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  2. LOL it's a joke really. it didn't take long at all. I took the **most** basic, hello world script that I could find and replaced what gets typed into notepad, to ask the person to please just email all their loot.
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  4. hah I need script who run my backdoor.exe from switch1/2 but I cant find that easy script anywhere,somebody can help me? Hershell_MacLinuxWindows_ReverseShell dont work idk whats is wrong with that. Another scripts its example D&E but I want run downloaded backdoor. Thanks
  5. This isn't an unknown problem, I've announced it in one of the (many) other threads about this issue, but I will state again: Hak5 do not write the community modules for the WiFi Pineapple platform. The responsibility to update them is with the module owner, but we usually will try to maintain compatibility if they break due to an update, as I have done for most of the modules by generating the packages they need. The packages that these modules rely on used to be in the OpenWRT repos - they are not anymore. I will continue to try and build the necessary packages when we can, but as these are not official Hak5 modules that ship with the firmware, there is no guarantee when they'll be available.
  6. Hi, sorry for the delay, I had some time today to try this again. No go. I formatted the sdcard, put it in the Nano and it does not detect it. It is crazy how hard it is to use it with a mac.
  7. Hello TheShidoshi!!! Me too!!!!!!!!!!! many week searching on a videos for scripts, tutorials and demos for running RubberDucky I doubt if he says to do what he does .. Good Luck
  8. Download Now | SQLI Handbook 2019 [Red Hat Edition] Book Cover All Publishing Rights Reserved Gaza Hacker Team 2019/2020 Ahmed El Melegy [ BlackRose ] – GHI Leader Once you have this book you will put your foot on the real professional ladder full of knowledge and power in professional ways like no other You will become an expert in injecting databases of all kinds with all the necessary tactics and methods that will help you overcome the biggest difficulties and obstacles You will have twelve years' experience with this book at your fingertips Red Hat Edition Red Hat -He has the knowledge of [Ethical Cyber Security] and the experience of [Black Hacker] so all information in this book belong to this kind of knowledge and experience About The Book Once you have this book you will put your foot on the real professional ladder full of knowledge and power in professional ways like no other You will become an expert in injecting databases of all kinds with all the necessary tactics and methods that will help you overcome the biggest difficulties and obstacles You will have twelve years’ experience with this book at your fingertips Red Hat Edition Red Hat -He has the knowledge of [Ethical Cyber Security] and the experience of [Black Hacker] so all information in this book belong to this kind of knowledge and experience English Edition 258 Page 29,910 Words 196,113 Characters The Book and indexes The First Chapter [ Security and Knowledge ] will deal with many subject divided into sections as following In Section Zero we will discuss together the answer to this question : • Who are you and What are your tendencies | Hacker or Ethical Hacker? 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  10. I don't see any. We have a few different wifi networks with various Macs, Windows, Android, and IOS devices and nothing shows up. Maybe I'll take it home and see if I get the same results. I didn't have it connected to the internet. But that didn't seem to make a difference.
  11. Hello Community, Staff: If i'm not in right section sorry and could you move it please Just few words about wi-fi .... Smartphones, tablets, laptops, raspberry pi's,arduino's,consoles, etc ..., many devices around us emit wifi. But when we analyze datas (frames) issued by all these devices, we realize that they are constantly seeking the access points(ISP box) on which they were connected, this is what the we call "Probe Requests". If you have already connected to the wifi of a mcdonald,a supermarket or in a friend's home, you will notice that each time you are near a network to which you have already been connected, and that your wifi is activated, your device will automatically connect to it without asking for a security key again. The probe requests issued by your device are automatically recognized by the access point, so you are automatically connected! Interesting so far ... and ?? And if we could get all its probe requests in real time, classify them by mac address, identify the device that emits them and even observe the power of the device to get an idea of the distance to which it is located from ourself.. and all with a device holding in your pocket !! It would be great indeed ... We could know which device connected to where, so we would have crucial information about our target, such as where she lives, what other places she connected to (hotel, coffee-shop,etc ..) and all with a lightning precision up to its exact address with a live view with street view! Prerequisites: 1 Android device / Smartphone or tablet An internet connection: 3G / 4G or WiFi 1 Micro-USB cable 1 OTG adapter Wifi of device you want to track must be activated. THAT'S ALL! For these investigations i built 2 android apps. Respectively called "AP Sniffer" and "AP Tracker". Where "AP" is Access Point. We need also a piece of cheap hardware to get the job done,a NodeMCU v3.0 module is your guy! Some arduino code to sniff and display results with AP Sniffer app. We need to connect our module with an OTG adapter as in the following image: Once plugged in,we launch the AP Sniffer app. As soon as the connection is made with your module this one will immediately sniff all the devices around you, identify them in real time thanks to their addresses mac (Apple, Samsung, etc ..), determine the power of the signal emitted and especially what are all the access points to which they have already been connected! Let's see this in detail: RSSI: Power of the signal emitted by the devices around you. Measuring in dBm, the more you climb to the -90 plus the device in question is far. Conversely, the lower you get to -50 dBm, the closer the device will be to you. To give you an idea, if the box of your home is in the room next to where you are, you will average -60 dBm. The dBm is an abbreviation of the power ratio in decibels (dB) between the measured power and a milliwatt (mW). DEVICES: You guessed it, these are the devices that surround us. Note that sometimes there may be some latency to appear devices, because the module must first wait for the probe requests so that the application can make a lookup in a text file internally. An up-to-date list of more than 23,000 manufacturers to determine which mac address matches which manufacturer. Also note that some devices issue probe requests every X minutes depending on the model ... Sometimes it can take several minutes to get all the probe requests around you! Each device is different!! You must also take into account the limit of the wifi antenna of your module! If we gain in discretion by the size of the module, we lose in signal range, do not expect to recover all the probe requests of a whole street without moving, be realistic! ACCESS POINTS: As its name implies, it is all access points to which all devices have already connected at least once. These famous probe requests transformed here into mac addresses! You can see how easy it is to see all the requests made by the devices around us. And ?? It's fine but what we do with these mac addresses ?? How do I know where the guy lives with his samsung near me ?? All sweet we come. Now you know which device you want to track, you just have to open our second app AP Tracker. Once started you just have to type the chosen mac address and press Track! I let you observe the impressive result! Now you know the exact address from where this device were connected at least one time! In addition you will have a live view with street view API and GPS coordinates! You are able to track all the probe requests of all the devices that your module will have sniffed ... you now understand the dangers... We reach the end of this story,hoping it will be useful for your own security. Cheers!
  12. What's the best pace to have secure and reliable DDoS protection service? I have found a lot of positive reviews of ddos-guard [dot] net, are they as good as they are spoken about?
  13. hey guys thank you all very much for the pointers i will work my way through the sites along with my training
  14. Hi I’ve been looking at the proxmark3 easy, mostly on flea bay...eBay 😁 Has anyone on here had any experience with the Proxmark clones? Any good?
  15. @Bob123 I can't really say much on the bash bunny side of things as I haven't used them much recently. Payloads should remain functional through firmware versions as long as a dependency or syntax change doesn't occurs, but it is possible for firmware updates to cause the issue if so. One common issue I have seen with the bash bunny payloads is users not configuring them correctly or they payload not be compatible to work on the user target system. Depending on the configuration of the target system a payload may not work at all. For example, some payloads can be blocked by admin settings on for say a Windows 10 system. This is a long debated topic. I think it really goes both ways depending on the situation. If you have a direct need from a system and have it working the way you want, don't risk updating unless you are for sure the update is confirmed working or you have a reason to update. But on the other side, if a system is used in general it is best practice to update for improvements and patches you may be unaware of. I'm sure this could be debated for days but when it comes down to it, do whats best for you and your needs.
  16. Whats your experience with CAD software? I know Fusion 360 does not meet two of your four requirements (It is cloud based but can be cached offline, it is free - not open source) but it is very easy to use and a lot of documentation online to help you learn if you are new to CAD. Not the best software if you want to edit STLs but great if you want to design then export STLs for printing. FreeCAD is a good option as well but it is better suited for someone with some CAD experience or if a beginner plan to do a lot of reading/videos to learn. It has a ton of features and addons that make it very versatile but just not always the easiest to use. OpenSCAD is another option but it is different from what some users know as CAD software as it is a programming style software. It has some advantages like once a design program is written it can have editable parameters so others can easily change the design with just a few value changes. There are other options as well but really comes down to desired features and your background in CAD software.
  17. The module does not work with the latest firmware, yet. I haven't had much time to work on it. But it's coming. However, the hostapd-mana package does work, so if you're experienced with using hostapd-mana, you can use it manually in the terminal.
  18. Thanks for info. Didn't look at the github for that module but when tested it the module will install but not the dependencies.
  19. @Zylla, Hello! ManaToolkit can not install yet. Please, tell me, when you update dependencies?
  20. Rkiver


    Which phone? Which OS? Which OS version? I'd suggest googling your make, model, OS version and then "non pc root".
  21. Bwag88


    Does anyone know how to back into the root of a smart phone without having use a pc?
  22. Hi, you can try repairing the USB Root Hub. here are the detail steps, hope can help you. Step1: Press Win+R and type devmgmt.msc and then open Device manager of your computer system. Step2: Look for “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” and click on it to expand the list. Step3: Now, search for “USB Root Hub” option and right click on it to select the properties. Step4: After this, open “Power Management” option to uncheck the option “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and press “OK”. And I think you can download the Bitwar data recovery on your PC in advance to avoid data loss. Good luck
  23. Last weekend I've been looking for more info on CAD-software to design a case/enclosure for multiple dongles with a Raspberry Pi. I've seen dozens of possibilities, but have no idea which tool to choose. This is what I am looking for; - Software to design enclosures for PCB's - Preferably free/open-source - Not cloud based - For use with an Ultimaker printer (compatible file types: STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG) Hopefully someone has any tips about good software to use for creating enclosures for various types of hardware. Looking forward to hearing the experiences in using different CAD-software and recommendations. What software does Hak5 uses to create the enclosures for the different products for sale? Thanks!
  24. Just remove screw back your Lan Turtle & see socket for expand micro SD slot. sry for english
  25. urlsnarf not working with 2.6.0 even if in github quotes "upgrade to 2.6.0"
  26. Last week
  27. Would the same be true with quickcreds and openvpn modules on the bash bunny and lan turtle? I tried to help others months ago and their brand new bash bunny and lan turtle wouldn't work yet mine seemed to work right from the get go. These are older modules and I guess I don't remember having issues back in the day when they were first popular but my firmware is also several revisions older than what's out there now. And I never did find out if it was a firmware issue or and update to the linux software. I've noticed a lot of people doing software updates on their devices "apt-get" and I'm curious why that would ever been necessary. Apt-get one piece of software sure but apt-get upgrade just to do it??? Why?
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