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  2. I realize a year is a long time, but the next update will have been worth the wait.
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  4. It’s now December basically. I’d be rich if I had a $1 for everytime I read “next week we got an update “ sorry I love the product but man..
  5. Need help with PasswordGrabber

    You mean to encrypt it right? Well, the problem is that I'm a graphic deisgner, not a programmer :)
  6. Yesterday
  7. I just purchased a TETRA, and it arrived last Friday. Immediately upon hooking up and logging in to it, I noticed that it would randomly restart - plays dead IP wise, followed by no lights, yellow light, blue light, etc. Initial thought was power, though I was powering it from the included power brick. Tried a different 12 volt adapter, followed by dual USB with stiff 5 volt availability. Still random reboot. I sent the required email off to Hak5, and waited. Finally got the "gotta do a flash recovery" - even though it's brand new - "and let us know if it's still broken". Ok, did that. Still has random reboots. I brought it in to my office yesterday, and in an effort not to unintentionally break things, powered it up with no antennas. Had it up for a while - much more than the few minutes I was getting before reboot at home. Then I put the rear antennas on to see what I could see? Still no reboot. Was up for a long time. Put the front antennas on, and boom - reboot. And now we are back to the vicious boot / crash cycle. I have an RF / EMI background, so I immediately thought it's nuking itself. Through experimentation that's been proven. With no front antennas, it will boot and run for a long time. As soon as front antennas are put on, down she goes. Further experimentation shows that it will happen when adding the the front right antenna, and that antenna position affects whether or not it crashes. I have done some searches, and there's others that have had random reboots, and that has been attributed to inadequate power. Maybe they are experiencing the same issue as I am . Maybe they don't all do it - in fact that's likely, since there'd be screaming going on. Mine is definitely not liking being radiated by itself. below is a Onedrive link to some videos showing the box running with a ping flood going to it. Front antennas are folded away. When I move the antennas vertical, and move my hand around it - probably altering the RF field - you see the box stop responding, the light go yellow, and the serial console messages spill. I've provided Hak5 a copy of what it spits out at crash and boot. While I'm disappointed that I can do nothing with it yet, this is not a "pound on Hak5" post. The box I got doesn't work, and I think maybe some other people have experienced this, so I figured get this out and have them try no front antenna, or maybe fold them away like in the video and see if it behaves the same way. It may not be "not enough power" in all cases. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Al2OT6PFWa6IoxK2o8TH8BBK6W27
  8. Packet Squirrel + Responder?

    Has anyone evaluated the feasibility of using responder on the packet squirrel? Using on the Bash Bunny/Turtle is awesome, but I can see how putting it on a device which utilizes the supported Ethernet connection would expand the possibility of using something like the QuickCreds payload.
  9. problem of how to get valid credit card

    please how do I get the single used card or debit card
  10. Networking stuff on plane

    Or Mad-Eye Moody as being impersonated by Bartley Crouch Jr. "You have a wand".
  11. Best way to destroy HDD?

    I don't know if I made a thread about this before, but this has always been a pet peeve of mine that I've never tested or built but kinda wish soooooommmmeonnneee else would (long lazy sigh). We all ought to know that Force Microscopy can be used to examine a disk at its atomic scale and basically rebuild data that has been overwritten. Therefore there's some debate as to how many "passes" are enough, and to whether or not degaussing is sufficient. And you can buy degaussers for such a purpose. I believe the evidence suggests degaussing is sufficient but we CAN GO FURTHER! I give to you the Induction Heater! https://youtu.be/VydPQuLyEns Behold! Aluminum being melted in about 1 minute. Imagine the FBI raiding your apt and you flip the switch and that puppy already installed around your external drives (or whatever set-up) turns on and just melts your harddrive. The first nano-second is going to blast the harddrive in a powerful alternating magnetic field anyway, but just to be sure. Ya know...melted slag in 1 minute tops. Hillary Clinton's Bleach Bit theoretically has nothing on this. In all seriousness though, induction heaters are easy to build, easier to buy, run on about 3kw, and will degauss AND physically destroy your harddrives at the same time. Not sure what its effect would be on a SSD other than that it would most certainly melt those too (if they are using any kind of metallic case). Induction heaters work on any metal as far as I am aware, magnetic properties of metals come from the ability to align all the magnetic fields in that metal, which non-magnetic metals are resistant to but are not themselves "without" magnetism. Induction heaters simply oscillate between polarities so that these fields are constantly shifting creating friction and thus heat. So would work on any substance that responds to magnetism, not just magnetic materials.
  12. Manual file work?

