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  1. Hey Guys, I haven't forgotten about this post i just work away allot and the list is on my desktop machine! the only time i am home is at the weekend before i need to travel again. Ill upload it the first chance i get. Thanks, -Anton.
  2. Will get fresh links up as soon as i get time :) - Anton.
  3. Would be interested in doing this, i have heard chit chat about it in the past. Are there any tuts out there? i wouldn't know where to start.
  4. Thanks for that tip! is that using reaver? the -S command?
  5. I am totally confused by this whole post either that or i am just stupid lol, what all this talk about nets n stuff can someone message me lol.
  6. Yea totally agree with you, they are also allot harder to work with. I also don't really have much success with WPS cracking either due to all the big OEM vendors implementing time delays for how many times you can try a wps pin but yea, here is hoping someone finds a bigger flaw some day, or not lol i just enjoy wireless communications.
  7. Hey cyberjackcyberjack thanks for the reply and sharing the wordlist had really helped me allot, pyrit ftw!
  8. Not read this post in a while and am so glad all you guys got the use out of this. I thought i was setting it indefinitely but for some reason my utorrent crapped out, working on re adding the torrent without having to download it again. Also i would suggest using pyrit in kali / backtrack for using this list, or as shuttin mentioned aircrack might actually support a word list this size now. I am going to be testing this word list using kali linux, i'll post the commands pkms etc to give you guys and idea of just what works best. - Anton.
  9. Glad you guy's found it useful, don't forget to seed it and keep it alive for others. :)
  10. yea, i shoulda mentioned that, take a while to decompress though, i have a phenom ii x 4 965 @ 3.4ghz it took me roughly 25 - 30 mins to decompress, well worth it though.
  11. Compressed File Size: 4.4gb Decompressed File Size: 13gb Just thought i would share the link for those who are looking for a decent list to pen test their networks. The list contains 982,963,904 words exactly no dupes and all optimized for wpa/wpa2. Would also just like to point out that this is not my work, instead it was a guy who compiled a whole load of useful lists, including his own to come up with 2 lists (one is 11gb and one is 2gb) i will be seeding this torrent indefinitely since it is shareware! 20mb up! INFO This is my final series of WPA-PSK wordlist(S) as you can't get any better than this ! My wordlist is compiled from all known & some unknown internet sources such as; 1. openwall 2. coasts password collections 3. Xploitz Master Password Collection(s) vol 1 and vol 2 (official Backtrack 3/4/4R1 wordlist collections, Thanks Xploitz) 4. ftp sites such as; & others 5. all wordlists onand(as of 07/11/2010) 6. all wordlists hosted on; 7. all usernames from "100 million Facebook usernames and personal details" as leaked onto Torrent sites 8. all wordlists from the Argon (site now closed) And as a bonus my personal wordlist of 1.9 GB ! Which also includes; My "WPA-PSK WORDLIST 2 (107MB).rar" & "WPA-PSK WORDLIST (40 MB).rar" Torrent & random usernames grabed from over 30,000+ websites such as youtube, myspace, bebo & outhers sites witch i can't mention .... he he ============================================================================= ALL WITH NO DUPES OR BULL-SHIT AND IS FORMATTED TO WPA RULES OF 8-63 CHARS !! ============================================================================= Hope you enjoy. :¬) ******** P.L.E.A.S.E S.E.E.D W.H.E.N ******** The Pirate Bay Download Link ISO Hunt Download Link Torrent Hound Download Link Hope this helps any one who is starting out and learning about pen testing and network security, and don't forget to seed for others!
  12. Hi, i am Anton from Scotland :D haggis any one?