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  2. Thanks Buddy! Can You suggest me some more monitors for autocad? I am looking for more choices.
  3. When I log onto the AP made by the pineapple with my android, the client will be connected for about 6 seconds then the connection will drop with my phone saying " couldn't get ip address."
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  5. Hello, I recently been a victim of identity theft and I really want to understand how someone or some group did this. So here is what happened: on 1/27/2020 I logged into my banking app and noticed several charges from my checking account to online casinos in NJ. These charges started on 1/3/2020 (and before you ask, yes I’m an idiot who doesn’t check their statement or banking app often). Whoever accessed my checking account was able to sign up for online casinos in NJ with my name and all my info such as date of birth, social security number, address and so forth. My checking account has been drained. I called the bank and they are telling me the activity came from my IP address and the casinos are saying that their geolocation places the transactions at my home. I do live in an apartment complex and the only other person in my home is my boyfriend (he is not computer savvy so I know it wasn’t him. Also I asked him and he said no). I looked into sim swapping but I never lost service on my phone. I did sell my old iPhone online via Swappa. I did a factory reset on my phone before mailing it out. My bank is stating they do not believe these charges are fraudulent (basically they are saying I did this). I currently have a lawyer and disputing this issue with my bank. What I really want to understand is how this happened and how I can protect myself in the future. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. sincerely, broke and confused
  6. The only documentation whatsoever that I can find regarding the "-reverseProxy" switch of the C2 binary is the description listed for it by the binary itself, that is: "If set, Cloud C2 will work behind a reverse proxy" But, what does this "-reverseProxy" switch actually do more exactly? Which kind of "proxy" does it expect to be be placed behind? SOCKS? Pure TCP proxying à la nginx? Something else? And why does this require a switch like this to begin with? I can understand the obvious need for the "-reverseProxyPort" switch, since this would make sure that the client devices are informed to connect to the proxy port, while the C2 server itself will still listen in the "real" port, but again, what on earth does the "-reverseProxy" switch really do then? And also, which ports will be assumed to be "proxied" like this when this switch is provided? The HTTP and HTTPS port? The 2022 terminal port? Any other ports? Will I only be able to connect to these "proxy enabled" ports (whichever they are, and whatever proxy type that is expected) through a proxy when this "-reverseProxy" switch is provided (contrary to for example managing my C2 server through its HTTP admin GUI directly on the HTTP port from my local network)? If not, why isn't this "proxy support" always enabled otherwise? For a final more practical and specific question: If I have my C2 server behind a NAT firewall facing the internet, and I'm forwarding port 5678/tcp from the internet in this firewall, to port 443/tcp on the C2 server (that is, using NAT port forwarding with "port translation"), does this count as a "proxy" that would require this "-reverseProxy" switch, and more specifically which exact command line would be required for my C2 server to accommodate this specific situation?
  7. I've begun setting up my C2 today, and I'm really surprised that neither the official documentation (here), nor this forum, seems to contain any kind of comprehensive documentation for the network ports of the C2, like for example what they are respectively used for more exactly, and which of them are required to be exposed to the internet for the correct functionality (of the respective features) of the different Hak5 devices? Am I missing something obvious here, or isn't this one of the first questions asked by many people settings up any kind of server with ports exposed to the internet? Some important questions that I have regarding the ports are for example the following: Which ports of the C2 server are the required to expose to the internet in order for the different Hak5 devices to be able to connect back to the C2 over the internet? Which additional ports need to be exposed in order for any possible "extra features" of the different Hak5 devices to work (and in that case, which port for which feature)? Is it really true that I cannot use HTTPS over any other port than 443? In that case, why on earth is this? (I'd rather not draw unnecessary attention to my internet exposed server by exposing this standard HTTPS port to the internet) For security reasons (including "keeping a low profile" for my internet exposed server), I'd rather expose as few ports as possible to the internet. For example, if possible, it would be great if I only needed to expose one single (fully configurable!) port towards the internet in order for my Hak5 devices to work together with the C2, while keeping e.g. the HTTP admin GUI locked down completely network-wise, to rather only be accessed locally from my internal network. But this doesn't seem to be possible, am I right?
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  9. Yep, trying to buy one for less than the price of a car... 🙂
  10. For the record, you don't need to perform a factory reset to make these changes. Just select the desired setting from the Filters page.
