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  1. I have to agree with @Rkiver I've only been doing this for 3 months and officially on the forum for a month and I have found that self teaching is the way to go, so I'm only new to this as well. Find something that interests you and start there. For instance every one says start with phython but I haven't even written 1 python script yet. I have however been learning Powershell for ducky script and I have learnt so much it's not funny, Powershell is extremely powerfull. I have also been learning networking and html. Just pick something you can see yourself using and start researching that.
  2. Regarding your pi projects. I run a raspberry pi 3 with Ubuntu server installed and an openvpn vanilla server running on that. It's great I had a few issues and a few reinstalls but I'm only new to openvpn. After setting it up 4 time and tinkering I love it, it's brilliant. Runs with no issues and mine has been up in total (between tinckering) for about a week and running for only 2 days now but I haven't had any issues that aren't user error and after correct setup I can't fault it. I'm also about to start an OwnCloud server build on my second raspberry pi 3 and from what I have read it works great too. The plan it to get the OwnCloud server up and running (and I still have 1 pi left after that for another project 'need ideas') then cluster then together in a cluster case run ethernet cables to all 3 into a switch and power them from a 5 port high watt usb hub, strap it all together in a nice package and bolt a cooling fan to it, then sit it next to my router and run 1 ethernet cable and 1 power cable to them and have them run 24/7 just sshing into them if need be. Hope you like the idea, don't thing anyone else will use it though :(
  3. Hey guys just need some help with an issue I'm having. I have recently set up a vanilla openvpn server on a raspberry pi 3 and everything was going great until I rebooted to see if the changes stuck. After rebooting the openvpn server is working great and giving me a tun0 connection but I now have no ethernet connection (eth0). All I have done is installed Ubuntu server (raspberry pi hybrid) and set up an openvpn server as per the Hak5 episode. So all I have done is installed openvpn and easy rsa, set up the server and I have also set a static ip so I can port forward later after I get everything working. Apart from that the Ubuntu server install is standard, the raspberry pi 3 is standard and the openvpn server is standard. I have been lead to beleave that the static ip I have set up is the issue from the research I have done as everything else is working great and I have to change a conf file to get my eth0 back but don't know where to start. Can someone please point me in the right direction of the file and changes I need to make.
  4. Good to know mate., maybe it's worth playing with this weekend after I set up my server. Thanks for the heads up and I'll leave the thread open incase someone comes up with a command in the mean time. Good call on removing the hat link too haha
  5. Awesome thanks for the heads up I'll give it ago. I'm assuming that if it works on window 7 it's forwards and maybe backwards compatible? Not many changes have been made to powershell from what I can tell. I'll have to read up on Windows 7 powershell too. Thanksfor the tip.
  6. So just a simple question, I have the means to do the below but just need a proof of concept. I want to run an OwnCloud server on a raspberry pie so I can access all of my files on the cloud for anywhere (as you do), but was also wondering if you're able to send file to OwnCloud from powershell. I know you can send files and email with powershell but can an OwnCloud server receive them? If anyone has any idea of the actual command involved to send a file to an OwnCloud server from powershell could you please post that as well? Thanks for all the help.
  7. Thanks for the help. This is the final product that i have come up with and I'm super happy with it for my first script and Imy first go at powershell. I know there would be a way to shorten the powershell down, so if anyone comes up with anything please post it below. I also added a generated date stamp to the output txt file so you can save multiplet computers and days worth of extracted files. eg mate forgets his wifi password to give to you and you want the wifi password from work you can plug it in and save both automatically.
  8. I'll try that thanks. But can you still interact with the window when it is hidden, ie hid attack?
  9. So I have been working on a script (admittedly for a while, this is my first script) to grab wifi names and passwords off computers and dump them to a text files. So fair I have it working great, it grabs every wireless Internet connection that the computer has ever made and it dumps it straight back to usb within seconds, to grab and go. I just need help with one thing... How to hide the powershell window and is there anyway of making this script better (I already know i can use powershell to sent txt files to servers or through email i just think its easier with such a simple script to dump it straight back to usb)? Here is the Script
  10. I was having the same problem the other day with the online encoder while using some powershell I had written up. Easiest way to fix it is to just download the Java encoder and use that. I havent had an issue since. The Java encoder seams to be upto date with bug fixes