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  1. I've been here a while. Had an account on the old forums, probably been here since ep1 or 2. I watch the show every so often nowadays, check the forum once every month or two, it does not really feel like a community any more, more a user support forum, but times change and its good the Hak5 team are making a living out of this.
  2. I just install straight Debian or Slackware and just grab anything I need from github/ect, only reason I do it is I use the systems for other things and I don't need or want things i'm not going to use.
  3. Just deactivate your account or ignore it. If its threats towards your life then report it to the police.
  4. Might be useful.
  5. Well there was the Ubertooth which could only sniff a single channel of bluetooth at once, being that Bluetooth hops 2400 to 2483.5MHz and there are 1600 hops per second, you would miss a lot sniffing with anything less than a high end spectrum analyser, or I know you can cover all the channels at once with two USRP2's. Still the Ubertooth had their uses. Other than that, people have looked into things that use Bluetooth, like jamming electric skateboards, which stops the skateboard and sends the rider flying, there is some interest around Bluetooth locks, not so much connecting to them, as that is easy enough (putting them into pairing mode, when the owner isn't there), but how the app's pass the unlock code. You also have a fair amount of research into abusing/playing with iBeacon, bypassing passkey authentication in BTLE in versions 4.0, but 4.1/4.2 fixed a lot of issues around being able to sniff the pairing session, there is the old brute-forcing pass-key on passkey protected devices method.
  6. They look like regular 433MHz modules, the likes you would use for lots of tasks, like weather stations. I'm fairly sure they aren't bidirectional, like,searchweb201602_5_10017_405_404_507,searchweb201603_1&btsid=9ee166ce-9420-4189-a951-7958fc8d64af is kind of cool
  7. Also that antenna is a fairly small helical antenna, this is what I have on my icom
  8. Yeah, I've been going to 2600 meetings since I was 14 or 15 (now in my mid 30's), its always been a good place to learn new things, ask questions and make like minded friends, and that goes for any of the global meetings, San Francisco and Toronto 2600 were two of my favourite ones, when I was working out those ways. Its a great way to settle into an area as most sercurity events, feel like a formal networking event where people are trying to sell you a product, service, or themselves. The whole shared interest thing means you rarely go to cons on your own, no matter where they are in the world. I think 8 or 9 people are travelling up for Steelcon this year, as the four of us that traveled up last year had so much fun.
  9. Not sure how many of you are in London, or the surrounding areas, but you might want to check out a 2600 meeting. This will be the London 2600 July meeting. As always we meet at the front entrance of the former Trocadero Centre from 18:30 to 19:30, before moving onto the second venue.For anyone new to 2600 meetings, London 2600 meetings are part of a global movement. Stemming from a radio show and magazine focusing on Phreaking, which flourished into global meetings, happening the first Friday of every month. Bringing hackers/geeks/tech obsessives/cyber punks/tin foil hat wearers together to shoot the shit, relax and have fun.2600 IRCIRC Network - on port 6667 (non-SSL) or 6697 (SSL, recommended)Channel - #26002600 Mailing List Media
  10. Sure you have , and I'd go with the first two.
  11. I'm cheap, just use, and something like Trick is learn the basics from watching videos and reading documentation, along with experimenting. Once you've got a reasonable grasp of the subject, you can normally find a mentor in the community, as long as you aren't annoying.
  12. You might want to go for Chinese ones, the ones I got from AliExpress were $4 each and had no issues range wise. Realistically if you just use a bare wire like they do you aren't going to get the best range, you can get cheap Chinese 70CM band antennas which cover rx/tx on 420 to 450 MHz.
  13. You can use these as stand alone units or feed/receive serial from a rPi, although I don't buy from Adafruit, as I just normally get stuff from China and not pay the US shipping and other additions. If you go with a Adafruit product you do get support and code examples
  14. I've played with the lora stuff on 433MHz, range was fairly good, five-ish miles in a village environment. Towns and cities gets about a mile from experimentation, on a farm I'd not see there being an issue, other then data rates, but if you are just monitoring things like UV, PH levels, wind speeds, temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity, basic shit like that, or using it to trigger relays, then 433MHz is great.
  15. A lot of universities have moved away from having their own servers, which is understandable from a cost stand point and email servers get attacked a hell of a lot. As for companies, well any non US company would be insane to have anything confidential in the US, as they are likely to pass it (willingly or not) to the US government, who then pass it onto American competitors. This is widely known to have happened with Airbus a European company and Boeing as US company. You can't blame the US for doing this, its protecting jobs and what is good for them, which is what governments are meant to do, but you can't trust US services if you aren't American, the same could be said for a lot of other countries.