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  2. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    Ohhh sorry I misunderstood I thought it was working once on all firmware versions. How many different micro SD cards have you tried? Is the format correct? Have you 100% followed these instructions? https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Flashing-ducky Just trying to rule out some things.
  3. Packet Squirrel praise.

    My assumption of the design brief would be... a device that most non technical people wouldn’t notice it or even question it. Low power for long term pentest at a price point that would almost make it a throw away item for a pen tester. After all if people want something for purely debugging then a laptop with two NIC’s would be more suitable. this is a great little covert device.
  4. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    It only works once on certian firmwares. Not at all on twin ducky. For that one it just blinks green and red forever and doesnt do anything at all.
  5. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    That's a real weird one, its the working once thing that's throwing me. if its dead its dead... I would try contacting Hak5 support and keep an eye on this thread for any additional posts. Sorry I'm not much help.
  6. Packet Squirrel praise.

    And the whole point of the PS is for it to be covert, so increase in size and power requirements would render it pointless for its intended use.
  7. Packet Squirrel praise.

    Suggestions are always great... but I have seen posts that start with why doesn’t it have this etc...As an engineer I appreciate what goes into designing a solution, but this is lost on a lot of people.
  8. Spoofing SSIDs with WPA2 enabled?

    I think occupineapple would help you there. Only thing is if they are all coming from one pineapple they will have similar if not identical signal strength.
  9. [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Updater

    Hi Guys, think there is something wrong with the hash total Windows 64 bit – SHA256: a617a2e8b62adafaa2b1b96fe2b4cf5f27a6429ddeb052b6f6207c7143752a9b. Maybe you want to check.
  10. [PAYLOAD] BunnyMiner

    Yeah, I have another script that installs a masked version of a Base64 EXE that runs to a proxy, that way you can move miners without having to reprogram the script.. But I'm a veteran Bitcoin/Altcoin Miner, plus was Staff for MinerGate.. so I personally can't recommend using this on PC's other then your own.. If you want more info, just message me. -Ar1k88 Https://twitter.com/ar1k88
  11. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    No it works once total even when i plug it into a new box. I currently dont have a linux box available. And in my vm if my computer wont recognize it i can't add it to the vm
  12. Hello, Sorry if this is a question that doesn't belong here or one that has been answered. I've been searching quite a bit and I can't seem to find anything that fits my question. If this has been answered before, please direct me to the appropriate area, as I'm new here. I have a Pineapple Tetra device running 1.1.2 and am configuring it through the web interface over it's wireless management SSID. We have a slightly different use for the device than what I'm seeing here on the forums. We regularly run closed loop networks with multiple APs on them as targets in order to train our operators on exploiting them. To try and throw them off their path a little, we like to inject a pineapple WiFi device to broadcast out multiple fake SSIDs so they have troubles finding the real targets. The operators have figured out that if the SSID shows as Open, then it most likely is a false positive and they skip on to the next. I tried looking through the setup, but is there any way to create a large list (say 50) of fake SSIDs that I can configure with WPA2 or some type of password encrypted connection so they look more like real connections? I can create said 50 SSIDs, but they all show as open networks.
  13. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    Both were windows machines? just wondering is you tried on a linux box for the sake of testing if its a windows issue? Also if you run it once on a windows box, then try on another windows box does it work once again? Im trying to understand if it works once per box or once then dead.
  14. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    2 others. One didnt even have Internet for it.
  15. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    Have you tried to use it on another machine to see if the issue follows the Ducky or if it stays with one particular machine?
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  17. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    I have tried many firmwares including twin duck and im just running the hello world payload. Firmware ive tried: c_duck_v2.1.hex c_duck_v2_S001.hex c_duck_v2_S002.hex duck_v2.1.hex duck_v2.hex usb_ v2.hex usb_v2.1.hex
  18. 2600

    I used to have a huge collection in the 90's of 2600, blacklisted411 and a few others i can't remember the names of. 2600 was what the others modeled themselves after for sure though. Borders Books and Music used to be where I would get them, but the store went out of business(at least in my area they did). Barnes & Nobles still have them for the most part too. https://anarchivism.org/w/Blacklisted!_411
  19. Wiring Schematic

    @Foxtrot: Tried to PM. It lets me fill the subject, but cannot type in the message box. ID you requested was 44514. One and only response telling me to do a recovery flash on this BRAND NEW unit was from "Sebastian" on Sunday. I didn't buy this thing so I had yet another problem device to figure out. See my long winded post on the fact that the one I have can't stand to be radiated by it's own antennas. I pointed out that this may be the issue that some others are having with random reboots.
  20. Listing targets list of WiFi APs

    Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated
  21. Packet Squirrel praise.

    @biob Couldn't agree more. I doubt anyone here would disagree. The Hak5 team do a great job and produce great gear. But the point of Hak5 for me is that you don't just plug and play this stuff - in fact that's what makes Hak5 special. You start thinking of all the ways you can use and extend the devices and will always come up with the "if only" situations. I pre-ordered the PS because I know the Hak5 team do a great job. I then set about using it in my initial scenarios - one of which involves PoE. Lots of ideas came about in the posts and I eventually found a PoE solution that works for me, which I've posted in case it helps others. So, no, I wouldn't want the Hak5 team to think they are unappreciated, but if the posts help them come up with an even better PS in the future, in the way they came up with improved LAN Turtles, even better for all of us. And if the improvements did triple the price and double the size, my bet is they'd still sell.
  22. [Official] CursedScreech

    Do you need Visual Studio? (Sorry for the Necro post)
  23. problem of how to get valid credit card

    Sounds to me he's looking for stolen credit cards, not help using one, which shouldn't be an issue. It's 2017. If you don't know how to use a credit card, get the hell off the internet and go back to kindergarten. @Frankwilly we are not a carding site. Ask your mom for help kid.
  24. use the PineAP prob request logging/ ssid discovery
  25. SDR Noob alert: choppy audio output

    Woo! Glad it worked out! Hey If you want to run a virtual instance effectively with SDR I would recommend looking for a type 1 hypervisor like xen. VM's will run threw the hardware instead of the host operating system meaning faster IO for the SDR.
  26. Why no power over ethernet ?

    PoE devices and the Packet Squirrel tcpdump payload sorted for me...a happy bunny squirrel. Didn't want to modify the squirrel itself, but wanted to capture packets for a PoE phone without needing extra power sockets. The squirrel doesn't need to be inline with the phone to do this - it just needs the packets sent to it. I looked for a PoE powered, managed switch with PoE pass-through and port mirroring & found the Netgear GS105PE. Others probably exist, but its the first one I came across. The PoE switch powers the GS105PE, which powers the phone. I did try a PoE splitter to power the PS from the 2nd PSE port on the GS105PE as well, but the Netgear wouldn't power both at the same time. So I just stuck with the USB battery pack I use for the PS anyway. I set the phone port to 100Mbps to match the PS speed, mirrored port 1 to port 3, plugged it all in, powered up the PS and got all the packets. At £50 it kinda doubles the cost of the PS and at 6"x4" its about the same size as a couple of battery packs. But it does the job without modding the PS and without needing another power socket close by or a separate injector or PoE splitter. Configure it once then plug and play.
  27. Is there a way using the WiFi Pineapple Nano to find out what APs a targets device has in it's previously connected wifi list? Phones, I would guess, have many APs in it's memory that they have previously connected too and are constantly on the look out for. It would be handy to know what they were so that I may create a clone of that AP to get the target device to connect too. Thanks for any help Tim
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