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  2. Maybe your phone was connected via 5Ghz and the laptop was 2.4ghz? You can use only beacon response on its own just fine. Or broadcasting SSID pool on its own. Both combined just gives more chance for a connection.
  3. I'm curious as to why you need more than 2gb. What are you doing that needs 50+GB? Very long term deployment?
  4. I did this recently while on holiday using my tetra but should be similar with nano but be aware the nano has limited range/power. The only WiFi was at a main building some distance away and the lodges had none. I used another wifi adapter (using a directional panel antenna) as wlan2 but you could also use wlan1 if you are not using PineAP. Connect to the weak AP using wlan1/wlan2 in client mode on the pineapple. Then use your wlan0 or wlan0-1 as your local AP. Its already built into the pineapple and needs very little configuring.
  5. Hi everyone, can anyone here help me with hdd backup partition image of cs100 internal hdd. i have formatted the disk now my player is dead. Please help upload partition image of disk without ur data, Thank you in advance.
  6. Did you get it to work? And if yes could you tell me how? I want to use it also for my tello 🙂
  7. sorry APP.accounts table with user column
  8. correction. it should be APP.contacts table with user column.
  9. Correction. This logs in admin' and (select count(user) from app.accounts where user not like '%')=0-- But not admin' and (select count(user) from app.accounts where user not like '%')>0--
  10. Hi. I have to pen test altoro mutual site(https://demo.testfire.net) for a project. The site uses DERBY DB. I have discovered that its login page is vulnerable to blind boolean sqli. I have discovered that there is a table called user under schemaname of APP (ie. APP.user). I typed in Username: admin' and (select count(user) from app.accounts where user like '%a%')>0-- Password: anything This tests whether there is a user that contains a letter 'a'. If the test succeeds altoro mutual site logs in. Otherwise it says "Login Failed: We're sorry, but this username or password was not found in our system. Please try again." I've tried the same test but this time iterated from a-zA-Z. But it never succeeds in logging in which tells me that maybe Username is not English alphabet. But this is unlikely. So my problem is I don't know why LIKE operator doesn't return a result that is expected. I also tried Username: admin' and (select count(user) from app.accounts where user not like '%a%')>0-- Password: anything And this time every iteration of a-zA-Z logs in. So this result also tells me Username does not contain a letter. Lastly this one works (it logs in) Username: admin' and (select count(user) from app.accounts where user not like '%')>0-- Password: anything Can you help me why LIKE operator fails when user LIKE '%a%' and so on? THX
  11. I should have also said Im able to deauth my network with the Deauth module (every device including phone), however I don't believe that it has specific client targetting so I'm a little less keen to use it.
  12. Hi all, glad to be a new member of the forums! 🙂 I recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple Nano, and I've learned how to navigate it and use it a little better since. Unfortunately due to my lack of terminology and the proper understanding of the pineapple I've had some confusion and questions I'd appreciate if somebody would be able to help a newbie out with. I apologize if something like this has already been posted and I haven't yet seen it, or if I posted this in an incorrect area- as I said I'm brand new to the forums. First question/issue relates to the Deauth button, as to if I'm using it wrong and whatnot. I have my iPhone 8 on my personal home network, and I ran a recon scan with the Nano. I saw my Home network SSID, and I tried to run a deauth request to my network. I'm not fully sure as to how this works yet, but from what I know its supposed to deauth devices from the network. I noticed that after about 5 minutes my laptop with the nano connected to it gets deauthed, but my phone on the network never did. I know for a fact I ran the deauth on the entire network, not just a specific device. I've tried several multipliers, none of which deauthed my phone. Am I doing something wrong or not understanding something? Last question orients around the SSID pool and the beacon/broadcast options. I know that broadcasting the SSID pool sends out separate open AP's from previously captures SSID's. I believe beaconing a response checks for devices trying to connect to a specific SSID, then a spoofed AP with the same SSID from the pineapple says "that's me!", and the device connects to the pineapple. Do I need to have both beaconing responses and broadcasting SSID options checked? Or am I able to simply beacon responses *without* broadcasting the SSIDs? Sorry for the rather long and probably innacurate post, I hope my interpretations weren't too far off. 🙂
  13. So, I found one of my issues...should be external_disk, not eternal_disk. Made that change and in testing a module download, there was a quick flash to ask to save it someplace but it went away. Is there a switch or config parameter that needs changing? Or does the location need changing? TIA, Michael
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  15. You can watch the video i did, Unfortunately it takes like 3 minutes minimum and with "CUCUMBER PLAID" too, check here: https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/blob/master/payloads/library/exploitation/Metasploit-Autopwn/payload.txt
  16. IIRC I had to add -k but I'm not in front of my BB right now - hence the mention that you may need to ignore validation Yes, it does take a minute to load. This can be sped up in the payload by using the CUCUMBER extension - like CUCUMBER PLAID, get metasploit going, then CUCUMBER DISABLE for the remainder of the payload (I get that this isn't obvious). That said, with this sorta payload you're deploying for hours or potentially days depending on the engagement - so what's 60 seconds up front to get the ball rolling? The optimal way to do it would be with a purpose built multi threaded application to take advantage of the bunny's four cores. I've seen a PoC that's 100x faster than this implementation which should see the light of day hopefully soon - but that doesn't take away from the coolness of this payloads metasploit exploit (scanner) implementation because it's infinitely repeatable with any of the numerous exploits of the framework.
  17. So, I have a USB drive connected, formatted, recognized and mounted in the system on my Tetra. The feature I really appreciate on the NANO is that with the modules on the SD Card, any firmware upgrades do not impact the modules and therefore I do not have to re-download every module upon flashing the firmware. I would like to do that as well on my Tetra. Can I do that with an external USB drive and if yes, how would that be done? My resources currently look like this where the /external_disk is the USB drive: Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 1.8G 1.9M 1.8G 0% / /dev/root 12.5M 12.5M 0 100% /rom tmpfs 61.4M 128.0K 61.3M 0% /tmp /dev/ubi0_1 1.8G 1.9M 1.8G 0% /overlay overlayfs:/overlay 1.8G 1.9M 1.8G 0% / tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev /dev/sda 56.8G 51.8M 53.9G 0% /eternal_disk
  18. So, I did this and it is recognized, however, I don't get prompted to select the space. Is there some other place to configure where they are stored?
  19. @Darren Kitchen and @CatatonicPrime The problem is that Metasploit Framework takes forever to load on the humble specifications of BashBunny, I have done this like two years ago:
  20. Having the same issue. I see we should maybe update the modules manager but I do not see where to do that or how...
  21. Did you try the post about it? Also, I see manual install of infusions should be possible on old FW version. If you're using it heavily then maybe it's time to upgrade.
  22. im stuck with 2.4.0 witth no infusion and need help to upgrade to firmware 3.0
  23. https://forums.hak5.org/forum/74-suggestions-bug-reports/
  24. https://forums.hak5.org/topic/28600-do-not-post-wifi-pineapple-related-questions-here/
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