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  1. Hmm, strange. Would think 20 seconds would be enough. Thx.
  2. Recently picked up the Ducky and have to say, neat little device. I've searched and trolled through the forum to see if there's an answer to this with no luck. I have a basic inject.bin on the device but have noticed, on more than one machine, Windows 7 pops up a couple of messages in the system tray when first inserted about devices being installed (and what not) and in those cases inject.bin never runs. Tried adding DELAY 1000 with REPLAY 20 in the hopes those boxes would be gone but inject never fires. Click on those system messages (or let them disappear), reinsert the Ducky and it fires. Is there any way to fake Windows into not firing those message boxes or somehow having the Ducky "click" them? Sorry for a second question in the same thread, does anyone know of a way to get Windows 7 to "forget" those device drivers were installed/attached? It only does that once on the initial insertion of the Ducky and I have to either fire up a new VM to test again or snag someone else's machine.
  3. Bummer...
  4. Yep, I'm thinking of setting up /root/loot as sshfs, see if that works. At 98% responder *should* still work as long as the logs and data go off the lanturtle. Big fat "I think" on it though.
  5. I just imaged my Lan Turtle again as I filled it up the first time. *This* time I checked file system usage before installing modules and the QuickCreds pre-reqs. Fresh up the LT's root file system (rootfs) was 44% full with 2.6M so I installed 10 modules, basically the "essentials" and when that was done rootfs was at 45%. I ran the QuickCreds configure which downloaded its pre-reqs and suddenly the file system went up to 98% used with only 100K free. Seeing as how responder records everything in /root/loot, and the initial logs are 8.5K, it seems responder data will QUICKLY consume that remaining 100K locally. Would it be "best" to setup autossh and sshfs before setting up QuickCreds and placing it at /root/loot via a symlink? What are others doing?
  6. I factory reset it and got back in. Interestingly before that I was unable to rm files or opkg remove packages, it was seemingly completely bricked.
  7. Just received the Lan Turtle, pulled down all the modules then configured the QuickCreds module and it downloaded pre-reqs. Went to start it and I am getting no space left on device and /rom is at 100%, / is at 95%. How can I clear out the other modules I downloaded to make room for QuickCreds? Thanks
  8. Brand new to the Lan Turtle and here but wanted to offer thanks for the driver link, worked on my Mac with El Capitan and I can see the Turtle now.