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  1. lol, whom did you piss of to get neg rep'd :)

  2. Waste servers can be configured to accept public key automatically. Sort of removes the security and darknet side though, at that point it's sort of, unanonymised-ternet.
  3. On a whim I tried using the five pair values as an IP address and port, no go, unless they are out of order or have had there endianism reversed or i entered the values wrong because I wasn't paying attention.
  4. It's also possible that they have been revers endianed (the bits mirrored).
  5. I doubt it was cracked, more likely leaked.
  7. I think he meant:
  8. Well, there are secure file sharing systems that are shared key based (such as waste), using the HD-DVD key as the key is kind of umm... genius? idiotic? I think this is a quantum state thing.
  9. hello (post count +1 :D)
  10. Just an idea metatron, but since you seen to know the talks that are worth watching, why not add a lable to all the talks that you think are worth watching then just post the tags link here?
  11. I can't understand what he's saying with that acent... it would be better with subtitles. I have to concentrate too much on understanding his acent. As a result I probably won't get much out of it.
  12. That is an absalutly fasinating talk... wish I had actualy been there.