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  1. if your ifconfig is showing then ICS should be enabled. When plugged in without ICS you will get a or something similar that is not when ICS is enabled it will show up as You cant get to the webui once that shows? remember you have to log into
  2. Use the wall outlet and usb eth id say if you have ubuntu or kali that would be your best bet. Some people have had this problem before and its mainly a power issue. but wget the wp6.sh and make it executable and I prefer to set wp6.sh manually, make sure you know your gateway IP which is most likely the ip of your wifi router ( or etc). after setting it up with the tetra plugged into the pc make sure the script finds the pineapple. if so then proceed if not try this FAQ section on wifipineapple.com and if you haven't made it past the initial setup of flashing the latest firmware then do a firmware recovery. If you have made it past flashing the latest firmware from the first start then try to reset the pineapple.
  3. tetra

    make sure you have the latest firmware and remember PineAP takes advantage of devices that have connected to a "free" or "Open" AccessPoint. So if your devices have never connect to an open AP and that AP is not saved under the WIFI on that device then you most likely wont get anything to connect. When I want to test modules or what have you, I broadcast the openAP and connect my devices to it and then test. OpenAP is wlan0 and the managementAP is wlan0-1.
  4. where did you get the case? Ive got everything but cant find a small holster that I like.
  5. When connected the bashbunny shows up as, for internet sharing it should show up as This is what I have noticed in linux when using it. Still haven't tried it with OSX yet.
  6. Click on "PineAP Log" and it should minimize that window and show System log, Dmesg, and Reporting Log. Also have you tried to reset the pineapple with the reset button and instead of just uninstalling modules, format the sd card and start new.
  7. depends on how big you wanna go. I use this for the nano. Any battery that has at least 5v2a will do. My bigger batteries are RAVpower 22000mah with 3 usb ports at 5v2.4a with a total of 5.8a if all ports are used and a Jackery Titan 20100mah with 2 5v3.4a ports. I also power raspberry pi's with these also which is why i went that big with the batteries.
  8. Seb is making a module for the bunny that will work with the pineapples. AKA Pineapple core.
  9. The usb3 should be enough for light to medium use. If you are going to max it out with clients and a bunch of modules in use at once i would suggest adding the extra power or use a battery pack. the Nano needs 5v2a which equals 10w of power for full use.
  10. what OS are you using? if linux wget http://www.wifipineapple.com and then make it executable chmod +x wp6.sh. run as root and set up manually the last ip you enter is your routers ip aka the gateway ip
  11. you would get a better answer if you asked in the Port Auth thread itself
  12. Try disabling your firewall then run it. I had this problem with the pineapple wp6.sh and I had to disable my firewall
  13. well your getting the power need to power the nano, that exactly how I power mine with my MBP13. On the reset Ive always just held mine for 10sec idk if that would make a difference but there is also a recovery mode you can go through. https://wifipineapple.com/pages/faq <--- check out the firmware recovery option and see if that wont help. EDIT: Apple computers equipped with USB 3 provide up to 900 mA (milliamps) at 5 V (Volts) to most Apple USB peripherals as well as all third-party USB peripherals that comply with USB specifications. Apple computers and displays equipped with USB 1.1 or USB 2 provide up to 500 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts) to most Apple USB peripherals as well as all third-party USB peripherals that comply with USB specifications. I just found this and maybe the macbook isnt powering it up all the way try to connect the second usb of the Y cable to a battery with at least 5v1a. The nano requires 9-11w at max power so it might just be that the nano isnt getting all the power it needs to start up which is weird because ive run mine off 1 for light duty things. But it should at least power up all the way
  14. How are you powering the NANO
  15. have you watched this yet? Your clients have to have an open AP saved in there list of connected wifi on there device. If they don't then its a good chance they wont connect. Meaning if you have only connected to your home network on your laptop, chances are you wont get it to connect to the pineapple by deauthing your network unless its an open AP.