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  1. lol, whom did you piss of to get neg rep'd :)

  2. Hi Boris!

    Nice to meet ya! ;)

  3. hi bro.can i be ur friend my name shahiran u can call me shah. i am from malaysia penang. i need some help from you.may be we can chat at ym or msn

  4. Waste servers can be configured to accept public key automatically. Sort of removes the security and darknet side though, at that point it's sort of, unanonymised-ternet.
  5. On a whim I tried using the five pair values as an IP address and port, no go, unless they are out of order or have had there endianism reversed or i entered the values wrong because I wasn't paying attention.
  6. It's also possible that they have been revers endianed (the bits mirrored).
  7. I doubt it was cracked, more likely leaked.
  9. I think he meant:
  10. Well, there are secure file sharing systems that are shared key based (such as waste), using the HD-DVD key as the key is kind of umm... genius? idiotic? I think this is a quantum state thing.
  11. hello (post count +1 :D)
  12. Just an idea metatron, but since you seen to know the talks that are worth watching, why not add a lable to all the talks that you think are worth watching then just post the tags link here?
  13. I can't understand what he's saying with that acent... it would be better with subtitles. I have to concentrate too much on understanding his acent. As a result I probably won't get much out of it.
  14. That is an absalutly fasinating talk... wish I had actualy been there.