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  2. Cap_Sig

    Product buyback?

    It's understandable how recent issues caused by the firmware updates would make someone feel like that is a reasonable idea. But in practice it is not. As for the issue with the wifi pineapple, it is not really at the fault of Hak5. As discussed by @Foxtrot, other users, and myself the problem is community modules that are in need of updates to be compatible with 2.6.x firmware. These modules are made by third party users and must be maintained by them to continue working over time as firmware updates are released. As for some of the newer devices you can expect some issues as bugs are being worked out of the firmware/payloads. Community (third party) modules and payloads are not part of what you are buying but should be viewed as bonus of owning the device. On the business side of things it would be a very messy process for practice and books. It is not fair to users paying new price to receive refurbished products. Then the problem of how much to pay to satisfy the previous owner as well as handling shipping of devices back. And when it comes to the books, I feel sorry for the person that has to keep it all square. The simple answer is someone not wanting to own the device anymore should sell it privately. Some of this is just my opinion. The best thing moving forward is an active community to further the functionality of devices!
  3. hoo thanx you, i will test that 😉
  4. Glad to hear it is working again 👍
  5. i'm brazilian and i'm wanting to go deep weeb through tor and the college network blocks could someone help me? thank you very much thank you
  6. If so why not just use wireshark and look for the traffic from TeamViewer?
  7. Just depends on the module. Take a look here for status of modules on 2.6.x firmware: If the module is not working yet you can do a firmware recovery which takes you to version 2.4.2 and give that a try. Can also follow that with a manual upgrade to 2.5.4 as well. Hope this helps.
  8. As soon as it is released I will give it a try. Thanks for all the work on the module.
  9. Louie_Cypher


