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The official community IRC channel (irc.hak5.org)

#Hak5 IRC Rules

1. Don't troll or annoy users, note there is zero tolerance! so a second chance is not a right.

2. Rules from other networks do not apply here, so be sure to read the network rules, to the left.

3. Don't ask a help question you haven't researched first, if it isn't related to episodes of hak5. And don't join to ask for support with your backtrack related issues. Their help-channel is at #backtrack-linux @ irc.freenode.net,

4. Don't use default nicks as anon and guest etc, always pick a nick. and most important don't use offensive nicks.

5. Don't bring personal bot's to the channel without permission from the owner of the channel. Unauthorized bots will be banned without a warning.

6. Keep politics and religion out of the channel.

7. Don't make up lies about ops and users.

8. Don't try to fake pm's and notice's to users, trying to make them change the server, quit all channels etc.

9. Set autoaway off. We don't care that you've been idle for 5 minutes.

10. Don't repeat yourself. We heard you the first time.

11. Don't beg for ops.

12. Don't join from another host if you get banned, you might get banned for even longer then.

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