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  2. ALT Y works just fine on Windows 10 for me.
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  4. Hello dear Hak5 team. The Hak5 2019 episode is just what I was looking for and I thank you for your hard work. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04, OpenVPN 2.3.10 I follow the instructions and configure the OpenVPN as root. I get it to work to "Initialization Sequence Completed". OpenVPN is enabled with "service openvpn start"... so far so good. My PC is server (configured as root) and client, I copy the .ovpn to the user home folder. At this point I can surf the web but not through the VPN. If I do (from /home/user/) "$ sudo openvpn pinneaple.ovpn" then I'm not able to surf any webpage and "There is no internet connection" is displayed on the browser. The network icon didn't show warning mesasges so I guess the internet is fine and the pinneaple.ovpn is causing the problem. I read some other sites that refers to tcpdump, change default gateway, etc... but can't find a solution to be able to surf the web through OpenVPN. Thanks in advance.
  5. sudo python works! Next hurdle, I'd like to be able to run that when a particular web page gets a hit, so that I can have Alexa hit the page when I give a voice command. The problem now is that the Apache server needs to be able to do "python" which only works with a sudo....
  6. Picture: Picture with wrong AM waves: Hello guys, I recieved and recorded an ASK_OOK signal from an auto remote key. But when I opened the wav file there wasn't the right wave forms( like in hak5 youtube show (reply attacks with yardstick one)). Please look at the pic. It would be very nice if someone can help me. Thanx JoJo
  7. so when ever i need to leverage a administrator powershelgl it prompts me to say OK on UAC. Alt Y does not work. I have even tried left arrow and space bar but what i have found is i need to do Alt Tab and than left arrow and space but there is no Alt Tab in ducky so anyone found a work around that works?
  8. can someone share sources of twin duck? or is this firmware closed source?
  9. Hi - thanks for the advice, I experienced the same problem and fixed it as above by manually setting the IP address to
  10. Have you tried using a lower storage capacity sd card? It may be that the WiFi Pineapple Nano does not support 128 GB sd card. Edit: It does support up to 128 GB sd card as specified at
  11. Hi, Just a follow up on Windows 10 ICS issue/fix you've explained so well (thank you!). I connected the Nano to my Windows 10 laptop, it sets itself up just fine and configures the network (which comes up as Network 2 in my Network Connections panel). I can browse to the Pineapple just fine on port 1471. As soon as I set internet sharing on my WiFi network and select the Nano network in the drop down box, it reconfigures the Nano network and shows as an "Unknown Network". I switch off ICS, it comes back to Network 2 again and I'm fine - except I have no internet sharing. So back to setting internet sharing again. Ipconfig shows So, this is the same problem that you reported. I followed the fix instruictions. I changed the adapter manually to via the IPv4 properties/Advanced, then disabled and enabled the adapter, but to no avail - the network persisted as "Unknown" and ipconfig showed just an 1pv6 address. No amount of disabling and enabling correctedd this. So, this is not the same fix. I resolved it finally by setting the IP address to - the network continued to say it was an unidentified network, but everything now works for internet connectivity. Anyway, just a bit more information on the issue.
  12. I have a 128Gb SD Card mounted in my Nano (firmware 1.1.3). The SD card has been formatted via the GUI (USB drop down), but subsequent to formatting (and many restarts) does not appear in the left hand table. However, when I SSH into the Nano: fdisk -l shows: /dev/sda 134.2Gb /dev/sda1....130062240 blocks....Linux /dev/sda2.......1004031 blocks.....Linux ls /dev/sdcard -all shows sd -> /dev/sda sd1 -> /dev/sda1 sd2 -> /dev/sda2 /etc/config/fstab shows target '/sd' device '/dev/sdcard/sd1' fstype 'auto' etc ls /mnt shows sda1 cd /mnt/sda1 allows me to change directory to sda1, and I can create files on the sd card. So the card has been mounted, and is working at least at the command line. However, the Advanced Tab in the WiFi Pineapple, while it allows me to format the sdcard, does not show /dev/sda1 in the left-hand window and I can only save infusions to internal storage. Everything seems to be configuredd correctly, but for some reason the nano interface just isn't picking it up. Can anyone provide some guidance here? What am I missing?
  13. Hello @Rkiver :) Any updates with the European store?
  14. Extract root@Pineapple:~# ping PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=54 time=491.306 ms 64 bytes from seq=1 ttl=54 time=289.863 ms 64 bytes from seq=2 ttl=54 time=92.513 ms 64 bytes from seq=3 ttl=54 time=34.167 ms ^Z[3]+ Stopped ping root@Pineapple:~# ping ping: bad address ''
  15. Hello I have set up my Nano to share my wlan0 internet on Kali. I followed all the instructions including running the latest script. The Nano can ping IP addresses but can not resolve URL's. i.e you can ping but not I am thinking just change the DNS server on the NANO but how do you do this? Should be easy but not proving so. Help appreciated. Mike
  16. maybe try iodine or other tunnelling options?
  17. I set the Open AP channel to 100 (5ghz) and after I updated the AP wlan0 and wlan0-1 have gone missing also. Under networking tab and running ifconfig. I also did a reboot and the same thing. I made a bug report on Has anybody else run into this?
  18. @Zylla whats the benefits of modding the firmware on a wn722n? advantages and disadvantages?
  19. run opkg update install modules (Dwall, TcpDump, PortAuth, Deauth, Cabinet, LED Manager, Log Manager, DNS masq, Papers, nmap) scp Evil Portal Beta and My Portals Change a couple files so instead of Wifi Pineapple it says Gorilla Squad set anything that I want to start on boot and then reboot I figured this would get more attention. Im not a security expert im just a curious nerd thats trying to learn as much as possible.
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  21. if you can find SMA vs the RP-SMA that would be ideal like Just_a_User stated you will lose a little using adapters or even antenna extenders. I don't know what kind of range your getting with your Tetra but I live in an apt building and get everybodys during a recon. I have a friend that lives down the street about 3 houses and I pick his up also. Ive also seen a huge increase in the amount of SSID collected with PineAP vs the Nano with 9dbi antenna.
  22. This does nothing for me.
  23. If it can use a text editor then I'm good lol.
  24. I thought this would get more posts :) I'm interested in seeing what others are doing too. Firmware update - as a check because some factory firmwares are not latest version Install modules - Cabinet, CursedScreech, Evil Portal, LED Controller, nmap, Papers, Portal Auth, RandomRoll, Responder, Status, dwall & tcpdump. CLI - Wifite, Horst,, recently testing Mana attack Projects - bash menu system using dialog similar to lan turtle to install my backup files/non standard packages etc. Just a hobbyist non developer - many mistaker - factory reseter :)
  25. It should do yes but each additional connector/adapter will add db's of loss to the system. if you look into the EIRP calculations loss can have an impact on total system performance. example online calculator (there are many)
  26. If I want to use Omni Directional Antenna with RP-SMA Male and use RF RP-SMA Male to SMA Female Adapter for pineapple tetra, will it work?
  27. um, sorry, that didn't work, the echo's need quots or the command seems to stop, cat /etc/resolv.conf; echo '###'; host; echo '###'; cat /etc/network/interfaces
  28. Is the nano using DHCP to acquire an ip address, or is the ip address statically set? Try cat /etc/resolv.conf; echo ###; host; echo ###; cat /etc/network/interfaces and display the results
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