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  1. You dont need to change anything. Just connect the RJ45 cable and log into the webui with the ip:1471 your router gives the pineapple or you can still plug in the usb cable to reach without having to run the wp6.sh script.
  2. running SET on the pineapple is not possible and dnsspoof or even dnsmasq will not redirect a user away from facebook because of HSTS protocol.
  3. Named it the Pineapple because the first version they made, they put in a plastic pineapple and was more of a novelty item and then enough people inquired about making one or buying one that they started using availible hardware like portable routers to flash the pineapple software too. Then with the Mark V they made there own device and the Nano and Tetra are the 6th generation of the pineapple. The tetra has 2.4ghz and 5ghz capability where the MarkV only has 2.4ghz. This is what i have gathered from the hak5 videos.
  4. Im thinking that your not getting enough power to run Site Survey and PineAP with what you described. The Tetra requires 18-24w of power so just you pc is probably not enough. 2x 5v2.4a connections are needed or the 12v2a wall plug. I would try the wall plug and yes also connect one usb cable from eth1usb to the pc. That should hopefully fix your reboot problem. ICS on mac is not as easy as linux but maybe a little easier than windows. Find my post in this thread and it will help you with ICS on mac. for ICS on kali ive had some problems lately with kali not wanting to have both eth0 and eth1(pineapple) on at the same time, so the wp6.sh is a little harder to setup.
  5. has anybody messed with the ASUS tinkerboard yet?
  6. are you using a payload on switch 1 or 2? Or are you on switch 3 which is arming mode. Need more details to help. If your using smb_exfiltrator as the topic would suggest, are you using it on the correct system?
  7. I have been using a sandisk 8gb class 10 and it has worked just fine.
  8. I use a Pi Zero and Pi Zero W for a lot of things like that. In Fact i've been using the Zero W to help me figure out some PineCore stuff that I want to test before i do it on the bunny itself.
  9. Installing another OS would involve editing partitions that make the bunny so easy to use. Also it would definitly void the warranty as the recover partition would be lost most likely. the OS on the bunny is a debian distro that logins in as root on boot. it is an 8gb device but its partitioned off for the OS, Recovery and other things leaving around 2gb for user which is more than enough.
  10. have you tried using a different pc to see if its the pc?
  11. go to your diskutil gui app and see if its even mounting when you plug it in. I have had a problem with it not automatically mounting when I plug it in. If thats not the case then Im not sure because I didnt install anything special on my mac to use the bash bunny with it.
  12. have prepaid straight talk and its only 55 a month for 10gigs
  13. I have a rooted nexus 6p, I play a couple of android games on it but I don't like to really drain the battery with game because I use it a lot for music. I have 10gb data a month and I use it all for mostly streaming music.
  14. hahahaha thats great. Ive done the same with DD lol. @Darren Kitchen funny joke. "Whats red and bad for your teeth?" A failed Bunny Payload lol. ( a brick is technically the right answer but probably not the answer Alex Trebek is looking for on this one lol. )
  15. @NightStalker made a script for this. #!/bin/bash # # Title: Mac Serial Connect # Author: NightStalker # Version: 1.0 # # Finds the Bash Bunny in the /dev/cu.* location and # prompt you to connect to it. clear bunnyloc=`ls /dev/cu.* | grep usbmodem` echo "Bash bunny is located at: $bunnyloc" read -r -p "Would you like to connect to it? (Y/N): " connanswer echo $connanswer if [ "$connanswer" == "N" -o "$connanswer" == "n" ] then exit 0 elif [ "$connanswer" == "Y" -o "$connanswer" == "y" ] then screen $bunnyloc 115200 fi make executable and run in terminal. It has worked great for me. Also all general questions belong in the general Bash Bunny section. This section is reserved for Payloads only.