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  2. You know to a point I do feel your pain. I myself have had some pains with Hak5 over the years. But I guess the question really becomes, what did you expect, and what are you aiming for? A $5 rpi zero can do everything the duck can do. Does it look as good as the duck? No. Is it as easy to program as the duck? Big No. But then again why are you buying a duck if you don't at least know some programming? The idea of the Hak5 tools were never meant to be plug in play. I think they started going in that direction because we as humans have gotten to that point of expecting things to just work. But a true hacker would never expect that, nor want that. For me, I got these to mess around with and they have all worked flawlessly. Maybe not painlessly at first. But they all worked. And I've learned so much from them over the years. Because of them I've learned to make a $5 rpi act like a duck. Or a $15 micro router act like a packet squirrel or lan turtle. The whole point of these hak5 tools are to help you to learn. So what would you like to learn about today?
  3. Man I'm really not a fan of reliving the past but someones going to have to tell me what they are doing to their Win10 1903 boxes. I have a Win10 1903 with defender on by default. I have a Win10 1903 VM (several) with defender on by default. Granted when I have a payload with mimikatz or anything defender sees it as questionable and instantly deletes it on me which is a huge pain in the... But I have never seen windows defender prevent my inject.bin from running. I'm not even sure how it would see it as it's code execution from within the duck (keyboard)... So I'd like to help but someone needs to explain what's different from their environment compared to mine. Unless something physically changed in the ducks. I have two. A blue one and a green one. I know they went through several small changes back in their prime but both of mine work exactly the same. Course one other thing to point out. What are all of you trying to do? I'd suggest taking a step back and create a payload that opens notepad and says hello. Can your duck do that? Start there. Let me know what you had for results. Then we can go from there. I just got a Malduino and it itself comes with nothing. So first payload was notepad. They my favorite payload which is to show all of the wifi passwords. And then I have done more from there. But all of which were based off the duck and still to this day work on the duck.
  4. What's interesting is the rubbery ducky has been a favorite parlor trick of mine for a few years.. Taking the OSCP I thought I would dust it off and try it to create a c2c back to my son's computer to rick roll him for fun.. And I have the same issue.. Windows Defender keeps detecting it and blocking it once it tries to execute anything. I'm with the original poster.. this was a cool hack, but like the capt crunch whistle.. it might be past its prime now..
  5. Hey Chrizree Thanks for that. Gave me a couple of ideas with that, thank you.
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  7. I had everything running fine and then made the mistake of upgrading to 2.7. Now whenever I fire up evil portal, it runs fine, I capture creds, and everything seems to be in order except...I no longer able to access the pineapple via hardwire or wireless to the management interface. No access to the webgui or ssh. Once I pull power and the nano reboots, I can get back in and see the captured creds (which are only found in the PortalAuth Captured Creds and not in the EvilPortal logs?). I have done my due diligence searching the interwebs/forums and haven't seen anything regarding this. If there is already a post, thread, and/or solution please point me to it. Has anyone else had this issue and have a solution? For now I am going to downgrade to 2.6.2 to see if things go back to working as desired.
  8. did you find solition i get the same issue too
  9. Hey folks, Im moving and selling off as much of my hoard as possible. I havent played with these guys for a while so I just put them on the market. Nano:https://www.ebay.com/itm/224073800246 Bash bunny:http://ebay.us/8ZQq46?cmpnId=5338273189
  10. Well, apparently when using wifi on the ESP32 it steals one core for itself, if you haven't written your code to run on the other core and that core alone it can run into issues. This is just what I've read whilst trying to troubleshoot my project / code. I can't remember which core the wifi hogs but deffo worth a google to avoid any issues.
  11. Nice one!! I have not been doing much multicore task's more then trying out some examples switching between the 2 microprocessors: core 0 and core 1. What kind of WiFi issues did you encounter? As you mentioned earlier on you got recommended to only use 1 core, is there not a possibility to set the task to run on core 0 in such case or is the multitasking needed? (This is way over my knowledge so correct me) You got a very clever project going on 🙂
  12. Learn to use the search function. I don't say it to be mean. Knowing how to look for information is a key skill. https://forums.hak5.org/topic/913-hacking-where-to-begin/ A search would throw up that topic there.
