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  1. @Snubs, for xmas i got myself a shiny and new bladeRFx40.  YAY!   Knowing your love for all things SDR, I wanted to share  with you a synopsis of my adventures with the bladeRF.  I have set up a raspberryPi with YateBTS and gps-sdr-sim:

    I am now able to run my own GSM BTS or spoof a GPS satellite that tells nearby devices they are actually at the Kremlin.. fun. 

    YateBTS obviously really caught my interest as i quickly discovered after buying a pack of $1 sim cards a best buy and putting them in a couple of unlocked devices, I was able to get the ATT cards to automatically connect to my BTS using MCC:310 and MNC:410 in combination to make my BTS appear to be an ATT tower.  (no worries, as i did this in a  lead box to prevent my signal from leaking to the real world, wouldn't want to go to interfere with the outside world)  I was also able to get T-mobile cards to connect by manually forcing them, but i suppose i could find the MCC and MNC for them as well and get an auto connect. 

    Anyway, YATES is set up to automatically send a greeting SMS to phones that connect, of which i of course  altered to say "Emergency Alert: Someone has farted"  But it got me thinking, if someone like me with little to no real knowledge around RF was able to do this for under $500 and a 12 hour investiment, why is GSM still being used.  seems like anyone could build an IMSI catcher or stingray.   One could potentially go into a public venue with bad cell reception and start sending "greeting messages" to all the GSM phones with roaming enabled, creating a localized histeria of "wait, who farted?!?"   Now of course my curious mind is wondering how secure the Emergency Broadcast system is as well?

    I would love to see you do a segment on this..


  2. Hooray! Glad it updated correctly. Thanks :)
  3. I'll look into it. If it's just missing for some reason, I can reupload it to the RSS. If it's on our RSS but isn't publishing, Revision3 will need to fix it.
  4. Here's Viss's Etsy shop: I'm a fan. I put mine on tacos, in spaghetti sauce, basically anything that needs a kick. I keep a container of spices on my keychain - it's a necessity.
  5. Awesome, happy to hear its working now. I'll keep babysitting the feed for the next few weeks to make sure it's doing it's job!
  6. Hi! So one of my awesome followers on Twitter brought this to my attention again today. Apparently this issue, which I thought was fixed in December, was not! Revision3 recently implemented a site where external content creators can upload their video files to Rev3, and they are then distributed to the RSS feed (iTunes, Podcatcher, etc). Since our show is longer than a regular video podcast on their network, apparently the video files were erroring out during upload and the files were not being processed onto our RSS. This has been happening since November. Since I knew this was an issue a month ago, I recommended folks hit up our Youtube channel since that's directly uploaded right after the video files are edited and rendered and we have full control. We weren't informed there was a problem directly from Rev3 since then. So now, I'm manually checking everything. Last night I stayed late and literally watched the taskbar on all of our newest episodes to make sure they finished uploading and actually processed. I checked the RSS, and they appeared on there today. For now on, I'm adding that to my weekly to-do list. It adds a few hours to my already full-time job, but I'd rather stay late and make sure the files are finished uploading then continually deal with the mess and headache. I could probably write a script to do it for me, but that will also take some (lots) of time for consideration since I'm not an expert coder. This is one of those "nobody does the job right unless you do it yourself" kind of things!
  7. Today :)
  8. We've got a lot on our hands with the holidays and CES coming up, but rest assured that Hak5 episodes will continue to be posted once a week. We noticed a hiccup on our RSS, where it didn't update for like 2 months. We chatted with Revision3 about this, since they are our distribution partner. Apparently the problem has been found and we're working with them the update the RSS feeds accordingly. Until those are all up to date, I suggest subscribing to our YouTube page, which is updated immediately after editing.
  9. Hello to all of our new forum members! Thanks for joining :)
  10. Hello Rob and Bob! Welcome to the forums!
  11. hi snubs! Thanks for adding me as a friend! :)

    My cat was playing with my mouse will re-add you. *oops* LOL

  12. hi Snubs! Very nice site! :)

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  13. hi Snubs i was wondering if you can bring this subject to light i just bought a hp mini note 2113 and i wana mod/tweek it to bits but apart from the basics i dont rellly know where to go from here i was just thinking about maxing out the ram will that affect the profermance or is it going to be a waste of time ?

    my e-mail address is

    i would be obligised if u c

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