  11. I understand the frustration when something doesn't work as expected. I think it's important to understand what the WiFi Pineapple sets out to achieve, and where it allows users to leverage its capabilities. Since the beginning of this project we've been working hard at making the WiFi Pineapple a robust platform for WiFi pentests. Our focus is to provide a stable platform that makes the network and transport elements of a recon and rogue access point system simple, while providing an open API for developers to leverage our unique hardware. Because of this we've fostered a community of talented pentesters and developers that have made some fantastic modules, bring a lot of applications to the ecosystem – so in that I believe we've achieved this goal. While we continue to refine the core system, we're faced with a number of challenges as third party module developers may need to update their code in order to work with the latest base. As @scretch pointed out, there are some known bugs - like the deauth function of SiteSurvey needing a modification to its aireplay command as an example. Thankfully this is made simple between the easy to follow developer docs (https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/sections/360002377413-Development) and the open source module repository on github (https://github.com/hak5/wifipineapple-modules) – so anyone is able to contribute to a module. Outside of the community developed modules, if there is a bug or feature request having to do with the core of the WiFi Pineapple – or really anything that you think would make it a better product – I absolutely welcome that feedback.
  12. Hey @stanleykell651 I suggest you to go with LG 27UK850-W monitor or BenQ SW2700PT monitor. Both monitor are really awesome and very good for editing videos, photos, and also for autocad software.
  13. Hello, I have been using the Pineapple Nano for three months now, (to perform WiFi PT) and I can agree with @LaTonya , nothing seems to work except EvilPortal that in my case seems to work correctly. However I still use my Nano because sometimes it's better than a Kali VM with an Alfa antena. I found two bugs in the SiteSurvey GUI: 1. If you start the deauth and then click on the stop button, the GUI doesn't kill aireplay-ng and essentially jamming the network. You can verify that with the commands ps aux | grep air* . I resolved by modifying the code to send only 5 deauth packets every time I click on the start/stop button. 2. Actually airodump-ng capture some handshake but they doesn't appear on the GUI. Instead they are saved in /tmp (if I remember correctly). When you can, just use the nano with the SSH interface and aircrack-ng suite, otherwise use eaphammer on a raspberry.
  14. Hi, i'm new rubber ducky user. There are any script that work for windows 10? i see all for windows 7 This means that is obsolete? or there is a way to convert this script? I want to test file exfiltration and remote access, where can i start to study?
  15. i was wondering if there is any good games for mac earn free bitcoin
  16. I have the same question, any direction?
  17. Hijaakx


    I have the same question, can you point me in the right direction.
  18. Hey Guys! I have hell lot of work to do on Autocad software. So i am looking for any monitor that I can purchase to enhance my efficiency. Suggest me some good monitors to purchase. I have a budget of 500$. Thanks
  19. Hello all, I'm currently in my last year of a "Networking & Security" study in The Netherlands. To finish my education I'm currently working on a graduation project where I'm looking to set-up a "system" that, when a SALT state has been altered, runs this on a test machine which then runs a security compliance scan (based on predefined baselines (like SCAP or XCCF)) or a vulnerability (CVE's) scan on the "new" configuration. For this I've been looking at existing tools that perform these types of scans (OpenSCAP, CIS-CAT, Nessus, OpenVas), but I was wondering if any of you know possible other tools I could use/try out for this purpose (preferably free/open-source). tl:dr: I'm looking for tools (preferably free/open-source) that are able to scan a system for compliance/vulnerability based on standards like SCAP, XCCF, CVE or others. thx! -Jop
  20. I want to collect data from a street that does a 90 deg turn. I want to place the pineapple tetra at the corner and direct an antenna down each street, but I don't want to collect data from the houses off the street. So, I was thinking of replacing the omni antenna with panel antennas so I can get a long range but narrow width signal in two directions. Can I focus one panel down one street, and the other panel aimed at the other street? Or do both panels need to aim in the same direction? From this forum, I've learned that the antennas on the right side of the Tetra are the ones used to transmit and receive traffic for capture, and the left side is for management. Why are there two antennas per side? How are they used? On the right side, are the antennas used differently like one transmit, and the other receive? Or do they both do the same but two are used for better coverage? I think a little more info about how each antenna works would be helpful. I'm looking for more details than just right side client traffic, left side management. I want to know what each antenna does. Also through linux commands, can I decrease the transmit power? Thanks for your help.
  21. I am having the same problem. I can connect a device and see it in my C2 Dashboard, but when I select terminal, it just get a spinning blue icon. What can I do to fix it?
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  23. Hi there, I have owned my nano for a year and not got anything to work. I tried to get evil portal working but just havent got a clue what i am doing :(. When I run the downloaded portals from github I login to my rogue ssid on the nano and get no fake login page?. Would you be so kind and pm me your setup up please. Cheers im just an auld guy trying to keep my brain good. Cheers Kev
  24. You're not the only one with this problem. Our A4s are 5 years old and the password is not 'lely' on them either. I have not been able to log in yet.
  25. I can get to the user login in through ctrl + alt + F1, F2 gets me back to main screen, but lely for login and password dont work for me, almost 8 yr lely a4.
  26. What windows manager are you using. This might be a gnome/kde/xfce thing.
  27. Yes, I know xd. But I'm not home yet. I meant that I don't know the Winver of my PC by heart. I can look it up this evening. Update: Winver of my PC is 1809.
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