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  1. Now i got really excited, any date i should be looking forward too?
  2. What about the mark 6?
  3. can you try and run rc.local manually.
  4. it might breaks because its a verbose command, try it like this. openvpn /etc/sd/openvpn/filename.ovpn > /dev/null 2>/dev/null & I added something that will redirect the output to /dev/null (the void)
  5. Because its outdated, the pineapple has SSLSplit (does the same) and SSLStrip2
  6. I do not see how intercepting passwords help you filter and protect the network but ok. No problem.
  7. I doubt that. The pineapple is literally made for intercepting traffic, so yes it can perform MITM attack, but the traffic you are talking about is encrypted and i doubt anything on the pineapple can decrypt it, so no you cant steal their creds that way. Yes you can grab the information and "track down" the AP, or deauth people from it, but (or tell them) The best thing to do here is to put restrictions on the computer,(or just let them use the internet freely) You cant hide radio waves, you will still be able to see the BSSID (MAC of the AP)
  8. Here is all you need. Try to write the script you want and if you have specific questions/problems come back and we might help. #NOSPOONFEEDING How to write duckyscript. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeDYD9nb7PM How to write batch scripts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_m42BWw91U
  9. You can edit your interfaces under settings/network or the top-right menu. But are you having any connectivity issues? If yes before or after running wp6.sh ?
  10. What payload are you talking about?
  11. Have you captured and started broadcasting any SSID's ? Yes, of course this can change with future updates, but i was working with PineAP a few days back and got both samsung S7's and iphone 7 connected.
  12. If you have tried everything from the wiki, and the BB still wont work i suggest you contact hak5 support.
  13. Look up firmware recovery https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!index.md
  14. Cool. You should post your result
  15. If you have a win10 machine you can test it.