pineapple IP address on the target network. Once configured for WiFi Client Mode, the WiFi Pineapple will attempt to connect to the desired Access Point after each boot. To disconnect and prevent subsequent connections at boot, click the Disconnect button from the WiFi Client Mode section of the Networking page in the web interface.
  20. Straight out of the box my Wifi tetra pineapple won't connect to either linux mint, kali, android or win 10. I have tried putting in the power cable aswell as usb, different ports and the result is still always the same it just keep looping trying to connect and just says disconnected. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong? Because I have tried to contact support like 5 times now and only got one response asking for further info and then they don't reply to me. Any help much appreciated.
  21. Hi Guys, I am looking to connect the Nano to an independent power supply. 1. Can this be done? 2. Which Power Source is best for doing the above? Thank you as always for your advice and guidance.
  22. Hi guys, The interface on the Nano in the networking section only permits me to select Wlan1mon (no other options). A clear message shown below that selection states; NOTE: Choosing wlan1 will interfere with PineAP. I scan and complete the password, and check that I have connection via the Dashboard. The second I activate the PineAP it boots me off the internet. I have tried cable as well as wifi and the same thing happens. I am running the latest firmware. Any advice and (idiots) guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance of your assistance.
  23. Did you get a response? If they don't comply we should report? https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.en.html#ReportingViolation
  24. BRO.. THANK YOU SO D@MN MUCH .. after 3 days, crazy resets, I have done it all, followed everything on this thread , AND YOU MEAN TO TELL ME ALL IT TOOK WAS A MALE TO FEMALE USB CABLE THAT FIXED IT?!?!?! jeez, I was about to give up man, you are the truth!!
  25. Someone on here posted they used a usb extension and it worked. So I tried a mail to female usb cable and plugged the flash drive in that and WHOA!!!! IT WORKED!! I have tried it all, every page here and you mean to tell me that was all it was? HOW???? Come on Darren, brother I got nothing but love for ya but jeez 🙂 My hookup, I think it may help somehow.. LG Stylo 4 , I sometimes use my desktop and my Kali laptop but seems this is the best config for me as it is mobile. in to the cellphone is the c-type to usb, commonly comes with phone, that then goes in to the hub along with the usb male to female and the thumb drive plugged in to that, the thumb drive is a 16gb verbatim black usb stick, bought at microcenter. This worked on a freshly reset pineapple nano, I am able to install dependencies and modules to the drive. The setup is not as discreet as I would like it so I bought a small camera bag from, yes you guessed it microcenter. No I am not getting paid I just think Frys and microcenter are the best! Here in Atlanta anyways. Pretty much it for that, 3 days, late nights, over $100 spent on cables, hubs and usb sticks, you know where I bought em 🙂 and was about to smash this nano to well, nano 🙂
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  27. Found the comment: https://forums.hak5.org/topic/41570-how-can-you-even-be-inconspicuous-with-the-tetra/?do=findComment&comment=295410
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