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  1. Sounds like you need a Basic Metasploit payload (dont worry about the stealth /undetected part for now). Have a look at Metasploit Minute for Tutorials about Metasploit.
  2. I know the DownloadFile command runs just fine (remove everything after the ;). The file should then be in your temp folder (named update.vbs). The error is the line after the ';'. This line tries to run the update.vbs located in the temp folder but if you want to run a.exe in powershell you cant just type a.exe you have to use ./a.exe (you understand my point?)
  3. What you are describing is the Twinduck firmware (have a look at the wiki). It will mount your Ducky as a USB Drive and as a HID. So it will execute keystrokes while being mounted as a USB Drive. You can of course write the output ofthe ipconfig command to your usb drive. will look something like (in cmd): for /f %a in ('wmic logicaldisk get volumename^,name ^| find "DUCKY"') do ipconfig > %a/ip.txt Note that your sdcard must be labeled DUCKY for this to work.
  4. The download command is right. the '%temp%/update.vbs is wrong. You want to run update.vbs right? try somehting like cd %temp%; ./update.vbs Note the './'
  5. i have never used the online generators but could't you just copy the duckyscript they give you and "compile" it yourself to the inject.bin (while using the -l de option). I had never Problems using the -l de option in the encoder.jar and if i did i screwed up in my duckyscript :D
  6. Couldn't you just use 802.11w on which deauth packets wont work?
  7. Yep ALT y ist for the american layout (german would be ALT j). I can't tell you why the online generator still tries to bypass uac even if you dont want to. Just write your payloads manually. If you press ALT space and then m you can move the window with your arrow keys.(for example move the window out of the visible screen by pressing arrow down). I dont know if m (for move) will work on a german layout since my windows is set to english (but german keyboard layout). If m wont work you could try "v" (verschieben).
  8. ALT y only works if you have a american keyboard/keyboad mapping because "yes" starts with a "y". For German it has to be ALT j it just depends on your language settings. have you tried doing it manually by hand and see if that works?
  9. You could download your files via HTTP rather than FTP. So that you dont have to enter your credentials for downloading.
  10. What exactly isn't working? Have your verified that you encode the payload using the right Keyboard layout? Have you tried executing the payload manually? (by that i mean repeating what the duck would do by yourself and see if it works).
  11. Interesting concept :) Not tested it yet but AutoIt seems fine for the job. Nice work.
  12. java -jar encoder.jar -i yourpayload.txt -o inject.bin -l <your-language> Replace <your-language> with the appropiate keyboard layout in your case fr .
  13. In your resources folder of the Rubber Ducky encoder or here Make sure you encode your payload using the -l fr flag.
  14. TLDR: Hey, since the Simple-Ducky Payload Generator is discontinued i think.. i just wanted to create an easy way to generate existing payloads and move the needed files to the Rubber Ducky. PyDuck is a Python Script which helps you to get your once written USB Rubber Ducky Payloads onto your Duck's SDCard quickly. You can even change variable components by using a simple set <attribute> <val> command. All of this is made easy with a Metasploit like interface. Simply choose your payload with use <payload> configure it and there you go :) Have a look into the bundled modules in the module folder to understand the attributes but here is a quick explanation. Your duckscript is: ... STRING <replacable_text> ... In your module.json just add you attribute to the attributes tree like this: "attributes": { "replacable_text": "The default value" } If you know load your payload with 'use <your_payload>' you can now use the following: set replacable_text Hak5 is awesome :) If you then generate the inject.bin using: gen or generate the <replacable_text> will be replaced with Hak5 is awesome. Isn't that...awesome? :D You can even add folder/files to your module.json which are needed for you payload (have a look at the mimikatz_lazagne payloads to see how this works.) I really suggest that you have a look at the existing payloads to figure out how this works :D More Information can be found on the Github Repo: Let me know what you think.
  15. for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label^|findstr "DUCKY"') do @set duck=%d This cmd line will save the ducky drive letter to the varibale "duck" (your drive should be labeled DUCKY). Dont know about the clipboard part though...