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  2. Hi, I'm having trouble getting WPS to produce any scan results regardless of the interface or monitor mode I use. I'm familiar with kali-linux and so I'm not too much of a noob I don't think but I cannot for the life of me to get this module (with its dependencies installed on a microsd card as well as the WPS module itself) to produce any results. Even when I manually enter the BSSID and ESSID and channel and other fields the module doesn't run. I'm upgraded to the latest firmware.
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  4. Es gab schon einmal das Thema eine Deutschsprachige Dokumentation über die WifiPineapple Hab auch bei Hak5 angefragt ob ich das Logo öffentlich verwenden darf aber das ist dann nach einer Zeit eingeschlafen Hab auch schon mal angefangen Videos zu Produzieren aber im Vergleich für eine Hand von Leuten ist der Aufwand viel zu groß Es gibt in diesen Forum eine Vorstellrunde aber halt leider nicht auf Deutsch... Man könnte dieses Jahr hier in unseren German Betrag machen Eigene Module zu schreiben ist eine super Sache mit HTML JS und PHP beschäftige ich mich zurzeit auch ein wenig damit
  5. ahh yes I'm stupid,I off my network connection now is work,I will test modules soon.
  6. Disconnect from your local network before doing so. You have to connect to it for recovery using as this is the default IP. Then you will want to use "enx001337a76f4f" as your adapter. The name of the adapter can change depending on your OS, current number of adapters, etc. You can also do this from a windows machine by just changing the settings in network settings.
  7. I have a problem with this recovery. this is my router web page,when I type another ip (example dont work And I dont have eth1 but enx001337a76f4f but this is normal for my linux system, he was always be weird
  8. I have the same error message : *** Failed to download the package list from http://downloads.openwrt.org/packages/turtle/1907/Packages.gz
  9. I've seen this issue when doing OTA upgrade from older firmware versions. Do a firmware recovery: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery That will put you on version 2.4.1 Keep in mind, DO NOT upgrade to a 2.6.x version of firmware if you are wanting community modules to work as they are currently requiring updates to work with new firmware. If you are wanting to test the newest firmware, I would recommend upgraded to 2.6.1 using the manual method: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360025819673-Manual-Firmware-Installation after completing a firmware recovery.
  10. I'm curious how you are comparing them to Apple? They aren't trying to push a new wifi pineapple currently so its not like they are provoking sales of a new model. Most of this issue is users not understanding that "community" modules are exactly that. They are not guaranteed and are not a major advertised selling point of the product. They should be viewed as a bonus feature of the pineapple. The issue is with outdated community modules that have now lost compatibility with the 2.6.x firmware. @Foxtrot has said in another thread he is working to fix community modules as time allows. To me that is a sign that they understand users want current available community modules and are doing what they can to help fix them. It does suck that you currently can't run the latest firmware AND use all the community modules,. but is it really that big of deal? Its a simple as a downgrade that takes usually no more than 10 minutes to get them back working until things are fixed for the latest firmware.
  11. There's a hyperlink to the forum in the dialog box that pops up while installing modules. However, it's formatted with the local IP and port prepended.“https://forums.hak5.org/forum/90-nano-tetra-modules/”
  12. Thanks for the info. Will updated the post after I get some time to do testing as well.
  13. So, I noticed that payloads don't work like: -ALL execution -ALL remote_access -ALL exfiltration - In prank only work Notepad_fun - ALL credentials - In recon only works InfoGrabber and nmaper (I only tested that in this category so maybe works more) I tested only that,thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply I will downgrade my firmware and check the result. I know how to capture handshake and I do that before with my laptop with kali linux system,but I buy this device for do that also.
  15. I have managed to make screencrab take screenshots succfully, but cant get it to connect to the wifi/C2 server. I've tried many forms of the config.txt file in order for it to work (of course, Iv'e also placed the device.config in the SD root). can anybody please upload a sample of config.txt file including a pseudo ssid and password?
  16. There was a major upgrade with the openwrt. So need to wait for the 3rd party developers to update their packages.
  17. Hello, first post here so go easy in me 😋 Recently got a Bash Bunny and run the blog http://thesecuritynoob.com which is basically my journey from normal IT guy to Cyber-security/Ethical Hacker extraordinaire. Name: Alex or Muldwych as i am known online 😉 Nationality: Scottish Location: Scotland Age: 41 (yeah I know I'm older than everyone else) Brief History: Worked in IT for over 15 years now, started on Help-desk and the done Application Support for business apps before moving to supporting more Linux apps and now i am a Desktop Specialist who has a huge interest in Ethical Hacking. Favourite game: World of Warcraft (Dwarf Priest since Vanilla, oh yeah 👌) Favourite OS: Kali Favourite console: Nintendo Switch Accent: Scottish Sex: Male Race: White Scottish Height: 5'5 (and a half) Build: Far to over weight but trying to loose it, well i will start in Monday. Favourite band: Beastie Boys Favourite book: Lord of the Flies Favourite author: George Orwell Favourite movie: The Man From Earth Favourite director: Peter Jackson Favourite TV Show: Twilight Zone Hobbies: Reading, Playing WoW, Computers, Ethical Hacking Car: Ford C-Max Occupation: Desktop Support Specialist.
  18. Hello Problems with PineApp Daemon after 2.6.1 update again... When i'm trying to enable it, device is rebooting. Hard reset didn't help. 😞
  19. why should have to do this it should just work and do the thing but mums the word hak5 should front up and say we follow the lead of apple and what they do with phones
  20. Last week
  21. Just curious, what payloads have you tried that aren't working? Have seen some other users report the same thing on the latest firmware version 1.6 Users that have not upgraded and are on older firmware, version 1.5 or older, are reporting the payloads all still work. I have not tested this yet but plan to do so soon.
  22. Just want to make sure if you go this route to verify the laptop can accept addon graphics cards. Some lower cost models don't have PCI style addon ports. Agreed on swapping for SSD. As cheap as SSDs are getting it is good insurance against drive failures on laptop compared to HDDs. Have seen several laptop HDDs die from small drops...
  23. Cap_Sig

    Nmap scans

    Glad you got it working 👍
  24. Great! A active community of users helps everyone 👍
  25. Dev here, ill probably start making some soon. Thanks for the tutorial.
  26. Revlos

    Nmap scans

    Thank you for the quick response. Still new to some of this stuff and a bit rusty on scripting. I was able to get it working. Thanks again!
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