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  1. The configuration file advertise : Configured for linux by default. Swap RNDIS_ETHERNET with ECM_ETHERNET on Windows But on the BB WIKI it says that : ECM_ETHERNET ECM - Ethernet Control Model, is rather suited for : Linux/Mac/Android Ethernet Adapter can one use ECM_ETHERNET on windows ? (if so, how to install the drivers ?)
  2. Same here I had to rewrite this one. Works now in Win 10 & 7 here is my version based on samdeg555 's (BTW : no need of a.cmd anymore) payload.txt
  3. French keyboard, s'il vous plait ! But I think it is already On, by using : QUACK SET_LANGUAGE fr
  4. You get greeted by a blank page, that did surprised my as well. Just press enter a few time you'll see the prompt asking for your login / password
  5. I have noticed that the stop url snarf command doesn't always work (as you mentioned the right PID is not killed) solution : exit turtle shell type : ps to show active process note the <pid> of urlsnarf type : kill <pid> to kill the process manually return to turtle shell then go to configure choose SSHFS (option 1 for the logs) then back to the previous menu (urlsnarf should be stopped at the time beeing) start urlsnarf exit turtle shell go to /SSHFS on the turtle browse in http (ursnarf is listening to 80 / 8080 etc...) you should find a urlsnarf log file. which should also be found under /home/turtle in you VPS