  13. So I've built my current project using the esp32, but it's not reliable, oled displays corrupt, it stops submitting MQTT stuff, apparently there's a few known issues with using WiFi and multi core execution on the 32 (it's allegedly fixed, I say it isn't) But these issues don't exists on the 8266 as it's a single core, so I'm going to give my project a bash on the 8266 and see if it's more reliable. It's actually a humidity & temp monitor / fan controller for my cigar storage haha, IoT everything right? I've got multiple HDC1080 TI sensors and OLEDs on each shelf in the cooler so I can see exactly how my collection is doing. But reliability is an issue, external antenna would be nice too.
  14. Can someone guide me to become a Ethical Hacker. I am just new to this and I know little bit of python and Java. I have always been interested in this field and I am looking forward for a career in it.
  15. https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/ There's a whole part of the forum for it.
  16. Sounds like you got a complex project going, might i ask you why you use the esp8266 and not the 32? (though with my library mess in mind i might just be best not saying a thing ) 🙂 I will keep you posted, guess it will take at least 2-3 weeks to get them, btw remember that if you buy one of those modules there are 2 versions. Keep an eye on https://github.com/Xinyuan-LilyGO/LilyGO-T-SIM7000G/issues/1
  17. I'm finding the ESP32 super unreliable at the minute, I don't know if it's my code or what but i'm esp-resetting the thing after so many loops just to try and keep it reliable. It's a complex project though with an i2c multiplexer etc. a lot of folks have suggested running the code on just 1 core, I'm going to switch to the ESP8266 feather and see how it runs. I guess the joy of the ESP stuff is the sleep modes, those things can run on low power for a LONG time if done right. Do keep us posted by all means as I'm curious and i'll build one too!
  18. Ok so I did everything as supposed to when installing on an Acer C720 (trying to install Parrot 4.7) and install goes fine. Whenever I finish the install and go to boot, I select a boot device and it freezes up. Anyone have a similar problem or a solution?
  19. Yeah, this is great place to share thoughts, ideas and give each-other a kick in the bum 🙂 Regarding arduinpcap and handshakes with esp8266 vs esp32 watch (spacehuhn's quick explanation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hs6x1tMzf4 space The Pi zero W is a wonderful toy but attaching a 3-4g dongle and a powercore. Hmm, doable but im way to lazy xD And yep, ESP's are fun as heck 🙂
  20. I Have a few questions about the article "Stealing Files with the USB Rubber Ducky – USB Exfiltration Explained." I would like to know if that code for the payload would work for an OSX system and if it does not work what would be the changes needed for it to work. Also would I have tried to use the same payload for jpgs and photos but it does not seem to work, Is there a way for that to succeed or is it not possible. I would really appreciate it since that is the task I have been given. Thanks
  21. I looked at arduinpcap etc but I thought I read somewhere in the docs that they can't capture a partial or full handshake. Don't forget that a PCAP isn't always a handshake, can just be packets as far as I'm aware. Might be wrong. I do think some guys have managed to get the Pi Zero wifi adaptor working in permisc mode so you could still look at that (not trying to put a downer on your project, just trying to help! as i'd be keen to build whatever you build too, esp or otherwise! I've got loads of the little fudgers all over the house haha)
  22. There are various reasons https://theairdock.com/check-mac-cpu-temperature/ why you will need to monitor the CPU temperature on a macOS. Perhaps you are attempting to benchmark your recently purchased device, or possibly you might want to discover when really the fans get moving.
  23. Hi PanicAcid, ty for the input. Yes, i am fully aware that the module (dev board) is a esp32 micro controller programmable via the Arduino IDE. And i would agree that using a (pineapple tetra or nano)/ Pi 3/4/Zero w with an external WLAN adapter such as Alfa AWUS036ACH and/or AWUS1900 together with an external powercore and a gps dongle would do the job very effectively. But as much as that is fully possible the full size package would be heavier and bigger then TTGO T-SIM7000G ESP32. Workaround for WPA/WPA2 handshakes could be capturing the 4-way handshake with the EAPOL messages? -> Capturing and storing EAPOL & PMKID packets in the sd card should be possible using the esp32? https://github.com/spacehuhn/PacketMonitor32 and/or https://github.com/spacehuhn/ArduinoPcap Converting the pcap files to hccapx to be used in hashcat should work? Anyway ty for the thoughts/input, was not gonna use it for capturing handshakes but that would be a great addition. Reboots/crashes - well ya name it... on micro controllers, ikr, pain in da-but but everyone gets the same love =) Please correct me where ever i might need it xD
  24. i just started to learn programming and building payloads iam willing to learn if you are willing to teach so i don't understand what you are talking about ( Is this working / complete now ?) can you help me understand what part of the payload your talking about remember i didn't build this payload i just mod it to work on the Croc. Thanks
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