    recently picked up a lighting adapter which basically gives you a usb port to pads and iPhones does any one have any experience using hack 5 products with this. currently experimenting with rubber ducky bash bunny and other product hope to ad some new much needed apple payloads wish me luck -louie
  10. Hello, I just received my LAN Turtle and am extremely happy with it. It is a great device and I am very happy with it thus far, except it is slow as all hell. The prime example is that when I go to ModuleManager's config and select directory, as in to download a new script, it takes ~2 minutes for it to load the directory, and installing them is worse! Has anyone else had similar problems?
  11. https://forums.hak5.org/forum/88-lan-turtle/ Best place to check.
  12. Hmm, at 1.0 I do not know what to do except maybe try reformat_udisk. It says in the instructions that command was sucked up into the new command. Else, someone mentioned mounting the udisk by hand to /root/udisk and formatting it with fat32 or something like that. After that it should be able to mount normally and you can rebuild the directories with that BB tool or by hand if you know the folder layout. All the partition you see when in arming mode is that udisk partition mounted.
  13. Of the three PS I bought, 1 & 3 have upgraded, but 2 is still acting like a tiny brick. Formatting the USB from the device, worked, but never flashed the PS at reboot. Formatting the USB in a Linux system to ext4 never flashed the PS at boot. Formatting the USB in a Win7Pro laptop to NTFS, worked, but wasn't until the third time tried, that is flashed the PS at boot. All tests were performed with the single stick that worked to flash PS #3 initially. My assumption is that the PS simply isn't recognizing the file I was using for some odd reason, the first two times tried on NTFS formatted USB. Why? I can't be sure. Maybe someone else is.
  14. Hello, I just received my LAN Turtle and am extremely happy with it. It is a great device and I am very happy with it thus far, except it is slow as all hell. The prime example is that when I go to ModuleManager's config and select directory, as in to download a new script, it takes ~2 minutes for it to load the directory, and installing them is worse! Has anyone else had similar problems?
  15. Hi. When working with my WiFi Pineapple NANO, the longer PineAP is on and logging probes the less data seems to be collected. I presume this is because of two things: I have the SQLite database stored on a MicroSD card instead of on the internal flash, which presumably incurs an IOPS penalty Every time a duplicate probe is collected, all prior duplicates of that probe must have their "dups" (duplicates?) field updated This becomes extremely problematic when a large number of disparate probes have been logged, and there appears to be a severe performance penalty incurred beyond 50,000 logged probes, which slows down future data collection. Would it be possible either now via manual modification or in the future via firmware update to simply remove the dups counters? I can easily count the duplicates after the fact, and don't see this information presented in the UI. Please see the attached photo of a Kibana graph. Let me know if any of you have experienced the same, or could work around it. Thank you!
  16. When I cat version.txt it gave that output: root@bunny:~# cat version.txt 1.0_167 Seems like it resetted the whole version from 1.6 to 1.0. Is this a automatic process when you do a factory reset? Otherwise I don't know why the version resetted itself. Is there a way to update the bunny via PuTTY, since I can't access it via explorer? Or is it possible to "udisk reformat" the bunny while on version 1.0?
  17. You don't need programming skills to achieve this. Open payload.sh, and search for this line at the beginning: NMAP_OPTIONS="-sP" Customize it with the nmap options you want.
  18. If you have Network Authentication in place and the squirrel doesn't forward EAPOL Frames In the tcpdump Payload: 1) Modify the transparent script and put the following line: echo 8 > /sys/class/net/br-lan/bridge/group_fwd_mask after # Set networking to TRANSPARENT mode and wait five seconds NETMODE TRANSPARENT sleep 5 2) Set your squirrel to TRANSPARENT mode Source: Since Linux 3.2 the default linux bridge can forward EAPOL frames, but it does not on default because that's how a bridge is defined in the standard.
  19. 1) Set your squirrel to TRANSPARENT mode 2) Modify the transparent script and put the following line c: echo 8 > /sys/class/net/br-lan/bridge/group_fwd_mask after # Set networking to TRANSPARENT mode and wait five seconds NETMODE TRANSPARENT sleep 5
  20. Ok forumers... I’m looking for the best tool to discover if TeamViewer is running in my environment. I was thinking packet squirrel but not sure if this is the best tool. Environment has multiple networks, vlans, and devices. I am the network admin here so I have access to everything. Thoughts?
  21. No. Such a module i mentioned would need to be installed manually. But that process is not very hard, and a tutorial will be written. I'm currently working on the modified module. Hoping to have it ready tonight.
  22. @PoSHMagiC0de It seems like it couldn't find that command...
  23. The ability to fix the udisk (which is what you are having issues with) was made available in firmware 1.2. Version 1.2 Changelog Features - ATTACKMODE now accepts a new RO_STORAGE argument - Example: "ATTACKMODE RO_STORAGE" will now present the Bash Bunny's storage partition as read only - QUACK now accepts a new KEYCODE argument - Example: "QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,56" will write the '-' character from the numpad row - A new udisk helper was added - A 'udisk' script is now available - "udisk mount" - "udisk unmount" - "udisk reformat" - The reformat_udisk command has been merged into the new udisk command - User configuration file - A config.txt is now found on the root of the Bash Bunny's storage partition - This config.txt is sourced before payloads are executed, allowing global configurations - By default the DUCKY_LANG command is run to set the keyboard to 'us' - NOTE: settings in config.txt will be overwritten if a payload decides to do so - NOTE: config.txt will currently not survive factory resets or firmware upgrades. This will change in the future While in putty on the BB you would run "udisk reformat".
  24. Kentj

    Product buyback?

    Ouch, a pretty tough question. Here's my 2C on that. I can see why H5 wont go for it, for one. It isn't the makers problem if the users / customers have a hard time getting it to work. They provide a hardware platform with a modified OS nothing else. They do provide docs, and try do do support as promised, which is cool. But again. When it comes to getting exploits / scripts to work, thats on "us". It can be a veery bad thing for the buttom line in your books to offer a "Buy back" solution. When do you decide when to buy back ?, from who do you decide to buy back, in what condition ? I have a few things from H5, usually the things I cant get somewhere else, or what suits my projects. I agree they are expensive, but then again, custom gear always is. What matters for me is, I can get a skeleton hardware platform, and a starter OS made for pentesting. If I had to do it myself, starting from scratch, I would be so much more expensive in time and much more frustrating. This is what I pay for, when I buy custom. In that way, H5 haven't failed me one bit. If i have the patience and skills to make it work, it does. As I see it, that's what matters :) Okay, that's my 2C. Beatings welcome (as long as they're verbal ) :D /Kent
  25. does this mean that is will come up on this page because i need this module for a school project ❤️ in regards thomas
  26. hi there i tried it but maby i did something wrong so i captured how i did it https://drive.google.com/file/d/12-CsWDDXXUiTXBRh3eCocwaonwOUQSLD/view?usp=sharing and yes i maded some typos dont juge me ❤️
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