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Found 28 results

  1. I want to build a workstation to polish my Pen test Skills for my Security Analyst job interviews and want to have something powerful to do the all Security related work. so I want to know that what GPU and CPU is better for such Cracking passwords and hashes plus can also handle serious workload?. Are professional GPUs better for hacking sort of work or the Gaming GPUs?. I also want to know which CPU is better to go for Xeon or i7 extreme?.Thanks
  2. Hello, I am trying to redirect the people on my IP address from a site like CNN to my own version of CNN and that everyone can view it on my IP. Can someone guide me on what to do, I basically know ettercap and some stuff but have encounter several problems 1. When using HTTrack I cannot download Cnn, I can get other sites but CNN, usually I press cancel after a few scans but for CNN it doesn't work 2. How can I edit the site after I download it like I want to keep most of the stuff except for the title and contents of a few articles 3. How do I than get it to redirect? Thank you much help appreciated
  3. Once I deploy the LAN Turtle, SSH into it using my own VPS, is it possible to run my own custom python scripts using the LAN turtle terminal. For example: I write my own python keylogger script and SCP it onto my LAN Turtle. Is there a way to run this? I'm unsure if this will work as this is connected via ethernet, not necessarily a normal USB stick. Thanks for your time.
  4. is it possible to mount say a ntfs (windows) from your computer through say the serial connection? this is what i get with lsblk through serial console or maybe a way to directly boot into the linux distro at startup without putting another distro on the storage..?
  5. I found this game called graal online classic it's an online rpg, apparently its really old. It reminds me of old gb zelda. I've been messing around with it for a while doing simple hacks. But I'm curious has anyone else ever heard of it, its confusing at first but kinda fun. I'm looking into creating a hacked client or something but still looking for exploits. There seems to be a small loyal community around the game. anyway here's the link: here's the form:
  6. Has anyone else played this game? If you like terminal based puzzle games with an interesting story this might be the game for you. Catchy sound track too.
  7. Picture: Picture with wrong AM waves: Hello guys, I recieved and recorded an ASK_OOK signal from an auto remote key. But when I opened the wav file there wasn't the right wave forms( like in hak5 youtube show (reply attacks with yardstick one)). Please look at the pic. It would be very nice if someone can help me. Thanx JoJo
  8. I am a pretty tech savvy person, and I was thinking about getting into hacking. What should I learn to get into it? From what I've heard; networking, MySQL, Linux, Kali (linux), Unix, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, HTML, Wireshark, C#, C++. Am I missing anything? Where should I start? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm just curios that is there anyway to get a reverse shell or to host things in the network without using a router?? Uhmm well i want to know that whether we can find alternatives for portforwarding?, tunneling for example reverse ssh tunneling and vpn gateways...blah blah blah.I want a solution for this stuff. Please guys help me make out! I'm having a mobile with 4g internet connection.I'm mconnecting my laptop to the internet via usb tethering,also my laptop has wifi interface incase you can suggest alternatives! I want a way to pentest in the WAN with my mobile usb tethering! THANKS Hak5!
  10. So I was wondering how do you program your own payload/backdoor? I usually use veil-evasion but I wanna learn how to program it my self.
  11. Hi i am very new i just wanted to know if someone can help me i want to get into hacking and to get more skills with a computer i have a lot to learn and i was wondering is someone can help me please help me.
  12. I am not sure if this is the right bored to be talking about this I am willing to code Trojans,Viruses,Bots and any other type of malware in exchange for bitcoins. It could do just about anything you want example: Backdoor a system, Destroy the entire computer, Delete files, Record video and audio, etc pm me if your interested
  13. Is there any possible ways of doing MITM attacks that would take usernames and passwords. When I try to use Xerosploit, PytheM, or even bettercap. None of these methods work on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Gmail, etc. Is there any new methods that is the latest that is working right now?
