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  2. Recently I got a new Alienware M17 which I have really enjoyed.😊 Currently I just have Windows 10 Home but I want to do a dual boot with Kali Linux. I have been having trouble setting this up lately. I will say what I did step by step and see if anyone knows what to do. First I created a disk partition I intend on using for kali than I I downloaded a Kali Linux iso file from their downloads page. After the kali iso had finished downloading I went and downloaded the Universal USB Installer. I plugged in my USB and began burning the kali iso to the USB. After I was finished with that I booted my computer from the USB and was greeted with the installation page for Kali Linux. I chose the graphic installer option and chose my language and region. Then when it got to the part when it was trying to mount the USB it said it was unable to do so. I had to abort the installation afterwards. I was thinking it may be a problem with my USB as I had already burned another iso (parrotsec OS) onto it and tried to burn the kali onto the USB regardless. Anyways I want to see if any of you have any advice for what I should do in order to successfully dual boot my laptop.
  3. I too am having a issue with the Tetra being powered via USB Y Cable. Either from my laptop or the portable charger that i ordered from Hak5, just keeps power cycling. My other Tetra has no issues at all, can work fine powered via laptop & portable charger. I do believe this to be a hardware issue and perhaps will need to be replaced. Willing to mail back for replacement or any troubleshooting steps needed to do in order to get it up and running.
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  5. i found it ... but not from the firmware-file .... it was the land line phone number plus the isp name ! is there a way to decrypt the config file
  6. i had this working for ages and then ran an update on my pineapple, now i can create and launch the EP see the SSID but every device is unable to connect? this boots me off to another Wi-Fi. ive removed the SD card and used internal incase the card was corrupt but still nothing. im unsure of the version but just re-installed from GH and again same isssue
  7. Hello, I am using GNU Radio 3.7 on windows 10 platform. To begin GNU radio I started using blocks such as Signal source and Sinks. I have taken a wav file source passed through a throttle and connected sink to it. I am able to see behavior and FFT of the source. When I replaced the wav file source with the audio source and kept device name blank Sink block doesn't show anything. Has anyone faced this issue. I tried to check my audio reception and transmission is working, I wrote python script to record voice from mic and send of speaker to listen. It is working fine. Now I wanted to add embedded python block, but when I open it in a editor a blank file open and if I write something in it, it wont save it. Reply will be appreciated.
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  9. I can confirm the issue happens to me as well.
  10. I am trying to imitate a keystroke dynamics template with the rubber ducky. I have a script that logs a person and creates the template, and a script that generates code for the ducky based on the template, to imitate the text and the flight time (the time between a set of keys are pressed), but I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow control the dwell time (for how long the key is pressed down) of a key press? If it is not possible on the ducky, I wondered if I could do it with a bash bunny?
  11. Well you can plug it in to the serial plug and see what it's doing when it's booting.
  12. You could theoretically brick it. But the Pineapples have that sweet factory-reset mode built into the bootloader. So as long as the bootloader isn't touched, you should be safe. Most upgrade files doesn't modify the bootloader.
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  14. So if one uploaded an upgrade file rather than a bin factory firmware bin file would that brick the pineapple? Asking for a friend. Can not change the IP to after upgrade file loaded instead of factory firmware, Plugged in with the wall power.
  15. Not unless you know the password. Kind of the whole point. Makes stealing iPhones not worth the effort if you can't wipe it and resell it.
  16. further update opened all ports to my ISP range temporarily in Azure and stopped firewall daemon in Linux still the same so can't be firewall... (no problems with my ssh sessions at all either) Any help appreciated! 🙂
  17. Hi Guys, any ideas? Does it need more than port 8080 to establish a session? Firewall ports above have been opened on the Azure Resource group and in Linux with firewall-cmd... @Sebkinne@Foxtrot@Darren Kitchen - any ideas guys at a bit of a loss here? Thanks! Shaun
  18. Your best option for help would be the discord channel. The forum is slow yes, but things do get answered eventually
  19. Hello, i have problems connecting to the management AP at my tetra, after configuring it. I have it set to be not hidden, i saved the configuration/ap changes, rebooted it, but the beacons seem not to be transmitted and its not responding because i get no connection, even when i connect to a wifi network with non-broadcasting ssid. Im experienced user, but i need here really help. Maybe i have overlooked something, so please point me towards the solution. netcat
  20. Thanks for the clarification. My skill level with routers is non-technical, and all the settings, and terminology make me dizzy. So I think the Raspberry Pi with a VPN setup will be more straight forward for me and less hassle overall. thanks
  21. So, I have been having some issues with my Tetra. I am about 90% sure its failed or malfunctioning internal hardware (boot loop when powered through USB), so I created a support claim. I received a confirmation email shortly after creating the ticket advising me that the claim was being looped through product support. That was a little over a week ago, I have replied to the email several times inquiring on the status with no response. I am just curious what sort of experience everyone else has had with support for the Hak5 devices. I had heard good things from a coworker, but have had a less than fantastic experience thus far. Not trying to drag anyone through the mud, just trying to get some answers. Thanks!
  22. Find the driver used by the usb wifi and if openwrt has a driver its a simple fix of just installing it over shell.
  23. what firmware version are you using and the 100%cpu on the dashboard is fine. If you ssh to the pineapple and run top it wont show constant 100%cpu.
  24. Yes, it's possible. I can provide you more information on the steps to do this via (PM). It's not hard.
  25. I think you missed the point moooon. In short, nope. Not being done.
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