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  1. 220v usb? You need a 5v power supply for the usb power with the right amount of Amps to power the tetra. the tetra need 18-24 watts of power which equals 2x 5v2.4a power supply. some batteries have 2 5v2.4a plugs or you could use 2 different batteries with the 5v2.4a usb ports. under powering causes problems but overpowering with a 5v power supply is not a problem as the tetra will only draw what it needs.
  2. you might want to try a different SD card and if that doesnt work then email support. be patient if you email support because it is a small crew and they are working there butts off to make all orders and RMA's.
  3. I use ScanDisk Ultra 8g, 16g, and 32g also Samsung Evo 32g have all worked fine for me.
  4. what kind of sd card are you using
  5. how are you powering device and what firmware are you using
  6. Yes
  7. it comes with 3 dbi. you could use 16dbi I think is the max in the US before it is outside regulation. RP-SMA antennas, very common.
  8. how are you powering the nano. I ask this because a lot of problems with the nano can be traced back to the amount of power provided
  9. Are you just trying to get clients to connect?
  10. Ive had a problem where all my modules disappear and i shutdown the nano, eject the sd card and reinsert and problem fixed.
  11. Depending on the carrier of the phone that option wont be enabled. if you root the phone you can add a line to the build.prop that will allow you to make a hotspot on your phone. Or you can use the Management AP on the pineapple itself to access the pineapple.
  12. what is your home router ip? is it interfering with the pineapple and id send another email if it has been that long on the RMA
  13. even if you dont have data or a plan, you can make a hotspot with the android device and have a 3rd radio (wlan2) for the pineapple that connects to the hotspot. Then you can access the webui with the phone. you will need to power it with a battery. Second option would be to set occupineapple up for start on boot, that way you dont have to worry about connecting it to anything. I will just automatically start broadcasting the ssid from occupineapple after starting up. If you go with option 2 make sure you test it first. Ive set things up for auto start and later turned them off not thinking about it and was shit up a creek when i remembered what i did and had no way to fix it until it got home.
  14. and I misunderstood that last post i thought you were you using the one you originally linked too. Im glad you got it working
  15. @Sebkinne I didnt try to unmount and remount like @Fang_Shadow suggested. I did the "reformat_udisk" and while yes it erased everything, it did fix the problem. Thank you.