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  1. Have you moved the ManaToolkit folder to /pineapple/modules/? Also SD cards could cause problems as Zylla just said here.
  2. 1. Remove sdcard 2. Format thumb drive to ext4 on your computer 3. Plug the thumb drive to the Pineapple 4. fdisk -l 5. Check if your thumb drive is listed 6. mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 /sd/
  3. Connecting to the mgmt access point or even the any of the occupinapple broadcasted access points of the Pineapple could pretty much give access to the web interface. After connecting just go to or preset IP i.e
  4. How about reset everything, and follow a step-by-step setup procedure for everything required for the OpenWrt SDK. We'll just follow through after that.
  5. Pineapple Nano recovery is conflicting with your Asus router with IP address range, I suggest disconnecting from your Asus router first before continuing.
  6. Quick fix: Open wifite-ng file using your favorite text editor Go to line 183, and modify dir='/tmp/' to dir='/sd/tmp/' After that create tmp folder on your sd card, mkdir /sd/tmp I apologize for the neglect on this issue. Made the fix on the install script, just rerun the setup again.
  7. Got it. This was compiled from the github link I gave right? Thanks again Zylla.
  8. Thanks! @Zylla but I'm getting error 429 from dropbox.
  9. @Zylla, on-topic is shellinabox compilable on the Pineapple? I was hoping to use shellinabox found on github and hope to use it on the Pineapple https://github.com/OnionIoT/OpenWRT-Packages/tree/master/shellinabox.
  10. Awesome work from the Hak5 team, I appreciate the fix for cheeto. Great support team guys, thank you.
  11. Looking forward to this module. Any updates?
  12. Feature request for the WiFi Client Mode to remember Interface, Access point and Password even after rebooting.
  13. @hfam just in case you haven't found this yet, feast your eyes~
  14. Welcome kind sir, feel free to ask anything here. We're glad to help you.
  15. evil portal

    Found a workaround on this, On the networking tab I connected wlan2 to a prepaid wireless 3G hotspot. I have no credits loaded nor internet access, but it does make the Pineapple redirect to the Evil Portal. Not a very reliable solution, but still you can do this while still being mobile.