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  1. Can someone tell me what I have to make so I can read the output of my decoding? That would be cool.......;-P
  2. lanturtle

    Thanks for your answer...... Yes, the LT is plugged to a direct power source..... So at least one of the two IPs should be achievable, but this is not the case... Do i have to forward Port 22 for Or for 192.168.178.xx? For now this is the output of my screen
  3. lanturtle

    My goal is to make my LanTurtle accessible over the entire LAN or the very best in the WAN. For this I proceed as follows Step 1: Without LanTurtle plugged in -> Windows 10 -> ipconfig Step 2: LanTurtle via Ethernet cable cable to the router, other side --> USB at the laptop -> ipconfig Step 3 SSH into the LanTurtle Step 4: Update modules Now, if i plug out the LanTurtle after Step 4 and connect it to the LAN like in those two Pics below i cant receive the LanTurtle over LAN anything else.... What is my fault?
  4. I dont get it.... Do I have to install meterpreter directly on the wifi pineapple or on another machine? #ssh Would be no problem, would have enen Raspberry Pi, on the Metasploit runs. But every time I enter on the API of the Pineapple Meterpreter Module the login data of my "Home Network-Raspberry Pi" nothing happens at all!
  5. Hi....can anyone give me a description how to sign my payload with a trusted Windows certificate? A link to a tutorial would be cool! Thank you!
  6. I hope someone can help .... I have a wifi pineapple nano,with a 16 gigabyte sd card is! All modules installed on the nano have been installed in the sd-dir. Without exception! When I, however, via ssh wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kbeflo/wifite-openwrt/master/INSTALL.sh | Bash -s - -v -v I received the message ---> on the device is no more space left! How do I clean up the pineapple-disk? and how do i install wifite in the sd dir? Respect for the entire hak5 workforce! You are mad!