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  2. @WV09 - That's strange. It works for me on my latest updated Windows 10 install. Do you have another computer that you can test this on? I unfortunatly do not. I will work on both the payload.txt and the s.ps1 . I will try to see if I can get it to use a username and password, and then I will report back with the results.
  3. For those interested in running PineAP from the command line, there's a helpful article in the documentation center at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360026679754-Working-with-PineAP-from-the-CLI
  4. Have been digging a bit more and once you enable unauthenticated guest access (see link, only works on pro and enterprise) I still could not get it to work. http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/21016/~/share-access-failure---organization-policies-block-unauthenticated-guest-access#subject1 I can see the file share now but the powershell on the file share is not getting triggered. Manually triggering the powershell on the file share works and the files are copied and the light goes green.
  5. Any update Phisch ? I am in the same boat, dusted mine off, followed all the instructions and facing the same issue 😞
  6. ...block unencrypted USB or block USB storage media completely but this would by pass that. Also many have IDS/IPS so exfil through ftp would also be blocked or detected.
  7. A quick google confirmed that Microsoft have indeed blocked unauthended/guest on the latest version of Windows 10. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4046019/guest-access-in-smb2-disabled-by-default-in-windows-10-and-windows-ser Would it be possible to setup an authenticated share some instead? I will be honest I only got my BB the other day so I am new to the whole thing. The reason I am wanting to get the SMB exfil working is that a lot of enterprise environments block
  8. Many thanks, I downloaded the payload but now it sticks on a light turquoise colour instead of blue. But the SMB ver 2 go me thinking, I am sure Win 10 latest version blocks unauthenticated shares by default. So I tried to navigate to the file share and I get the above message.
  9. @WV09 - Try my modified version. It works correctly on both Bash Bunnies I own. I also added SMB ver. 2 support as well as slightly changed the LED pattern to suite my tastes. I even added extra file types in the s.ps1 file and I can share those if you'd like. πŸ™‚ https://github.com/jblk01/bashbunny-payloads/blob/master/payloads/library/exfiltration/smb_exfiltrator/payload.txt
  10. This isn't the reason why (I also haven't seen anyone talking about this?). It's because PineAP is not running. If you insist on using it over the command line, then start it with the init script. /etc/init.d/pineapd start Do not edit the configuration file manually. Expect things to break if you're going to. This is also wrong. The correct interface is wlan1mon - that isn't a mistake on our part. You need to put wlan1 into monitor mode, and using the init script I described above will do this for you. Using br-lan or any wlan0 interfaces will break a lot of other stuff, especially the Access Points. "logread" (the System log in the UI) would have told you why PineAP is not running.
  11. That doesnt help. No one posted anything on that forum, there are no answers.(whenever I clicked the link you sent only the homepage for the hak5 forum popped up) There are many people with the same problem. There is a problem with the newest installment because it’s the same problem on multiple computers (that have windows 10).
  12. https://forums.hak5.org/topic/28600-do-not-post-wifi-pineapple-related-questions-here/
  13. Bro, it would take a minute to list all the cards and setups, I have tried on all but one and that is my project today. I just got back from microcenter where I bought a Scandisk cruzer 128g sd and no worki!!!! I have tried on winders, Kali Linux, my phone (best method for pineapple btw) and today I am building a raspberry pi tablet, I got the case and screen from microcenter as I already have the pi 3 B+. I will be using the arm kali linux. Then I will test a theory I have involving the pineapple. In my own test environment on my personal network. There are so many ways to use the pineapple's power. I don't really need the sdcard but who knows maybe one day I might. I just don't like being defeated by a technical issue 😞
  14. I used these two videos in the setup for the pineapple nano. I cannot load any modules and i cannot load anything under the bulletin button. (For Windows 10). (I think its a bug in the new installation, because the nano isn't working on any of my computers). If you can help please let me know. Thank you,
  15. I am also having the same issue. I updated my Bash Bunny the latest firmware and placed impacket from the stick link on the forum. After that I unplugged and plugged the BB back in on arming mode to install impacket and the unplugged and switched it to switch 1 and I can see it load the drivers for Ethernet and also open up RUN along with a powershell window that closes very fast. It that just flashes blue and I have even left it for 5 minutes just in case something needed to load. I have used the USB exfiltration and so I know the test files should copy and are the right file format. When I check the loot I see the smb folder but it is empty. Also during the blue blinking light of the attack I did a netstat and I could not see a connection to
  16. we all know microsoft is obviously the most popular with the public... i heard of this cool now thing called ms-dos, im installing it now. its supposed to be powerful and innovative!
  17. That will cure you from ever using a computer again!
  18. the US first amendment only applies to the US government anyway... all it means is that no one can shut you up irl... not online
  19. let me just start off by telling you that wikihow and the like are sometimes full of crap so dont rely on them... i would highly reccomend using wifite 2 as @Bigbiz said. you can install it with apt sudo apt-get install wifite then you may need to install bully pyrit hxcdumptool hcxpcaptool macchanger foe macchanger its sudo apt-get install macchanger the rest are "git-clone" and it will instruct you.... or all this could be done as i forgot you said you use kali... woops oh well ill post this anyway.. have a nice day/night and good luck with it Also if you are looking to crack passwords on wpa2 i can help with that too
  20. To some extent I disagree with comments such as: "...if you don't know what tools to use then you shouldn't even try." One will never learn what tools to use or how to do it properly unless one gets their hands dirty just doing it. We learn from mistakes. However, that being said, since one may be new at this, and not know exactly how to do it safely and properly, one should set up a safe sandbox environment/lab to practice said skills.
  21. if youd like help... contact systap7 on wickr me ... install the app and make a free account.. no email required
  22. What kind of problems are you facing with your USB wifi adapters? From what I understand, even though a wifi adapter is listed on a website as working (being capable of managed & monitor modes and packet injection) there is no guarantee that the adapter you have will contain the same chipset as of the writing of said list. Manufacturer's often change chipsets so it can be a bit of a gamble as to whether or not you'll get something that "works." I have a small Panda PAUO5 that was said to no longer be capable of packet injection due to the manufacturer changing chipsets. However, when I got it, it worked great! Then I found an old Edimax dongle floating around in the back of a desk drawer. It worked great, even for packet injection, albeit with a very limited range.
  23. lol wth is that profile pic... i looked and nearly spat coffee everywhere lol... scared the sh1t out of me looks like a butthole whit worms crawling out of it
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