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  1. www.wifipineapple.com has all the info you need to figure out the chipset and then google what you need to know for the chipset. The 5ghz setting for airodump is a simple command you have to add to your command to have it scan both. if you want to connect to the tetra as a wifi router then you have to plug it into a modem with internet access. The device itself cannot be used as a wifi adapter or dongle for you pc. The pc is for accessing the GUI and granting access to share the PCs internet with pineapple so that the pineapple has a connection to the internet
  2. you dont need to use this command as wlan1 is already in monitor mode
  3. this topic keeps coming up over and over and nobody searches or knows how to search.
  4. because its not windows and the machines work.
  5. for the PineAP logging you can set the path to save at, idk about the system log though.
  6. setup DNSmasq spoof with the websites pointing to and have both EP and DNSmasq spoof running.
  7. Do you have linux?
  8. Yes, the OpenAP is open to all and the Management AP for you to control the device. Also the very first post in this thread talks about not posting wifi pineapple questions on the Questions thread. For any questions on the pineapple go to the Wifi Pineapple Section of the Forums for more or better help.
  9. If the drivers for the ducky are not installed on the system then the PC will get drivers and install them. That being said, you can change the VID and PID and it will change what drivers the PC looks for to install. After drivers are installed it should work right away, as long as the inject.bin is good.
  10. yes they will be loose. some people have taken the case apart by removing the sdcard and taking a butter knife to lightly pry the case open and then drill out the holes to make for a better connection on the upgraded antenna.
  11. the antenna for the nano will not work on the tetra without sma to rp-sma adapters. No body really has upgraded that has been on here because the antennas provided are freaking awesome. So if you wanted to upgrade you would have to upgrade both antennas on one side or both sides. I dont know which side is wlan1 or wlan0 but both antenna on a side need changed to upgrade because they are mimo 2:2 antenna
  12. if you just want to mess around with it and not worried about mobility then go Tetra. If being mobile is your thing, go nano. The Tetra supports 2.4ghz and 5ghz and the Nano is 2.4ghz only. With that said, I have a backpack I always carry around and the Tetra fits inside just fine with batteries, laptop, and other odds and ends, so it just depends on whats best for what you want to do. Some people have a problem with the sdcard on the nano and you can use a usb stick and mount it as the sdcard which have help some people. But 2gb nand is more than enough. After mine is setup and ready to go, I have 1.8gb free space, which is more than enough, and you can add a usb stick if you really need to.
  13. mine works fine on both nano and tetra. TP-Link TL-WN722N.
  14. lmao hell yes. Pineapple and redbull. hahahaha see what I did there. but seriously a banana and a redbull wake me up everymorning.