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  1. Bring your battery bank and nano to any Halo shop and choose one that fits. I cut out holes at the sides for the antenna and at the bottom for the extra wifi adapter.
  2. http://halomobileclothing.com/product/sheridan/
  3. The case is by a local brand in Manila.
  4. Made my own tactical case for the Nano from local suppliers. Belt case with carabiner - US$12 10,000mah battery bank (3 usb ports) - US$18 180 degree USB adapter - US$7 RaLink RT5370 mini WiFi adapter - US$12 Total came up to about US$49 Pictures:
  5. Starting Windows 8, passwords are no long stored in memory in the same way that can be reversed.
  6. Does the S001 firmware work with OSX?