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  2. Found the comment: https://forums.hak5.org/topic/41570-how-can-you-even-be-inconspicuous-with-the-tetra/?do=findComment&comment=295410
  3. yes, I get 4ish hours on my nano from a 5000mah battery
  4. b0N3z

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    That would be great
  5. These are what I bought 2dbi sma antenna you have to select SMA (NOT RP-SMA)
  6. This is not paid support its community support and as long as you try to look your self on something like google or if your old school check yahoo. If your asking about a problem or concern keep it in the category it belongs in. Double posting the same thing usually wont get you any where any quicker. To you question..... you dont need to upated to 2.6.2. The bunny firmware 1.6 includes ruby 2.3.3 which will work with jackalope payload.
  7. just make sure they’re dual band for the tetra action. There’s a guy on here who used either a gopro or drone (I can’t remember exactly) case with these bad ass little nubby antennas. I’ll see f I can find the thread.
  8. I would like to try several different combinations that I have created using Crunch against a program in Windows. I was hoping to do this with a rubber ducky but I don't think they are able to emulate mouse movement and clicking, which is necessary for what I need. After entering a combination from a wordlist I have to click a gui button in a fixed position which is not selectable with keyboard shortcuts like tab, and loop through the process again. Any thoughts where I should start with this? Why is it that the ducky cannot be a mouse as well? Thank you!
  9. You can get stubby antennas for it on ebay or some other website. I got 4 2dbi antenna for mine and it is very small. lack some range with them compared to the stock antenna
  10. Your best tool for security is yourself...
  11. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04559742
  12. Operating radio equipment without a load (antenna) will damage the radios over time, as well as significantly affect the range. I'd suggest using an SMA extension like this instead.
  13. Hello there, I was thinking about putting my wifi pineapple in my backpack and using it in the go. However two antennas always look out of the bag and that's kinda stupid and gets me unwanted attention. My question now is if it it possible to remove 2 of the antennas and using the wifi pineapple with the other two remaining ones so they don't stick out. I know that for some router you have to leave the antennas connected because otherwise it damages the device but maybe it's different for the wifi pineapple? If not I'll probably end up buying a WiFi pineapple nano.
  14. ok, cant remember what i have done :-) copy the file to the / of the bunny and save reject it?
  15. If a client from a particular SSID has been deauth'ed, and you want them to reconnect to your pineapple AP, in an area where there are lots of other APs, will the clients only connect (as a first preference) to the AP with the strongest signal? if my Pineapple AP has a weaker signal that other surrounding APs, how can I force the client to connect to my pineapple AP? thanks
  16. the Recon page of the web interface does not work on many browsers especially in older smartphones. is it a bug?
  17. This is a problem i don't think they are going to fix. I've had my pineapple nano tactical for only a couple months. With the latest firmware it still won't recognize the SD card. It also wont let me install any modules without a card.
  18. Last week
  19. Just download the latest version version Here. And do the same as the beta.
  20. MESSENGER: signal OS: Parrotsec (all apps sandboxed & disc full encryption) MAIL: protonmail & mailbox.org CHAT: pidgin & revolt VPN: own OpenvpnAS PHONE-OS: LineageOS did I forgot something?
  21. Hi, how to update from 1.6beta (1.6.364) to stable 1.6?
  22. Exmix

    Multiboot USB?

    So, what software do you guys use for making a Bootable USBwith multiple distros on it? I've been using Yumi but I can't tell if it's the USB I'm using or what but I load it up with some Distros but not all of them show most the time. So I'm curious what alternatives there are.
  23. pay as you go would be cheaper on the long run. Plus you would be able to work off the phone as well. Desicated APs can be costly, are often slow and it’s one more thing to carry as you’d want a phone to work with. Purely my opinions though.
  24. Last month I smoked a Dlink DSR 500 router. The Tetra has a resettle fuse, if it had a real one maybe it would have survived and I would only have to change the fuse. I am actually pretty sure I will be ok. Anyway I put red tape on all my POE 48vdc supplies. Thanks for your sympathy.
  25. Ouch, I chuckled a bit because I’ve done something similar, twice actually. Once to a tetra actually (it wasn’t as bad yours, no smoke but I could only power it via usb. Eventually sold it on ebay) and also a hdmi recorder. I now write in white china marker to which device the plug goes to. Fingers crossed for you.
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