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  1. Flashed with no problems
  2. Great resource Very helpful
  3. Was dead simple to update! thanks Guys!
  4. What's the easiest way to better yourself? Apt-get upgrade
  5. My name is Rosie Kigu Favourite game: According to steam, Hacknet Favourite OS: Whatever I'm running at the time Favourite console: Linux command Nationality: Us Accent: I'm Quiet Sex: ? (not a priority) Age: eternally 25 Race: Animegao Doll Height: 6'2" Status: Married Build: Ladylike Favourite band: AKB Favourite book: Kiss Him Not Me Favourite movie: Robocop (1987) Favourite director: Tarintino Favourite TV Show: Better Call Saul Favourite actor: Ryan Gosling (He's dreamy) Favourite actress: Karen Gillan (She's Dreamy) Favourite Pinup: Cici: http://www.kigurumionline.org/gallery/index.php/ImageExtended/1758/ Favourite Comedian: Matt Braunger Other hobbies: Kigurumi Cosplay, System Building, Shoehorning A pineapple into cosplay Car: 2004 Toyota Prius Occupation: Animegao Kigurumi Performer