  14. While the tubes video below go through scenarios for ethical hacking. Can we start posting different "detailed" steps to do such ethical hacking for various scenarios. I would like to see step by step instructions from starting Tetra to using tools,acquiring etc. Go through each tool setup and use. I know HAK5 team has a online doc but can we start one to address how to"s with detailed steps. The PineAP book is good but want more details If Hak5 will allow ( subject to the forums ethical rules ----- can we start it here and post different scenarios ? If ok--separate each scenario with cut lines like below with Q&A to follow in each scenario If not ok to post please advise , or where to do such --all on the basis of ethical pen testing and educational uses for knowledge acquiring ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario One I have been asked to test security for a group of people with cell phones and open router points who have assembled close to my location. What are the steps from starting the Tetra, Recon,Clients mode, Pine AP, etc.. Please list in steps 1,2,3 etc.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario Two ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scenario Three --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. i have created an information recon payload for the usb rubber ducky you download it at
  16. so i got my usb rubberducky in the mail, and upon watching the instructionals on youtube i have to say im at a complete loss of wtf to do. im new to all this. ive tried downloading the duckencoder but the .jar file cant be opened. i also downloaded DuckyScript UDL, Duck Firmware.hex, and notepad ++. still im stumped. please help!
  17. How to make a USB hacking tool? how to hack into systems with a usb just by inserting and creating a backdoor of it?
  18. Venom .dll vector(winrar/sfx compressed + fast_migrate.rc)-By Spirit Hello Hak5 members, Actually i am new here and i love Hak5 show. I am also a YouTuber and i will love to share my tutorials here. So if you don't know me then let me introduce myself I'm Spirit , 15 years old YouTuber and today i'm here to tell you about the malicious " .dll vector " to exploit windows OS's. In this tutorial we will compress two file(our payload) to one .exe executable file with SFX and we will also use fast_migrate to migrate our process to wininit.exe. So in this tutorial Our, Attacker machine::Backbox (which is using Venom The Shellcode Generator) Victim::Windows 7 Framework that we will use::Metasploit So, if you like my tutorial then please Subscribe/Like/Share my Channel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This tutorial is for educational purpose only. I'll not be responsible for any harm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please Subscribe my channel:: && Please like our facebook page also:: Follow me on twitter:: @spirit3113
  19. Hello there guys! nice to see you! Just wanted to know about the power of python from you leets, im a beginner! trying to learn new things of python can you please tell me what are the things could be done with python?? Can I use python for IoT devices? is it gonna help me only in scripting ?
  20. Hey there! This is my first post! Just wanted to know on how to start with hacks and mods on this cool website? Any suggestions? I'm a moderate level beginner in hacking. Thanks in Advance!
  21. Hello there! Anybody know about Warberry Pi ? I have a link which will take you to the code of it, but I don't have an exact idea about its technology and other stuff, and my question is what is the hardware required to use this? or only these scripts would work? Here's the link!
  22. hi guys i have created a website for my content and youtube channel where you can download stuff i make and learn how to do things currently the site is still under development but feel free to hop on and give me feed back, im not trying to take you guys from the hak5 forums as i will still post things on here
  23. hey guys, I was hoping anyone could help me out with creating a wordlist how i desire with crunch. eg- usr1pass1, usr2pass2, usr3pass3......usr99pass99
  24. I've dual booted Kali Linux in my laptop. I tried to hack my WiFi password for the first time and was successful at it but from the second time on wards, I'm getting this problem wherein I'm not able to capture handshakes. No matter how many deauths i send and how many times i repeat it, still I'm not getting a handshake. Could there have been any mistake I might have did in the first time so that there could be these handshake errors occurring ?
  25. So you can send lots of deauths to make client reconnect, and then some. Commercial cable/ADSL modems all have WiFi built in, for easy access point to share internet connection. But NONE of them have the ability to protect or monitor itself agains hacking attempts. One can freely deauth with fury and the modem does nothing, or says anything to the owner, about what is happening. The situation is allmost the same like with GSM, I have no idea what mobile station my GSM/HSDPA cellphone is connected or what is happenin in the air. Are there any scripts/programs (for pineapple) made for monitoring your own WiFi access point to detect hacking attempts? The simplest hack detector I guess would be the deauth monitoring of my own AP? What about monitoring other weird WiFi activity, what can be done?