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  1. Potentially then, if the PC being attacked has an internet connection, you could create a ducky script to; 1.) Open file of interest 2.) Capture screenshot and save somewhere specific with specific file name 3.) Open Google Translate URL 4.) Press shortcuts to upload that specific image on this page 5.) Copy the output from Google Translate and paste it somewhere you can then grab it, like sending it to a server. This would, in theory, be possible, but the code would be so specific for the machine being targeted, I doubt you'd have much luck with it outside of a specific operating system. Also, there'd be no error checking ability and if the Google translate page changed in any little way it would also not work. I don't quite understand why you would want to do this anyway. Can't you just grab the document? Why a photo of the document? And if it has to be a photo/screenshot, why not just grab that? Why do you need to the Rubber Ducky to do all the work? I say grab the file and go. You're expecting to do too much with the ducky, it's a grab-and-go device. Get the file, get out.
  2. Not possible. The Rubber Ducky is simply emulating a HID, it doesn't have the ability to process things in the same way a computer can.
  3. That's dodgy. I'd call them up and ask for an explanation as to why your switched off device is eating the same data each month. Sounds like you're being ripped off. Would be interesting to take the SIM out for a month and see if they still try and say you used data. Also, check your contract and make sure there isn't a minimum charge in the small print somewhere.
  4. https://nmap.org/book/man-bypass-firewalls-ids.html
  5. Closest I can think of game-wise is DEFCON. But that's probably still too close to a game for what it sounds like you require. *Edit* I think you can set a game up where all players are the computer, and see how that goes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFCON_(video_game)
  6. Thanks for those laughs Sun Tzu said that offense is the best defence. Not so for the average PC user. A strong defence is the best defence.i.e.; make those passwords decent!
  7. Sh*t, I use nano I can use vi, but it's so slow to use. Sometimes you just want to amend a file quickly
  8. Thanks all :) I get what happened now. Quite ironic that the stringified $group variable began with an @ symbol !
  9. No luck, as above. Must be something to do with the way it's parsing Get-ADuser? (rather than setting the variables without Get-ADuser) I assume I'm doing something wrong here: $y = Get-ADuser JOEBLOGGS -property MemberOf | % {$_.MemberOf | Get-ADGroup | select Name | sort name}
  10. $y = Get-ADuser JOEBLOGGS -property MemberOf | % {$_.MemberOf | Get-ADGroup | select Name | sort name} foreach ($group in $y) { if ("$group" -match "^@") { echo "yep $group" } else { echo "Nope $group" } } yep @{Name=@Testone} yep @{Name=@Testtwo} yep @{Name=Testthree} yep @{Name=Testfour}
  11. Not sure what you mean, sorry. $Group is a variable already recognised by PowerShell - The line 'foreach($Group in $CurrentGroups)' works fine.
  12. Not always. We don't understand why Quantum Mechanics works, but we're making Quantum Computers anyway. I agree that it's important to find out why something works, yes, but not the most important thing. Sometimes deadlines and requirements come first, stuff like that comes after. No ideal, agreed, but that's life.
  13. It used to be called Zelda Online when it was first created, but the creator had to change it after getting sued.
  14. I used to play it back in 2000 UserID wormboy2k. Unholy Nation is a good server. I wouldn't recommend trying to exploit the game in any way. That's illegal and morally wrong. Unless you have permissions from the creators and in writing.
  15. http://www.greenbot.com/article/2457986/how-to-enable-developer-options-on-your-android-phone-or-tablet.html http://www.pcworld.com/article/184656/android_keyboard_shortcuts.html Use these 2 links to create a script.