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  1. For my personal server i just use ghettovcb script. For production i preference goes to veeam. They also got a cloud solution, this way you can keep backups offsite.
  2. +1 pfsense. Running mine for my datacenter server I'm also using fortigate's with a few customers. But the interface is so complex for such simple things you want to do...
  3. Line 211 is wps connection failed. You mean line 144 Sebkine? Maybe a quick and dirty line of testcode like: system("");
  4. It may be simpler to add some code-patch to the source. So when it detects the limiter it runs a script.
  5. isnt it –i – U+2013 – en dash used e.g. to indicate a range of values
  6. For those who didnt keep up with hack across america vlog. Here's a small part where he talks about the new coin The twitter msg. The same as the website
  7. Like digip said. Here's a real example like what they do:
  8. Michael are you sure you scanned from OUTSIDE your network like didip said. Because all of your results look from inside your own network. Also some routers/will allow scanning your external ip from inside your local network and it will report the local network ports. ( And i know Zyxel DOES ALLOW THIS! ) If you still see problems always make sure to get the latest firmware. For zyxel you can get them at be sure to read the pdf ( some updates remove all settings so make a backup first )
  9. The public key does give a ip and port: -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- --SSLID--34bd91557e621561e5c78622b654d3a2;--LOCATION--evilserver; --LOCAL--;--EXT--; Wich is an VPS located in US.
  10. Most con video's and stuff gather from other sites like youtube :)
  11. Dont forget the belgians ! belgian point to be exactly Great work midnitesnake