    He's probably finding walkthroughs for the specific virus that usually tells you which regkeys and files belong to that virus and just manually removes them. Windows Passwords are (off the top of my head) stored in a file as cyphertext, not plain text, you would have to be able to decrypt the file to examine the password. There's easier methods to breech passwords if you have access to the machine such as "Windows NT Offline Registry Editor" which will allow you to just remove a password associated with an account so you can reset it to something you know. Being a PC repair, I would think things like "Registry Editor" and some other goods like HiRens might be quite useful.
  13. traceroute to DoD

    i was doing a traceroute and the first hop was an ip belonging to DoD then to a serve owned by my isp. Is the DoD spying ? or what's happening?
  14. One port too far

    Hi Tim, we briefly spoke on IRC. I continued to look into it afterwards to try and get some clarity myself. I'm pretty sure it allows you to use a non standard port to connect to on the server. I don't think this was possible before on the older version of autossh module config interface. I looked in the modules GitHub repo there isnt many extra clues. So if that is the case, we have [email protected] and port - then that leaves the two other options remote and local. I found a nice definition of both that seems to indicate this is an either or situation. Or maybe both? When it comes to the art of SSH tunnelling, there are basically two options where to relay a port to. You can relay a port from a remote server to your local machine with `ssh -L`, hence called local port forwarding. A very basic use-case is if your remote server has a MySQL database daemon listening on port `3306` and you want to access this daemon from your local computer. The second option is to make your local port available on a remote server (`ssh -R`). Remote port forwarding might come in handy if you for example want to make your local web-server available on a port of a public server, so that someone can quickly check what your local web-server provides without having to deploy it somewhere publicly. I may be wrong, so would also like some confirmation. But this is how i see it at the moment. When I get some uninterrupted time I will try to set it up and have a play for a few hours, its been too long.
  15. 2600

    I never saw them, ever, in Ireland. I did go and buy the hardback best of. A great read.
  16. problem of how to get valid credit card

    Single use credit cards work fine, depending where you are in the world. Also a debit card works well too, as you cannot spend more than you have. But it all depends on where in the world you are.
  17. One port too far

    Hello all. I have been watching the LAN Turtle 104 - Persistent Shell Access with AutoSSH video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIdvvrDrRj0 and at 5:15 it shows three fields for the setup, they are [email protected], Remote Port & Local port. On my Turtle, which is probably a newer version of firmware than the one in the video, there is a fourth field simply named Port. As I understand it the Turtles local port is 22. It connects to the host via port 2222. Therefore on the host if you SSH to port 2222 it connects to the Turtle on it's port 22 through the 2222 tunnel. So you need a local port (22) and remote port (2222) to make this work, as shown in the demo video above. What is this extra field named 'Port' that I have, and what should it be set too? I entered 22 for this port and it all works. Just not clear what it's purpose is. Many thanks for any help. Tim
  18. Need help with PasswordGrabber

    Well, the best way would be to compile it yourself so the file can get a diffrent signature and thus not be detected as quickly as it is right now.
  19. Site not responding

    Yeah I was just suggesting it as it was missing from your connection detail post. If its 12V 2A all should be good power wise. Sounds more like a non "factory" firmware has been uploaded to the firmware recovery section - or something else. Hope you get it sorted.
  20. Site not responding

    I'll try that tonight. It was connected to power from the wall outlet the entire time, so it would be surprising if power itself was the problem.
  21. problem of how to get valid credit card

    Try single use cards or cards you charge with cash at certain shops.
  22. Wifite2 Wifi Pineapple Setup

    Oh, you are right...I updated it in a foolish attempt. I made Factory Reset and now everything is working fine. Sorry about the that...
  23. I want to shop online and I dont know how to credit card , so I come to this forum to if any body can help out '
  24. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    I asked the admins to move this post to the ducky forum section. Whats the firmware version? and whats the payload? I was thinking it sounded similar to this
  25. I have tried so hard to get my ducky working but it just wont. I have reflashed it so many times and it works once then goes red and doesnt recognize the ducky or sd card or anything and i have to reflash it again. The second i remove it and plug it in it goes red. Please help.
  26. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    Windows 7
  27. Rubber ducky doesn't come up as keyboard

    OS? Also please use the rubber ducky section of the forums for ducky questions.
  28. I have tried so hard to get my ducky working but it just wont. I have reflashed it so many times and it works once then goes red and doesnt recognize the ducky or sd card or anything and i have to reflash it again. The second i remove it and plug it in it goes red. Please help.
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