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  1. I really suck at wireshark so tho only packet capture I got is a really messy one directly from my android phone where I used some generic packet capture app. But I decoded the android app and tried searching for anything useful, found alot of strange stuff but nothing that helps me get the videostream. But maybe someone more skilled could have a look at it and see if they get anything useful from it? decoded android app
  2. Thanks, but I tried both of those suggestions and nothing works
  3. I recently bought a cheap ip-camera from ebay but noticed after I recieved it that you had to use android/ios apps to get access to it. And after reading the ebay info again it actually says that it is only compatible with Android/IOS. Ebay link After setting up the wifi from the app I thought that it would be easy to log in using port 8080, 80 or similar and just find the correct path to the videostream. I have done a portscan and port 80 and 23 is open and I also found that port 22334 is used from spying on the packets from my android phone. I tried a lot of paths using iSpys camera url generator but none of them work. if I just enter <IP>:80 in a browser I get a file downloaded witch contains only this: "<H1>Index of /mnt/web/</H1>" I also tried hydra on the telnet port 23 using some camera password-lists from github. But it takes forever to complete. I also tried all random telnet user/pass combinations I could think of like: admin:admin, admin:(blank), root:root, etc. Anyone knows how I should proceed? And would access to telnet get me anywhere? My goal is to be able to get the videostream by URL so that I can add it in some camera software. When capturing the packets from the app the trafik was pretty big, like ~1Mb for around 30s of capturingtime so I guess that that port 22334 is probably used for the videostream. On the box it says: 360Eye S Model: EC11-I6 And when trying to log in using telnet this comes up: IPC365 Login: