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  2. Introduce yourself

    buy linkedin connections, Followers and Endorsements, is truly the newest way of strengthening the professional identification. To grasp quite a few guidelines about this keep on reading this site.
  3. Best way to stay secure?

    Probably your best option is to use Tails, it will do all the setup for you. Their site also has documentation on getting you started. Just remember that no solution is perfect so never assume what you are doing is completely private, it all depends on the resources of your adversary.
  4. SSLSplit No Connection

    Thanks man, I'll look into it right now. I remember being able to install mana on my pineapple fine without a usb hub, why do I need one? I'm not a big fan of using the terminal, I much more prefer the modules and web interface. Is there any web interface tools still worth using other than the mana module?
  5. USB Power Prime To Eliminate Boot Time

    You beated me to it. I was about to upload this to my other post anout konboot bunny but had the upload size issue and was too lazy to fix. Will check out this payload later! Do you think this need cucumber enabled?
  6. bb.sh Internet sharing

    Hi Dave Thanks for your reply, but it did not work. :-( Have tried with PCI NIC, same result. /Claus
  7. I remember this being a topic a while back and I couldn't find a dedicated thread. So, I thought I would share how I was able to eliminate boot time, by priming the Bash Bunny with a USB power supply, then use the new SWITCH extension to instantly execute a payload when I plug-in/toggle switch. This could be super useful if you had to, say, wait 15 seconds for a web-server to boot up on your Bunny... The cable I used is included in the Pineapple Nano: The (Super Simple) Code: https://github.com/bg-wa/bashbunny-payloads/blob/warmup/payloads/library/general/warmup/payload.txt (There is probably a better way to automatically wait for the device to be plugged in, but SWITCH worked for this POC.)
  8. Best way to stay secure?

    i am setting up a computer dedicated as a learning resource and tool. People get caught out by stating without security from the beginning. There are also setting in tor that secure you even further but im not sure on what that is, i remember hearing about it in a defcon video. But basically this post is just asking how i can keep myself safe on the dark web and learning and using these resources to work my way into becoming an intelligence worker for my county. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Coding group project idea?

    That's an amazing first step and thank you for responding, but I was looking at something a bit more long term. If its easy to code that's a great but that might be too easy. I mainly work with python, so could something like a buffer overflow attack work? Or could a port scanner and then a auto exploit tool be a good idea?
  10. Best Monitor-Mode Compatible USB Wifi Adapters?

    Just ordered that model, I'll let you know but from what I hear it's drivers are pretty broken with Kali - you need a bit of drivery magic.
  11. Hack 5 gear loot - can be recovered!

    Use one of the switches as a self-destruct payload? Or just use the factory reset method (plug and unplug 3 times).
  12. DDOS

    Whenever I create a website I put a firewall on them that blocks any IPs that hit the website more than 240 times a minute (seriously, who needs to refresh a page 240 times a minute?). I change it depending on the website though.
  13. How to connect SATA to USB?

    Yeah, unfortunately SATA HDDs require a SATA Controller to actually read the data and manage the interface. Much like USBs need USB Controllers to determine the device connected and help it interface from PC to device. There are adapters (as everyone else has said), but you can get things like docks and stuff for things like eSATA and even SATA to USB.

  15. Konboot on a bunny

    USB 3.0 SS ports run direct from the power supply and work when the PC is off, so you can use one of those to start the BB and then boot from that. Otherwise, you should be able to go into boot options, wait for the BB to come up and then go to BIOS and boot from the BB. The problem with the battery pack is the fact that you still have to unplug it from the battery and into the PC. Unless you have a pass-through battery (USB in and USB out on either end of a battery) that takes power from the PC, stores it and then powers the BB while the PC is off then it couldn't work. Hope this helps!
  16. bb.sh Internet sharing

    The BB takes over as the primary source because of its interface bandwidth. Windows (and Mac, I would imagine) treat it as the primary NIC because the NIC says it's a 2Gbps speed, so if your normal NIC is slower it gets ignored. You can fix this by specifying the NIC speed (basically spoofs the speed) as shown below: ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET RNDIS_SPEED_10000 The above command limits the bandwidth to 10Mbps. However, I don't know if you can do the same with ECM but you can try (see below). ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET ECM_SPEED_10000 # OR ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET RNDIS_SPEED_10000
  17. AV issue avira

    I know when I have gone agains avira before it will drop anything going out 4444. What port are you going out on?
  18. What's your PC's specs?

    What GPU? That's a lot of RAM for personal use. Do you have VMs?
  19. Yesterday
  20. Is it possible to?

    Tried that, also I didn't know that asking on multiple resources for guidance and information from people who know what they're talking about is wrong. thanks for the correction.
  21. Disable DHCP and/or DNS

    That's okay, it's not entirely off topic :) You can change the IP of the PS, but if you're running a VPN you will probably need to stop the OpenVPN service, restart the network and then start the OpenVPN service again. uci set network.lan.ipaddr="" uci commit /etc/init.d/openvpn stop /etc/init.d/network reload sleep 10 # Might need to reload the config here, but I don't think it's required /etc/init.d/openvpn start I haven't actually played around with creating more interface configurations, but it does sound interesting so I will have to look into it.. Thanks for the input!
  22. Kali installer missing from latest Kali Live?

    Figured it out. I guess they did decide not to include the installer on the live preview part of the disk anymore. I had to install "debian-installer" and "debian-installer-launcher" to get the launcher to install from the Live preview boot. Doh.
  23. Disable DHCP and/or DNS

    Finally figured it out. Changing the usr/lib/network_config and adding a configure interface 'br-lan' configuration did it for me. I also noticed that I totally invaded your post instead of creating a new one. hope is not a problem.
  24. So, i am redoing my laptop again. I am doing it by hand with 2 different linux distros. I am installing them on the same encrypted volume. I have done this dozen of times before but first time I am doing it with Kali. Issue, Kali live disk does not have an installer when booted in the live preview like other OSes does. It is supposed to but I think Rapid 7 thought it was a good idea to pull it out in their latest version for some reason. Anyone know how to get it back on the live CD or another way to launch it. Before answers roll in or questions check these out first. No, you cannot use the bootup installer on a disk already encrypted and I do not want to wipe it because it has one of my OSes installed in it already. No, you cannot use bootup installer unless you know a way to load cryptsetup so I can open up my encrypted volume which is why I need the installer in the live environment.
  25. Long Range USB WiFi Adapter

    Do you mean this? https://hakshop.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/long-range-wifi-kit Just ordered one myself :)
  26. Konboot on a bunny

    I'd like to see a discussion about booting stuff through the bunny( tiny stuff like konboot). lets assume we are restarting a pc( bunny will not be ready before the pc and bunny shouldnt shut down right?). can it wait for a boot or can a switch position become a USB bootable device? Hope i somehow make sense. if the pc shuts down, is it safe to use a power battery to keep bunny online? like the one used with the wifi pineapple? we could possibly remove the 7sec delay with this. the usb is ready to attack and we set a while loop. while there is no OS, delay (time). if its plugged,execute attack
  27. Long Range USB WiFi Adapter

    Is there any were or way that i can buy the Long Range USB WiFi Adapter – 20 dBm 2.4 GHz Radio with out buying a whole kit ???
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