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  1. One of the things you can start with is checking You tube, there are multiple videos out there for beginners in Linux and even plenty dedicated to Kali specifically. Just remember you have o crawl first, the info sec field is very vast and it is easy getting in over your head and getting frustrated with it.
  2. anybody have a preferred Platform/vendor? I am looking at mainly using it for out of network testing and a possibly for a websites. Just wondering if anybody had good reviews of any or one that is preferred
  3. I have one but i haven't even looked at it. Ill give it a look soon and give you some feed back
  4. Like he said if it is full and hit some sort of buffer and shuts off. also are you running Kali Native on a machine or through some sort of VM?
  5. i have just felt a lack of creativity on my part, not to mention the lack of time.
  6. This made my day
  7. Anybody use Snort? I consulting on a business that has limited resources so i am looking to cut some cost, as most of the funds were spent upgraded their end user hardware and migrating necessary software to a cloud solution. They are currently using their firewall to do everything routing, DHCP, IDS, VPN and overall network management. A lot of those features require licences yearly, while i have already managed to repurpose some of their switches for internal routing and network management and used one of the left over servers for a DHCP server. I wanted to see if snort would be a viable solution for IDS so that they could have active live alerts not just someone checking the firewall. Thanks
  8. I looks fine to me. have you tested it yet? I was looking at doing something like this on one of my extra PIs.
  9. Does anyone have any fun Raspberry Pi or Pi zero projects they recommend? i have a few of each laying around looking for new Ideas
  10. VPN

    If you havnt chosen one yet i would recommend Nord as a good affordable vpn. I use it for a lot of online activities event streaming Netflix at work (during my lunch break). and works with TOR as well if that tickles your fancy.
  11. what are you trying to set in virtual box? you can msg me the error if you would like i can try to help Also as he said Google can be a life saver. learning how to use the keywords can really help your search results trust me i learned the hard way.
  12. how do you like it? I am shopping around for a newer one as i have an Accer Aspire V that is just getting a little to clunky.
  13. rubber duck

    Exactly what he said. Not only that as everyone says you should do any "Testing" on an network or PC that you do not own. If you are looking at getting one i recommend it, there are plenty of sources to learn from that have not only been provided by Hak5 but that they have recommended as well. check the forums here for help with learning the ducky script and here is a site that has some useful tools on it aswel
  14. Thanks for the share of these i found some new toys to play with
  15. once you get the hang of things DVWA is really good to practice on as well. If you get hung up on it there are plenty of YouTube videos on it.