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  1. Have you looked at the Wiki? That's always a good place to start. Everything from downloads to external links to tutorials to explanations and changelogs. :)
  2. What you could do is get the PHP server to create a temporary file, copying the contents of the text file and turning the temp file into a .php and then sending that one across..This way you could have multiple files being one file (if you catch my drift). The client asks for one file but the PHP server has pre-determined what file is going to be the file they requested. Basically the client asks for the file as a name, and the PHP server has renamed one of it's text files to that name. Sounds more complicated than it is.
  3. Chrome on Windows. Chrome on Android (though the latest update they rolled out made it super buggy and it's crashing all the time now - even in the background when I'm not using it). I've found Chrome to be the fastest and best in terms of features - however I haven't tried the smaller, third-party browsers (don't want to anyway - seem dodgy sometimes).
  4. Another one bites the dust..
  5. It depends on the firmware. Firmware 1.3 says you should have the extensions in the payloads directory (next to the "library", and "switch" folders).
  6. I don't like Mac at all. It's locked down too heavily and too "protected", you can't really modify it at all. Apple do that to all their products - look at the iPhone. Macs and iPhones you can't troubleshoot yourself very well - whereas even though Windows may crash or break more often you can still fix it or modify it in ways that it won't happen again. Mac you just can't, you just run around begging Apple to fix it, crying at the huge tech bills they give you. With Windows you can customise and do basically anything to it (within reason), however I agree it's not as powerful as a good Linux distro like Debian, Kali etc. Look at iOS - can't even access the file system without jailbreaking it - and even then it's still not ideal. As opposed to Android, which is built on Linux in a way that you can access the CLI, you can do more with it - including accessing the file system without root :P Downloading files from the internet is easier - even without root, watching videos in multiple formats - not just .mp4 (Apple is stupid in that area), and even the small thigns like installing different themes and widgets. It feels more like you are in control. Owning an Apple product means Apple owns you. Android > iOS Windows > Mac (even though Windows is a little buggy at times)
  7. I do believe in being ready for anything..but that maybe a little bit too ready, and for something not too good...
  8. Yeah, could be that QuickCreds sets the language before it runs the payloads, whereas the others don't so it doesn't interpret it properly.
  9. Well you clearly do have Powershell lines in your script lol. Looks like your firmware has broken so much it only wants to run one payload. You can try some "udisk" commands in the serial console, see if that helps (1 or 2 of those commands will probably wipe everything, but maybe it'll help you get back on your feet). E.g. "udisk reformat".
  10. The serial console's resolution would be based on the program you use that hosts the console I would imagine..Most commonly used is Putty.
  11. This has already been done by numerous payloads. E.g. My payload, Slydoor, comes with a script that does exactly this. Creates an Admin user called "Slydoor" with password "slydoor". Good thinking though.
  12. FGSP..Man, guaranteed <12 yo? :P
  13. I don't know how you get the theme on there, but maybe you put the wrong file in? Or maybe it's still within another folder or zip file? Just relook at the tutorials and go through them from the start, you've obviously missed something. Don't dismiss a Google search just because you think you've followed it but the results don't show..
  14. Here you go. Enjoy!
  15. Ah. Sounds like the language your using is the issue. What's your PCs language? You need to have the Bunny's language the same as the PC's, otherwise when it injects keystrokes it won't interpret them correctly. Below shows how to change them. Refer: https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!./index.md#Languages